Monday, October 29, 2012

Chanting for the Protection of the Shoten Zenjin

If you have been anywhere near a source of news in the last few days you know that a huge storm, a SuperStorm (as they are calling it) is on it's way to the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. 

There was an excellent article in the New York TImes this morning about all the transportation, schools, businesses being shut down across a wide area in the east. They say power might be out for as long as ten days. 

I was in San Francisco in 1989 when the earthquake struck. I was totally protected. At the time I was in escrow on my house. And my apartment, house and place of business were all on hills. I found out that hills were bedrock, low lying lands liquified and moved. But hills were solid. I remember it as the only time that neighbors actually talked to each other. Sometimes things like this bring out the best in people. But no one really chooses them to happen. I am chanting for everyone on the east coast. 

I am concentrating my prayers on summoning the Shoten Zenjin to bring protection of this area. Do you remember the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan? We all got together and chanted for 12 hours for the people of Japan. I envisioned protective forces coming from all points in the universe to the power plant. It felt so good to chant so strongly. 

Today I wish I could gather with others and chant all day, but things are pretty normal here in Chicago. They say that we will feel the effects of the storm somewhat, but really nothing out of the ordinary.  

I am about to start chanting this morning. Please join me in chanting for the Shoten Zenjin (protective forces within all life) to protect the people of the Eastern Seaboard...and all of the East Coast of America. 

The Shoten Zenjin are forces within all of life, forces WITHIN our lives that serve to protect us. I am chanting to focus them in the area they are most needed. 

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