Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tomorrow is the Big Day

Versailles On the Lakes!
Tomorrow I get my keys
to my first real apartment...right there...on the Lakes of Versailles...and step BOLDLY into the next chapter of my life.
I stand in absolute awe of the power of chanting
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.
I have no regrets. For the last 30 years I have lived with a great person who is the father of our two wonderful children.
And now it is time to move on...taking a stand for my own happiness, while chanting to have this transition be one that is INSPIRING TO ALL!
Through this change, ALL of our lives will be made better. That has been my determination from the beginning...and at least one amazing person started chanting after seeing how nicely we are making this transition. My children are happy and inspired. My soon-to-be ex husband is ready for this move to happen.
My life is brimming with faith...strength and Appreciation!!!
You Can have it all...
don't let anyone tell you anything different!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chanting in Appreciation

Today's morning two hours will be from a heart overflowing with appreciation. My voice may be a bit tired from cheering at the top of my lungs yesterday for Ben and the warriors of the 4x8 race....but I am so happy and so grateful for all the benefits overflowing in my life. I get keys to my new apartment that has been being totally rehabbed for me on Wednesday...I start a new chapter of my life...I'm really enjoying my new job...and I have some other new and exciting things that I will share with you when the time is right. Thank you life! Thank you to the power within me welling forth in strength and courage! Thank you Jamie for your fierce determination to be happy...and your fierce determination for others to be happy too!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Winning Life! Benefits Everywhere!

Benjamin Silver with his 8th Place Medal

Ben is such an example of the pure Buddhist 
Never Give Up spirit!
Today he placed 8th in Illinois' State Track Meet...after being injured all season and fighting back to run two races to qualify for state...then rocking the competition. 
Ben runs the 3200 meter (2 mile) race. 
He qualified to run in the slower heat (slower race) of the state meet. Here's how it works: he runs as fast as he can...and if his time is faster than the time of anyone in the top nine of the faster heat...then he gets a medal. 
Watching his heat was amazing...we had about 100 of us in the stands screaming "SILVER SILVER SILVER" for him. He could hear us all...we were going crazy! Suddenly he broke away from the pack and came in first with no one even close behind him...you can only imagine how thrilling that was!
Then we had to wait until the next heat...about an hour later...and see if his time beat any of the top nine from that heat. 
It did! 
He came in 8th in the state. 
This has been a great few months for Ben. He's graduating. He has a girlfriend. He got a scholarship to college. He chants with me as often as he can...and on Wednesday night, in preparation for my moving out, and for him going away to college~ he received his Omomori Gohonzon. It's a smaller version of the Gohonzon I chant to...a portable one...perfect for a dorm room. Aaron, his brother has one too. 
Ben made a powerful cause by accepting the Gohonzon this week!
And he triumphed! 
Go Ben!
Go YOU!!! Achieve YOUR dreams and become incredibly happy! Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!

Whoohoo More great and wonderful benefits!

Aaron and ben just after Ben's race!
 Today, May 28th, 2011 
My son
Benjamin Lee Silver got a medal in the 3200 meter race at the Illinois State Track Meet!!

After a season of injury...he totally blew us away today. 

8th place in Illinois is a major achievement! 
We are one of the fastest (maybe THE fastest) running state in the whole country. 

This was a fabulous way for Ben to end his High School Running Career!!! This fall he starts at Miami University of Ohio on a running scholarship he earned with all his hard work and determination!

Ben and me

Ben is on the left!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One Week Until Moving Day ...so many benefits!

The fact that I am moving in one week really blows my mind. 
AND the fact that I can sleep at night and I'm not going through intense anxiety is even more outstanding. It really shows the power of chanting! 
When I first began wanting to change my life, and realized that although I love the man I married, we are not meant to stay together....well.. my biggest fear was "Where am I going to go? ANd how can I live on my own?" 
Now, I know tons of people support themselves and live on their own, but I never have. I've either lived at home, in the dorm at college, again at home, then with my husband. 

