Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The 8 Keys for Making Your Dreams Come True!

Emotional Freedom Feels Like THIS! 

Hello my Buddha-Full friends! Thank you for your notes of thanks! Thank you for letting me know that my words on this blog are inspiring you. Thank you for sharing this lifetime with me, sharing your heart and your determinations. 

As a matter of fact, if you have a fresh determination towards your life send me an email at and I'll share it on the blog. 

This is the perfect time for fresh determinations. September, time for new beginnings is almost upon us. 

Because of this practice, and basing my life every single day on Nam-myoho-renge-kyo I've successfully launched my new life as a Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner. 

After many months of chanting to MASTER EFT, guided by the best (and most difficult) instructers in the world, and becoming a member of the two most respected organizations dedicated to EFT in the World, I have won! 

I am naturally attracting the people I am meant to serve through my work!

When I am serving my clients in an EFT session (whether in person or via ZOOM worldwide - how I love the power of the internet!) 

I see the relief in their eyes in each moment. With every session, I see and feel the weight of the world being taken off their shoulders. 

Those wonderful women who've come to me for weight loss are losing weight. 

Those lovely souls who've come to me for stress relief are walking lighter, smiling more, and not getting upset as often. 

And those who've come for grief relief are forgiving themselves, and the loved ones they grieve. EFT is such a great tool for forgiveness. 

And, when appropriate, we end our sessions with Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. 

I wake up every morning filled with gratitude towards the Gohonzon (my life). I joyfully participate in SGI activities. 

I do shakubuku every single day. I have another friend almost ready to receive her Gohonzon. 

I know where my inner fire comes from and how to flame it. With fresh determination! Every morning. 

My New Determination:

I'm determined to continue to excel in my work, and to earn way more than I need to survive so I can continue to fund the Kosen-rufu movement to the best of my ability! 

I'm determined to be visible to the people who need me be on Facebook...doing public speaking...being at networking that those who need my services can easily find me, know that I'm the right guide for them, and start receiving the emotional freedom I offer through my work. 

I always wanted to be a therapist, but I think this is so much more fun. I'm not a therapist. As a Certified EFT Professional, I'm a guide to teaching people to release emotions that are no longer serving people. 

It's a new profession. And my practice brought me here. 

Thank you, Gohonzon! Thank you Nichiren Daishonin! 

Thank you, Daisaku Ikeda and Tsunesaburu Makiguchi and Josei Toda. 
Without you, I never would have found out about this practice. 

And Thank you Kate Randolph, my dear, dear friend and mentor. Throughout my life I will continue to shine in reflection of YOU, and all the good your eternal life brings.

Being an entrepreneur was a dream of mine my entire life. And here I am. 

Whatever you are dreaming, you know what to do: 

Dream Success Formula: 
1. Chant every day morning and evening.
2. TAKE ACTION stemming from that Daimoku.  
3. Don't complain. 
4. Make a fresh determination! 
5. Seek guidance from your senior leaders, and chant to be able to hear and receive the guidance before you go.  
6. Do shakubuku whenever you can. 
7. Chant for your fellow members, the youth, the planet, and your family!
8. Study the words of Nichiren Daishonin and Daisaku Ikeda with all your heart! 

That's a formula for success! 

Monday, August 5, 2019

How to get Back on Track in Daimoku and Really Connect to Our Prayer

I spoke with a member today who had a great question. 

She asked: "Jamie, do you feel like it's gotten harder to concentrate these days while chanting? I used to be able to really focus and now, with all the news and everything that's going on, it feels harder and harder to chant."

And I said, Yes, I know just what you're talking about! But there's hope. Here's what I do when I'm feeling scattered in front of the Gohonzon. First of all, I take my phone and put it in the other room. I don't use it to time my chanting. I use a clock. I get that phone out of my space. 

And, start in small increments. Say to yourself "I'm going to chant 5 minutes of absolutely uninterrupted daimoku. I'm not going to get up for water, I'm not going to use the bathroom, or check Facebook. No. For this 5 minutes, I will be glued to the Gohonzon! And when I do that 5 minutes I go for another, and another, and then I can reach my goals. Start small. And go for it! 

I told her about the umpteen BILLIONS OF BUDDHAS who are joining us when we chant. The first prayer I have in the morning is to greet those Buddhas with my life, Buddha to Buddha. It feels so good. 

And refresh your goals. It always helps. 

Let's get our MOJO back. For ourselves. For the Youth. For the world! Peace!