Friday, February 28, 2014

Daily Guidance by Daisaku Ikeda

THE true stage of your Buddhist practice and action for kosen-rufu is
none other than your place of work, your community, or in short, the
place where you exist right now. Please have deep conviction that
right here is the place where you must exert yourself for the sake of
kosen-rufu and for your own enlightenment.

YOU must never be defeated by the struggles that confront you. You
must never retreat. You must never be daunted. Your daily activities
to make your faith manifest itself in your lives will become solid
roots for your victory and happiness over the three existences.

WITHOUT the world of intellect that education opens, religion and
faith are in danger of becoming blind. But with the light of intellect
produced by education, the spirit of religion also shines with a
brighter light.

WHEN we interact with others with true sincerity, the other person
will more often than not come to respect and value our own character.
And this is all the more so when our actions are based on prayer.
Conversely, holding others in contempt only leads to being held in
contempt oneself. One whose life is tainted by feelings of hate
towards others will come to be reviled by others.

CULTIVATING harmonious relations with and winning the support of
people of diverse characters and persuasions are part of our Buddhist
practice. This is a necessary pre-condition for the organisation to
move forward as a while and for our own individual development and
growth. It also enables us to forge a solid self-identity so that we
can confidently meet and talk with all kinds of people.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Personal Guidance from Akemi

Winter always turns to Spring, right? 
Isn't this the coolest bonzai tree? I wonder how old it is. 

Yesterday, after that blogpost about how hard it is to chant sometimes,  I ended up chanting at least 2 hours. I was so fortunate ~ a friend in faith came over to chant for an hour, and we head a tozo here last night. Thank goodness for the Soka Gakkai and our family of practitioners. We all take turns helping each other to help themselves. We are all Buddhas!

This weekend I was able to get guidance from our new SGI National Women's Leader Akemi Bailey-Haynie and I am finally able to chant with my full heart using the guidance she gave me. 

Seeking guidance is, in itself, a profound cause. 

She said to chant: 

Whatever there is in my life that has allowed me to have such a child who is suffering so much - I resolve to change it. 

I offer this guidance to you in case it may help you in any way. 

We look INSIDE for the answers. Not outside. That is why this practice is so profound. That is also why it can be sooooo difficult to do. Buddhism is not for cowards. The great Gosho quote says "A sword will be useless in the hands of a coward." 

How courageous can we be? 

Daily Guidance from Daisaku Ikeda

BUDDHISM is the wellspring of courage. When we possess courage, we can transform any misfortune or suffering into sustenance for our own development and the strength for achieving our mission.

THE "power of practice" encompasses the strength of your daimoku and the energy with which you work for kosen-rufu - for the happiness of all people and the prosperity of society as a whole. The stronger the power of your practice for yourself and others, the more you can tap the power of the Buddha and the power of the Law of the Gohonzon.

YOU must not be half-hearted. When you pursue something with a strong determination, you will have no regrets even should you fail. But if you succeed, you will achieve truly great things. Either way, your unceasing efforts will lead you to the next path you should follow.

IN seeking the truth, there is never a point when we can say, "This is good enough," and have done with our efforts. Similarly, in practising for the happiness of others, there is no point at which we can say, "I have done enough." The same goes for our practice to develop and perfect ourselves.

EDUCATION provides the ship, the map and the compass for the exploration of those unknown inner regions. Believing in people, believing in some rich unknown something and drawing it out - that is the vigourous spirit of education. It has something in common with true religious spirit as well.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Why is it Sometimes so HARD to Chant? And How Can We Get Though These Times?

Let's face it, we all go through times when it is extremely difficult to chant. 
Sometimes the mirror of our lives, the Gohonzon and our daily act of chanting is just so hard. It is hard to see our lives. My own personal opinion is that when we feel this way, we are poised for a breakthrough. And when we can finally sit down chant with all our hearts we grow, we change, we evolve. 