And for the past two years I have been chanting to:

Raise my life condition

Strengthen my life on the inside

I've VOWED to win in all areas of my life...health...finances...friendships...and for the members of my district...readers of my blog....and all people in the world to realize their inner potential and light the flame of happiness in their lives. 

I have chanted from my deepest desires all this time...for deep, fun...love and happiness and for a career I  love. 

And the results are:

I am happier than I have ever been...even though my Buddha boys are launching their lives and, in a sense, leaving me behind. But that's a process of life! I have to be happy for the incredible men they are....I have to trust them as I always have and watch them shine. I am healthy...pain free...and have a job where I am making a real difference in people's lives. I have the dream to be a published author and reach everyone who is looking for this practice...because I looked for it for so long myself! I have many dreams....and I am watching all of them come true! 

Remember...chant what is in your heart and trust yourself!!!

Yesterday I chanted to connect with all the right people for the sake of my students...and I had the most fun on the phone setting up lively appointments! I set up a room at a hotel for Ben's state race this weekend and the sweet woman knocked $20 off my bill because I was so darn happy. Seriously. 
Your happiness affects the world! Only you can draw the deepest happiness from your life! I believe in you!! You can do it! If I can do it so can you!!! 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Really connecting to my Prayer

What does it mean to connect with your prayer? How do you know that you are maximizing the power within your life when you chant? 

If you've been reading my blog you know what you are thinking as you're chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is very important. In the moment you are chanting you HAVE THE POWER to change your own karma...to affect the causes you are making at every second of every day and to truly make your dreams come true. According to Buddhism the purpose of life is HAPPINESS! And you can claim yours every time you chant!


First of all chant to deepen your prayer...and to have the kinds of benefits that PROVE the power of the Gohonzon...in other words PROVE the power of your own life and prayer. 

Make a list of what you want and REMEMBER you are not asking anyone or anything for anything...you are VOWING to become happy! You are VOWING to achieve your dreams...you are VOWING to show actual proof so that those around you can become happy too. We are ALL INTERCONNECTED. When I win in life...all those around me win too. Look at your own life and you know this to be true. When you are happy, aren't those around you happy too? And it goes deeper than that...we are interconnected in the web of life...all of life is strengthened when you are strengthened. 

Studying the words of Nichiren Daishonin and Daisaku Ikeda are essential to learn how to apply the principles of Buddhism. I am indebted to them!

I view my life as the prow of a huge ship. When I make the causes to be happy...I am chanting for the entire ship behind me to be changed by my prayer...all living being to be made more happy through my prayer!

I look at my life right now...I am so steady and so strong. My relationships are incredible...I make new friends every day. I am healthy and my children are too. 
 This could be a horrible time for me. My youngest child is graduating High School. I could be mired in depression and despair. And I am certain, that if I did not chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo I would be miserable. I just think of my sweet mother. By the time my sister and I were graduating High School my Mom was at an all-time low. She had gained so much weight you could barely see her eyes. She was in a failed marriage...was feeling so unloved...and was watching her girls leave the nest. When my Dad announced he was divorcing her during my freshman year of college I was almost relieved. I knew her life had to change. (And it did...for the better) In a way he saved her life at that point. She didn't have a Gohonzon or know about chanting. I was not to find Buddhism until I was 25, and Mom began chanting the minute she saw my life getting stronger! She chanted for the rest of her life. 

Instead of suffering like my Mom did...I have the Gohonzon and fierce determination to help the members of my district and the readers of this blog become happier than they (YOU!) ever believed possible. I have a new thin body, a new pain-free hip, a new job, a new job, a fun dating life, and in a few days I will have my first apartment all by myself. My husband and I are amicably divorcing...and I chant for his happiness and appreciate our partnership in raising our boys, and we know our time together in a marriage is ending. My life is beginning again at the age of 50 and I am happier than ever. Every day I chant to see the causes I am making right now and to make the best causes for my happiness and the happiness of others. When I chant I vow deep in my heart to connect with Daisaku Ikeda and to show appreciation for his 50 year leadership of the SGI with my life. (sgi-usa.org)

I am truly happier, less depressed, less anxious than I have ever been. 
The future is bright for us all!!!!! 

