Sunday, August 7, 2016

Having Doubt-Free Practice! A new YWD Joins today!

Jamie, Kelly, Nikki and Josh

Today, Kelly joined the SGI and received her Gohonzon. Nikki and Josh introduced me to Kelly and she has wholeheartedly embraced this wonderful practice! The youth are our future! 

Today's meeting at the Tampa/St. Pete Activity Center was great! One of the speakers made the point that in the recent shooting here in Florida - 48 young people died, and the shooter was, himself, only 29 years old. We need to do shakubuku more than ever before. People who embrace this practice embrace the law of cause and effect and have the means to become happy and help others become happy. Each person we introduce helps us break the cycle of violence! 

Today, Betsy Epstein, the 4 Division Zone Leader for Florida spoke. She said she'd been told many years ago that she couldn't have children. She went for guidance and realized "This isn't a medical problem - it's a karmic one!" And she decided to chant to believe in the Gohonzon with her whole life and develop "doubt-free faith." She now has children and grandchildren, and even a grand-dog! 

As I write this I'm watching the huge waves on the Gulf of Mexico, the surfers giving it their all, and the pelicans flying close by. I can see the dark rain over the water heading our way. It's been rainy and stormy lately - perfect for writing and reading and chanting! Earlier this week, right outside my window, I watched a man climb a ladder, then attach himself by a rope to get to the top of our 5 story palm tree so he could trim it. This is truly a marvelous land! 

Have a great week my friends! Introduce those who are suffering! Be so happy yourself, have such a high life condition through chanting that everyone around you will want to practice. When you can do this you spread happiness everywhere, and become happy yourself! 

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