Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Guidance by Daisaku Ikeda

THIS existence passes by in an instant 
but our lives themselves are eternal. 
Please be deeply confident 
that all your present efforts and hard work 
will contribute to your eternal happiness. 
That is why it is important never to retreat in faith, 
no matter how daunting the difficulties you may encounter. Do not be afraid. 
If you retreat or let yourself be ruled by fear, 
you will be the one to lose. 
“For your own sake and for the future, 
do not backslide in faith! 
Do not be afraid! 
Persevere in faith!” – 
This is Nichiren Daishonin’s message.

ONE saying goes that people will not exceed their dreams. So you should have big dreams. 
But you must recognize at the same time 
that dreams are dreams and reality is reality. 
It is natural, therefore, that to achieve big dreams, 
you must view your situation realistically 
and work with your entire being to see that they come true.

REALITY is harsh. 
You must courageously challenge the stern realities of life and win, and win again, in everything – 
in your daily lives, 
at work, 
at school 
and in your homes. 
Buddhism and faith 
are the driving force for unlimited improvement.

WHAT is the most important in one’s practice of faith? 
It is to have courage. 
Courage is the source of 
justice, happiness, comradeship and benefit.

ONE who can always give courage and hope 
to others is great. 
To bring courage and hope to each person we meet, 
we must make sure 
that passion and conviction burn bright in our lives. 
Thus, we will become true leaders.
Source: Volume 1 to 5, Daily Guidance, Singapore Soka Association

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