That's actual proof!

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Rising Tide Raises all Boats!

It's a great metaphor, isn't it? 

That's what Kosen Rufu is, that's what building fortune in your life really is~ all of us on the water...all of us rising vibtrationally towards a happier and happier and more and more fortunate life TOGETHER! 

What is the true meaning of "Fortune".? It's the circumstances you create in your life that MONEY CAN'T BUY~! Don't get me wrong, I am not anti-money, no. But fortune rises beyond money. It comes from consistently making good causes at every moment...in your thoughts, in your actions...and in chanting consistent Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!

Check this out:

Last night my son Ben, (the one in the prom picture of a few posts back) ~ last night was the qualifying race for the state track meet. It's a big deal. His first race was last week because he's had an injury all season, and been working out like a fiend to keep his heart rate up, even when he couldn't run! Well, last night he ran the two mile in his best time ever, and next Saturday he will be in the state track meet. This is something he has been working towards for the last four years...and he has accomplished the goal! GETTING to state is HUGE!!! Of course it will be great if he medals, and he possibly can, but getting there is very important for him. In the fall he starts his freshman year at Miami of Ohio on a running scholarship! 

This is fortune. YES. 

He has chanted for it, and worked towards it for his whole running career. 

What else is fortune? The fact that I told myself I wanted to stay living together as a family until Ben graduated from High School, and I am officially moving into my own apartment the day after he graduates. It's a really cool place with a pool and a hot tub and clubhouse. I'm excited, thrilled and of course...a little wowed...my first time living on my own! The rental market is red hot in this area...the housing market is in free fall and people don't want to buy. And I found exactly what I want, where I want it! That's fortune. Chanting Nam Myoho REnge Kyo affects your environment (ie finding the perfect apartment...having happy kids...) because we are CONNECTED to our environment...NOT separate. Every cause we make, every Nam Myoho Renge Kyo we chant makes a difference...creating FORTUNE in out lives! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Everyday Access to the Universe Within

Everyday I access the highest power possible...the one that is right within my life. Chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo allows me to tap into this power for the good of all. I chant the name of the rhythm of life itself...that is why all of life responds to my chanting. 

I chant for my own happiness, of course, and I spend a lot of time focusing on prayers for people around me whom I see struggling. I picture their faces as I last saw them...and as I am chanting I see their grin widen...and their eyes start to sparkle and I hold them in my prayer in a happy state. Sometimes they are people I know well, other times, especially now that I have a new job...I chant for people I am just beginning to get to know...and I am certain that my prayer is going to touch their lives. 

I am seeing changes at my new job...things are lightening up...there is a BUDDHA there! Things HAVE to lighten up, I am going to watch my place of employment soar with happiness. I am determined to bring my light to shine. It can be no other way. That's WHO I AM, and every day I spread more and more joy. That's the true beauty of the process of Kosen Rufu (world peace through the dignity and power of each person). When I chant for the happiness of others, and smile, and glow... I cannot keep this happiness from myself. 

Two weeks from today I will receive keys to my new apartment and begin a life that is different from the life I have known these past 30 years. And three days later...my youngest son will graduate from High School. What exciting times! What a time to keep digging deeper into my life to unearth the diamonds there...to let my light shine...to enjoy my new life...new job...new friends.  

I am chanting every day to realize with every cell in my being, that I am worthy of love...I am worthy of EVERYTHING that I desire...and I shall make it so!

And so can you!!! Chant for exactly what you want. And if you don't feel you deserve it...chant to CHANGE that feeling once and for all. Chant to know your own worth...for YOU, my dear friend...and a BUDDHA too!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

What a Great Life ~ Ben and Sarah ~ Prom 2011!