I am coming out of such a time now. Last week's obstacle threw me off balance. I went for guidance, I went to Linda Johnson's speech, but every time I sat down to chant there was so much screaming going on in my head I could only chant a few moments. At times I could chant more, but it was so hard. The whole time I was chanting there was so much noise in my head about this obstacle. And it wasn't pretty. And I was berating myself and my life for even having this obstacle in my life. 

Last night when I talked to my dear friend Kate she said that not being able to chant at times is just natural and part of our practice. She said don't get mad at yourself, just do gongyo twice a day as always and even if you can only chant a few minutes, concentrate as much as you can. She also reminded me that I am facing some core issues in my life...I am dealing with important karma changing issues...this is a big one, a crucial moment. And I need to have respect for myself and my life and KNOW that I am going to show victory. When I met with Akema Bailey-Haynie the other day she said I am in the middle of the ocean, but I will get to the other shore. We all experience this don't we? We just have to keep swimming and not give up midway! 

After my conversation with Kate, this morning I was able to chant for 45 minutes without stopping, and with full concentration. 

We are not perfect. I am not perfect. We are all Buddhas at our Buddha coming out party, and we all have glitches. Even when it is hard to chant I stay connected, I do gongyo, I read experiences, I encourage as many people as I can...and I know that it will all click back in, and I'll get back into that groove when I'm chanting a lot, and the more I chant, the more I want to chant, and ZOOM I break through. 

We need to have patience with ourselves, take care to not get out of the orbit of faith, and remember that this is a life-long practice and keep going! 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Daily Guidance by Daisaku Ikeda

ONE of Nichiren Daishonin’s writings that we have read countless of times stated: “You must not spend your lives in vain and regret it for ten thousand years to come.” (WND, p622) Where can we find a life that is not spent in vain? It is found, I assert, in a life dedicated to fulfilling the vow of mentor and disciple to realize kosen-rufu, which leads directly to world peace.

DEVELOP yourself so that even just seeing you will hearten and inspire those who have been shipwrecked on the voyage of life. Leave behind great achievements that will encourage all those who follow.

THE Mystic Law is the “Law of treasures”. One who embraces this Law will definitely lead a “life of treasures”. Moreover, indiscernible benefit of one’s faith also passes on to one’s ancestors and descendants and to the members of one’s family, definitely enabling them to traverse upon the brilliant path of happiness.

A courageous person is happy; an optimist in the best sense of the world, he is able to live in a powerful and forthright manner. The great benefit of the Gohonzon will manifest itself in the life of a person who possesses such courage.

WE are fortunate enough to embrace the Gohonzon. We have faith, which enables us to change our destiny, and we chant daimoku, the source of tremendous joy. The Gosho states, “Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is the greatest joy of al joys.” In this sense, as we chant daimoku to the Gohonzon and cause tremendous joy to well up within us, we can resolve all of our problems and unhappiness.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Today's Guidance from Daisaku Ikeda

22nd February
Sent from reader Nalina Prakash

TO put in practical terms, 
through faith in the Mystic Law, 
one can change a life shrouded in darkness 
into a life of hope, value and harmony. 
In this way, one can enter the eternal path of life 
that is filled with the greatest virtue and blessings. 
This is what our Buddhist practice 
enables us to accomplish.

ANY difficult problem or suffering 
can be solved with faith. 
If your faith becomes weak, 
then suffering will turn into complaint and criticism, and you will destroy the source of benefit in your life.
Faith gives rise to a life of the highest value 
and greatest satisfaction. 
Never forget the importance of the word "faith" 
as you build a life of total fulfillment 
which is overflowing with benefit.

DIALOGUE and action - 
it is important that these be employed simultaneously. We take action while holding discussions 
and discuss things while taking action. 
Herein lies the strength of the SGI's tradition.

BY pointing out to someone that his/her actions 
are inflicting suffering and hurt on others, 
we can urge that person 
to move in a more positive direction. 
Our honesty, in fact can open the way 
for forging deep bonds of genuine friendship 
with that person. 
In other words, it is quite possible for a "bad" friend 
to become a "good" friend.

