Saturday, October 12, 2013

How to Start a Successful "Chapter Daimoku Tree"

Washington North Chapter in Washington DC 
Youth Division! 

This post was sent to me from Pat Henry in the Washington DC area. Pat responded to my request for info about how each district is supporting members in strengthening their practice. Thanks Pat!

"One of the ways we have fighting daimoku for members who are challenged with chanting consistently for an hour to achieve certain goals is  We start what we call a daimoku tree.  Each person is responsible for calling someone.  

We start with a member who has to be at work early in the morning.   They will chant starting at 5 am and chant for an hour then call their person at 6 am. The next person will chant until 7 am and  so on and so on.  It really works.  Some people can only chant 30 minutes but that is ok because  that is more they would normally chant in the morning.   

Pres. Ikeda always talks how important it is to win in the morning.  And he is so right. During this year's August Shakabuku campaign we were very successful.  Our chapter led the Washington region in Youth Division Shakabuku.  We are starting the chain again it to make sure we have 5 new Youth Division members by November 18. The another good thing is you really develop heart to heart relationships with members you might not talk to all the time.  

Thanks so much Pat Henry. What a great idea! If your chapter or district decides to start a Daimoku Tree after reading this post ~ write and let us know! 
If you have ideas - or experiences to share on this blog please email me at Send a picture, too. 

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