Here's my youngest Buddha boy making all his dreams come true...he has a lovely girlfriend...he's graduating from High School on June 3rd...and he has a running scholarship to Miami of Ohio university....
Everything is possible when you chant! 

Time to move ahead

I am chanting every day to cherish, praise, elevate my life and do my human revolution.
I have a huge challenge now. My son is graduating from High School and it is time to complete the formal part of the division of property and paperwork that goes along with ending a marriage that has been part of my life for almost 30 years (from when we met in 1982).

SOOOOO I am chanting to honor my life. I am chanting for my soon-to-be-ex-spouse's happiness. I am chanting for the happiness of my boys.

The boys are great...they totally understand the divorce. I am so proud of who they are...they are dedicated...they work hard...and they enjoy their lives too. Aaron is busy applying to Medical School. He'll live in Champaign this summer working in the medical research lab. Ben will be preparing for his first year at Miami of Ohio University. Such excitement.

And I will be starting a new life, in a new place, with my new job, and some other new things that are making me very happy indeed.

So it is all working. Daimoku works. Years ago, I wanted to have this situation unfold...but I did not want to divorce until the kids had both graduated High School (coincidentally - that's the way my parents planned their divorce). And we have come to the crucial moment. Because I have the Gohonzon, and I can sit in front of it and elevate my life...I am finally prepared for this great transition.
I can meet my fears, chant about them...and persevere. I have a new job...plenty of friends...YOU readers and my own determination to get me through this.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!!!!!! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On Attaining Buddhahood - HOW TO REALLY CHANGE YOUR KARMA!!!

On Saturday night at the Chicago Buddhist Center, Linda Johnson gave an amazing lecture on the Gosho "On Attaining Buddhahood." 

It is a gosho I have studied many times, and I've read and reread the book written by Daisaku Ikeda, and Linda, in her brilliance, has truly inspired a change in the focus of my prayer. That's the reason we study Buddhism by the way...because the more we study, the better we are able to understand and operate the gears of our Buddhahood ~~ and that equals more results and more happiness. Yayyy!

The crux of Linda's talk is that everything we experience, see, feel, hear...every person we interact with, every car we drive, every boss or coworker we have is a direct REFLECTION of the causes we have made and are continuing to make at each moment...a direct reflection of our life itself. We look to the outer world...our husbands, our children our coworkers etc. to get them to change...when if we really focus our prayer on our OWN SELVES...that is the way to operate those gears and affect real and lasting change in our circumstances. 

Linda said if we grumble and complain about our lives and think our sadness is someone else's fault...then we will NEVER be able to make lasting change. We must chant to change whatever it is WITHIN OURSELVES that keeps attracting the thing we don't like. We need to chant to change the karma to attract what we don't like, and to be able to see the causal interaction within our own lives. 

I realized during her talk that I am currently making causes to manifest WHAT I DON'T WANT...because I couldn't quite see it clearly...but my eyes are now opened. I will explain:

For instance, I am right now working on changing my karma as it regards to love. Many of you know this, many of you have communicated to me that you are chanting for love as well. My pattern (karma) has always been that I am not loved enough. In grade school I had few friends and experienced being very unpopular. In High School I was shunned by boys...in college the same. Deep insecurity and unworthiness took root within my life. I have always known this. This isn't a new realization. The NEW realization is THIS. I recently met a man who is intriguing, worthy and seems to like me. And I can hear my "evil twin" inside me talking me out of it all the time. "Oh, he'll just disappear like all the others...oh this is just a dream to go poof in the end...oh, I know I will blow it like I always do." Oh STOP IT EVIL TWIN!!!!

I am getting that voice out of my head by chanting to PRAISE MY LIFE WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING! I am chanting to realize in a way that I've never realized before that I AM DESERVING of love. I am chanting to rid my life of doubt. And when I chant like this...I connect to the Gohonzon with incredible power...and I KNOW I will change this karma. I KNOW I will be able to accept love in my life in a different way...the way I have been chanting for. I don't have to chant for a man to love me. I have to chant to be in love with myself in a way that is unchangeable...in a way that goes deeper than outside circumstances...in a way that inspires others that they can do the same. 