ALL of you who are striving earnestly for kosen-rufu 
are infinitely noble and respect~worthy. 
In a letter to one of his disciples, 
Nichiren Daishonin revealed 
the following important principle, 
"Since the Law is wonderful, 
the person is worthy of respect; 
since the person is worthy of respect, 
the land is sacred". (WND, p1097) 
Greatness is not a matter of wealth or social status. Truly noble are those who uphold the supreme Law; 
and any places where they dwell 
is automatically the Land of Eternally Tranquil Light that has existed for all time.

Daisaku Ikeda

I am chanting for us all to have a day of total victory in which we deepen our faith, show actual proof, and are the shining lights in the darkness. This blog is written by Jamie Lee Silver and is not an official SGI publication. I love the SGI, and seek to connect all readers with our wonderful movement for Peace, Culture and Education. Click on the SGI link at the top right to find out more. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Sensei's Guidance ~ Be Ourselves When We Chant

21st February
FAITH can be either strong or weak, deep or shallow. 

Only through strong, deep faith
can one develop great joy and great confidence.
He/she can also make himself/herself shine 

throughout his/her life with such faith.

THE issue of birth and death is the most important issue

for human beings, for whom death is inescapable. 
Only when we base ourselves on a true view of life 
- one which clarifies this problem of birth and death - 
can we have a proper perspective on life, 
society and the world.

A person whose heart is continually swayed 

by such occurrences as becoming a leader, 
failing to do so, being strictly scolded, or warmly praised, cannot be said to have faith; nor can a person who takes
his/her position or status for granted and grows decadent.

REVERE the Gohonzon as the fundamental basis of your life, reach out to it and take your problems to it 

as naturally as a child reaches to his/her mother.
When you are suffering or when you are sad, 
there is no need to put on a good face 
or pretend everything is alright; 
just chant daimoku exactly as you are, 
unreservedly giving expression to the feelings in your heart.

THOUGH we may seem to be chanting alone, 

we are not. 
As we chant, untold billions of heavenly deities 
are facing the Gohonzon with us.
In this way, 

the protective forces of the universe assemble en masse
and work to safeguard each one of you, 

manifesting in your environment
as the actions of the people near you, 

the actions of your friends and fellow members.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Akema Bailey-Haynie's Family Experience ~ One Change in Our Hearts Can Transform our Lives ~

In the February Living Buddhism magazine there is an article about Faith for a Harmonious Family with a section written by our new National Women's Division Leader Akemi Bailey-Haynie. 

She said that when she was 17, she and her sister were working on activities in 1980 to welcome President Ikeda to Chicago for the 'Capture the Spirit Festival." Their father showed up drunk, clinging to the wall, and screaming at her and her sister. The two of them were crying in embarrassment and despair. 

"When we spoke to a senior in faith, he encouraged us to use prayer to transform how we felt about our father. It was perhaps our first lesson in the "oneness of life and its environment.

"That night, my sister and I prayed sincerely about this point and were able to summon our appreciation for even having a father. As if responding to the transformation that occurred in our lives, the next morning we found our father sitting at the kitchen table, cleanly shaven and wearing a suit, reading the newspaper. We could not believe our eyes! He signed up to attend Alcoholics Anonymous that day, and everything began to change from there. 

"It took years of practice for me to realize that, because my father terrorized our home, he guaranteed our absolute happiness. He taught me that I could transform anything with faith." 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

When Bad Things Happen to Good People - A Buddhist Determination of Victory!

Mt Fuji  ~ the Sun will Rise

Storms happen in every life. The rain comes down. It is inevitable. We can't stop it. But we can choose how we respond. We all know this. Our response is our Buddha nature at work. Our Buddha nature comes forth when the rains and storms roll into our lives.  

