Thursday, December 10, 2015

How to Feel Connected to the Shoten Zenjin All Day Long

I've had several people contact me about the new silent prayers, and the fact that we no longer have a specific silvent prayer to the shoten zenjin (protective forces of the universe within all life) at the beginning of morning gongyo. People have written me asking why, and some are not happy about the change. 

This change doesn't bother me at all and I'll tell you why. As always, I speak for myself, and as an SGI member  ~   I am not an official representative of the organization. I write this blog to encourage people through my own life experiences and insights. 

I don't know the reason that prayer is no longer part of morning gongyo but it doesn't bother me a bit because I address the shoten zenjin when I chant daimoku. I speak to them when I am chanting nam-myoho-renge-kyo. I thank them for their protection and ask that their protection be spread far and wide while I am chanting my daimoku. I always feel connected to them. 

I directly address them as I am chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo: "Thank you shoten zenjin!"...or "Shoten zenjin I need this right now!" or "Shoten zenjin, please send all your forces to this planet right now ~ we need you more than ever! Help people to WAKE UP and realize xenophobia and hatred is not the path toward peace!" When chanting I think "Let me be aware of the protective forces of the universe at all times and in rhythm with them." 

I am aware of their presence throughout the day. The other day I didn't see a car coming towards me, but the other driver was aware and didn't hit my car. I said (out loud probably!) "Thank you Shoten Zenjin!" When I drop a glove and someone calls out "You dropped a glove!" I think "Thank you shoten zenjin!" 
The Shoten zenjin are a part of my daily life, and they are a part of yours as well. All we really have to do is chant abundant daimoku and raise our awareness of them. 

We can be constantly aware that they are with us every moment. That doesn't mean we can be careless and take risks. President Ikeda says we need to be more careful because our lives are so precious!

On another note, I am compiling all of Ben's story - past, present and future. If my blogs about him and the struggles and triumphs we had have touched your life or inspired you - You can be a part of Ben's story. 

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  1. I just wanted to say that I have been and will continue to be inspired by your stories about Ben. Thank you for sharing. xxx

  2. Jamie - this is amazing! I was just wondering why our prayer to Shoten Zenjin has been removed from morning gongyo, and within 3 seconds I saw your email in my inbox leading me to this blog entry. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!

    Thank you so much for your blog; I have only been practicing for 3 months, and you've inspired me more than I can say in words.

  3. nicely explained.Thank you so much

  4. I was upset too about not doing anymore the silence prayers but now that I have read your blog I do not worry much anymore. Thanks you very much !