And YOU can do the same thing! That's why I write this blog. 
When we chant this way EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Go YOU!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Full of Appreciation!!!

Daimoku Absolutely Works!!

Ben is so much better. He mananged to find a new chiropractor who totally helped him yesterday!!!
Thank you all for your daimoku.

I'll write more later...my computer is in the shop having music transfered from the PC to the MAC.

In grateful appreciation!

Love, Jamie

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Ben

Ben Silver
OK it's time to put the pedal to the metal again and chant really hard for my very own Ben...my Benjamino. 

He's such a great and determined warrior of a kid. 

He's 18 and finishing off his senior year of High School. He's a runner, who is passionate about running, one of the top ten in the state of Illinois (which is the top running state in the nation). 

Right now he can't run. He has a hip that is so painful that he can barely walk...and it comes from training too hard...pushing himself too hard...it comes from being so determined. And it's frustrating and sad for him to not be able to run this track season. He's also got a sinus infection so he is just feeling so down. 
He chants a fair amount, but I think he has yet to really prove the power of this Gohonzon with his life. Of course I can't push him to chant.
 But I can chant with the determination that my prayer will absolutely penetrate his sadness...that there will be medicine springing from this practice...and that MY Daimoku is enough for both of us. 
It is interesting that this comes about just as Mother's Day approaches. Really interesting. I will pour so much prayer into him, and chant really strongly. I know we can somehow turn this around. There is nothing more important in a mother's life then for her children to be happy. 
Please join me in my prayer for my Ben...and thank you soooo much!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy May 3rd!!! Soka Gakkai Day!!!

Happy Day of Master and Disciple!!

Happy Day to once again renew your faith...set your determinations and together with Daisaku Ikeda and all the members of the Soka Gakkai, work together towards Kosen Rufu (World Peace). 

What is the significance of this day you ask? 

May Third is when Josei Today, second President of the Soka Gakkai took on the mantle of Kosen Rufu by accepting responsibility for this organization. He was already in a weakened state from having been in prison for refusing to give in to the Japanese Government by not supporting the war effort in WWII. He devoted the rest of his life to teaching and lecturing and leading people to happiness one by one. And later, his disciple, Daisaku Ikeda also took the reigns of Worldwide Kosen Rufu on this date. 

It is a significant time for all of us to say "YES! I will do my OWN Human Revolution. I will chant with even more strength and regularity (EVERY morning and evening!!!) I will chant more daimoku. I will redetermine to win in every aspect of my life!!!" 

I started this day with strong prayers of appreciation towards my mentor Daisaku Ikeda, and Josei Toda and Tunesaburo Makiguchi. Without them dedicating their ENTIRE lives to this practice, I would never have encountered this teaching, and I would still be suffering...knowing SOMEHOW there must be a practice I can use to build my own happiness...and continuing to look for it. 

I mean, when you really think about it, the facts just blow you away. Ever since Daisaku Ikeda first encountered Josei Toda, at the age of 19, he has devoted every waking second to ensuring the propagation of this law...so that all of us could have the tools to create our own happiness and build this world into a world that respects life itself. It is truly something to appreciate. 

Thank you Daisaku Ikeda. I will do everything in my power to help people find out about this great practice, and to teach people to practice correctly so that their lives will be OVERFLOWING with happiness...like mine is! Like all the members of my District! The purpose of this blog is to reach the people who sit at their computers every day and think "The secret to happiness in life must be in here somewhere!" And it is! Chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo! Join the Soka Gakkai and make the best friends you have ever had in your life!!! VOW with all your heart to create the happiest of lives so that you can be an example for other people...and it shall be so!!!!
Write out your vision of your life...write out your dreams in narrative form...and make them come true!!!