Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Love in Action ! Awakening Our INFINITE Potential and helping others awaken THEIRS!

There are so 20 days days left until November 18th, and I know many of us burn with the bright flame of the desire to introduce at least one other person to their own Buddha their own infinite potential and capacity for infinite happiness.
I am chanting for the people who have tested these waters to sincerely engage in their practice by getting their Gohonzons....and for those who hear of the Mystic Law for the first time to feel the potential for its power in their lives and decide to give it their all, make their list of desires - receive and enshrine their Gohonzons and chant every day - twice a day! 

When we introduce others to their own faith in their magnificence we are doing more than radiating love - we are LOVE IN ACTION! 

I am chanting to be the example of this light shining brightly, and that, no matter what trials I am facing, that I display the bright, optimistic and unflagging spirit of absolute confidence in my own life, and in my capacity to draw EVERYTHING I need from within my own life to be happy, to WIN, and to bring others to realizing their own happiness. 

This morning I read these passages in the World Tribune and want to share them with you. I can just see the sincere members in Japan during the dark days after World War II in Japan. Josei Toda had just gotten out of jail for opposing the war. His mentor, Tsunesaburo Makiguchi had died in prison...and somehow, the determination to rise from these ashes was the exact formula for the rebirth of the Soka Gakkai.  Here is to YOUR Victory between now and November 18th - whatever that means for you! 

From Living Buddhism, November 2013, Daisaku Ikeda's lecture on "The Embankments of Faith" page 27:

"All people having the capacity for enlightenment means they possess the supremely noble Buddha nature and the infinite potential it represents. More simply, this means no matter how deep the suffering a person may presently be experiencing, they have within them the power to break free of that suffering and become happy." 
"Nichiren points out here that the Lotus Sutra teaches that everyone has the potential for Buddhahood. It is important, therefore that we dispel the dark clouds of delusion and doubt, and have faith in this basic truth. If we do so, our enlightenment is guaranteed.  
...In other words, everything stems from the essential question of whether we can believe in the dignity and worth of our own lives, and that of others..."

In Japan after World War II, there were countless people flled with despair, groaning under the weight of misfortune and bereft of all hope for the future. The members of the Soka Gakkai dove into the midst of these suffering people and encouraged them. They assured them that they could overcome their karmic suffering through practicing Nichiren Buddhism, and they walked the path to happiness alongside them. Through embracing faith in the Mystic Law, inumerable individuals, as a result, were able to smile again, and regain their hope and confidence. They vanquished the fundamental darkness of ignorance that prevented them from believing in their infinite potential. And they reawakened their deep belief in their own Buddhahood ~ a belief that all people inherently possess supreme enlightenment in the depths of their lives." 

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