Thursday, October 3, 2013

Some Recent Comments from Readers

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Comments from Readers:

"No matter what difficulties we encounter, it's important that we live with fortitude and strength. Everyone has problems and sufferings. We mustn't let them defeat us. We practise the Daishonin's Buddhism so as not to be defeated "When we strive wholeheartedly for kosen-rufu, the benefit we gain is immeasurable. "Second Soka Gakkai president Josei Toda always said: 'Have invincible courage! Have an indomitable fighting spirit! They are the driving force for realising happiness.'" on Inspiration from a new YWD member ~ Upsana Arora in Kolkata, India!

"Extremely happy to learn and absorb.. with and in such an easy way - how you've put it and explained with highlights. It's just the right right-up for me to read after all these times. I heard/read - "Nam-Myoho-Renge-kyo" for the very first time in my life earlier on 4 Nov 2012 in the evening through an sms (mobile long distance communication) from a very caring person who actually introduced me for the very first time in my life. Thank you so much for such a nice and concise piece for a beginner and always a learner like me. Please keep up the good work. Regards and respect, Kishalaya Namaram (Dodo) 24 Sept 2013 - 01:11:40 pm on Unique Buddhism! Some Facts about Practical (SGI) Buddhism to Share

"Hello, Today was my first time chanting. I don't have much of an altar, but it is my altar. I had not memorized the prayers yet, but I just read them. When it came to the fourth prayer, I became emotional. When I started blessing the deceased. I had 4 relatives die around the same time in the year 2006. It was a crazy time. I started out with my uncle, then my grandfather, and when I came to my grandmother I lost it. I started crying as I chimed the bells. Even right now I still miss my grandmother. She was my friend. I talked to her a lot. Chanting right now feels like I can talk to her. It feels like I can reach out to her and know that she is in a great place. I miss her terribly, and I know it is crazy after 7 years still feeling like this. I can't help it. I think I have found a way to release all of my internal stresses and things holding me back from enjoying life through these chants. So I just thought I'd share my experience. Peace be with you on Crying and feeling emotional while Chanting?

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