Tuesday, October 8, 2013

We are the Brilliant Protagonists of Our Own Lives!

This quote was sent to me from Bubbles Sabharwal, our friend in India:  

Sensei said, 

"Viewed from the perspective of Buddhism, 
your suffering is like that portrayed 
by a brilliant, highly paid actress 
cast in the role of a tragic heroine. 
When the play is finished, 
the actress goes home to a life of ease and comfort. 
Your life is the same. 
the story you play out on the stage of life's theatre 
will have a happy ending. 
There is no need to worry. 
You will definitely become happy. 
I say this with absolute certainty. 
Just as a great actress relishes performing her tragic role, please rise from the depths of your sorrow 
to boldly act out 
a magnificent drama of human revolution
All people are pioneers 
travelling the unknown frontiers of life. 
Therefore, it is up to you alone 
to cultivate and develop your own life. 
You must wield the hoe of faith, 
sow the seeds of happiness 
and persevere tenaciously. 
The sweat of your efforts for kosen rufu 
will become precious gems of good fortune, 
brilliantly dignifying your life forever.

Please become the happiest person! 

Illuminated by the Mystic Law, 
may you soar like a queen!"

(NHR vol 1, PG 310-311)

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