The rain came down on me earlier this week. There was nothing I could do to stop the rain. Sometimes there is nothing any of us can do. But we have to realize the central issue is NOT in stopping the rain. It is how we cope, how we deal with the storm as it is we deal with the we work it out in the midst of the storm, and how we keep our determination strong, our life strong, and our spirit strong. And also, how our life rises up to support us during this time. All those things represent "Inconspicuous benefits..." benefits from chanting that emerge when we need them most. 

I know one thing that is not helpful...and that is the "WHY ME" rant. Buddhas do not rail at the sky and say "WHY ME? What have I done to deserve this?" No. That is the cry of the victim. No matter how hard the rain comes down, we are never victims. Unless we choose to be. Whenever we choose to be victims we lose all our powers. As a Buddha we can choose to say "Yes Me! I Summoned this storm! Through THIS STORM I will further unleash and reveal my power as a Buddha! I will get stronger and stronger. I will be able to make MORE of a difference in people's lives for having weathered this storm. I will WIN!" 

I can't exactly say what happened to me this week, except to say I feel I stared into the eyes of the devil of the sixth heaven himself. But he is no match for a Buddha like me. I calmly took one action after another with complete composure and wisdom. All the prayers I have prayed for wisdom, all the prayers I have prayed for presence of mind and to be fully in the moment...all those prayers to be able to listen, to understand, and to make swift, decisive choices all came to the rise at exactly the crucial moment. 

Today I post a picture of Mt. Fuji. Strong, resilient. Weather - LIFE - swirls around Mt. Fuji. Does it curse against the sky? No. Does it say "Why me?" No. This week I choose to be Mt. Fuji. At the crucial moment I didn't need to ask for advice. I just knew the correct course of action and took it. I did call my Buddhist friends in faith and request that they chant. 

And there is no doubt in my mind that the glorious story of my life...the one President Ikeda always talks about all of us we are the protagonist in our own stories... I am in the process of adding another story of victory to my that is still unfolding, and that nothing...nothing can defeat me. 

Whatever the storms that are raging in all of our is my prayer, and the prayer of every Buddha, for ALL of us to arise as the Buddhas we are...for all of us to embrace whatever karma we face, and say 

Daisaku Ikeda states:

"By developing one's life condition, sufferings that may have once been a heavy burden when you had a lesser state of mind will appear minor, and you will be able to calmly rise above them. I hope all of you will lead lives in which you show splendid proof of this mystic function of the mind. 
Faith in Action p. 134

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Daily Guidance by Daisaku Ikeda

Yesterday's blizzard in Chicago


18th February

THE wise, the truly strong, can surmount even the most painful times with courage. In contrast, the pessimistic, who weakly wallow in their problems and unable to move on, tend to agonise and suffer over the smallest things. Please be wise people who can live with joy.

WHETHER one experiences happiness or misery is to a great extent determined by the subtle orientation of our heart, by the way we direct our ichinen, or our inner resolve. Since we are alive, then we might as well view all things in a positive and joyful light, as we will be much happier this way. Having a robust and joyful inner resolve enables one to quickly transform one's destiny.

WISDOM is the absolute requirement for a happy life. The most profound wisdom is found in Buddhism, and thus faith in the Mystic Law encompasses all things. That is why a person of faith must also be wiser than anyone else.

TO promote the cause of kosen-rufu, which is the Buddha's will, is in itself the greatest glory and honor. Please be confident that doing so will lead to your eternal good fortune.

I believe that in order for humanity in the 21st century to eliminate war and conflict and establish genuine peace, it is vital that we open our hearts, broaden our intellectual capacities and expand our states of life so they become as wide and all-encompassing as the cosmos itself.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Perseverance ~ Some Quotes from Daisaku Ikeda

The sun WILL rise!


by Daisaku Ikeda:

"No matter what the circumstances, 
you should never concede defeat. 
Never conclude that you've reached a dead-end, 
that everything is finished. 

You possess a glorious future.

Precisely because of that, 
you must persevere and study. 

Life is eternal. 
We need to focus 
on the two existences of the present and the future 
and not get caught up in worry about the past. 
We must always have the spirit to begin anew 
"from this moment," 
to initiate a new struggle each day."  

From Faith in Action page 146. 

"We must put down strong roots, 
we must be strong. 
Inner strength is a prerequisite for happiness, 
a prerequisite for upholding justice and one's beliefs. 
One of the Buddha's titles is "He Who Can Forebear."
To courageously endure, 
persevere and overcome all difficulties 
~ the Buddha, 
is the ultimate embodiment of the virtue of forbearance. The power of faith gives us the strength 
to weather and survive any storm. 
Perseverance is the essence of a Buddha."

Faith in Action, by Daisaku Ikeda, page 147. 

Here in Chicago we are expecting another winter storm. And many of us are weathering storms of our own all over the world. I know this from your emails. As Daisaku Ikeda says, it is important to persevere and never give up. No matter what.  We are not here to master suffering. We have the opportunity to challenge our fate every morning during Gongyo and head out cheerfully to face whatever the day may bring. I hope that no matter what we are facing, that we can bring a smile to all we meet. Such is the way of the Buddha. 

Today I leave you with my favorite quote 
from Daisaku Ikeda:

"When one sun rises, 
everything is illuminated."

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Nichiren Daishonin ~ with a great link to his writings

Nichiren Daishonin was born February 16th, 1222. He is considered a "reformer," even a revolutionary by some. He discovered the key to happiness, the Mystic Law itself written in the title of the Lotus Sutra "Myoho Renge Kyo," and added "Nam" to the beginning, signifying "I devote my life to the mystic law of cause and effect through sound vibration (or sutra). 
He devoted his life to teaching the power of this Mystic Law, the power that can only be gained through chanting it, through studying it, and by passing it along to others.
During the course of his life he showed us the power of the Mystic Law by overcoming many hardships while encouraging others...the perfect model for our own lives. 

Here is my gift for you today on Nichiren's birthday - the complete library of his works:

Happy Birthday Nichiren and thank you SGI for this site!
This picture was posted today on Facebook. I've never seen it before, but believe it is of Nichiren don't know where it is located. I find it very moving. If you know anything about this statue please drop me at note at

What's your favorite Gosho quote?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sensei's Four Guidelines for leading a Healthy Life

"The Buddha's benefit is life force; it is the power to thrive." 

"Each day, 
we receive this immeasurable benefit from the Gohonzon. 

(The Gohonzon = the power of our own lives manifested when we chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo)

Therefore the more we praise 
the great, beneficial power of the Gohonzon, 
the more our own lives will increase 
in majesty and power and shine with brilliance.

"With faith in the Gohonzon as the foundation, 
we pray, take action, 
and speak out for the happiness of others. 

The maintenance of this correct rhythm 
directs one's entire being 
toward longevity, health and happiness. 

To explain the rhythm of faith manifesting itself in daily life in practical terms, I once proposed the following 

Four guidelines for leading a healthy life:

1 ~ Do an invigorating daily gongyo
2 ~ Conduct your daily life in a reasonable and productive manner
3 ~ Be of service to others
4 ~ Maintain sound eating habits

It might be said that faith in the Mystic Law is the fundamental catalyst of health and longevity."

From the Heart of the Lotus Sutra, by Daisaku Ikeda, page 154. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

We are the Buddhas of Limitless Joy!

My flowers to you!
You are loved! 
I am loved! 
We are all the Buddhas of Limitless, Limit-less JOY!

Happy Valentine's Day! 
I have decided that this day is no longer about anyone else sending me love, it is ALL about me expressing love. My list of those I love is long and wonderful and encompasses the entire planet. I am sending love and Daimoku to all my friends from all over the the states, (Illinois, California, Oregon, Washington, Montana and more) to the UK, France, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Africa, Germany, Finland, Sweden, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Japan, Australia, and all the countries I didn't mention! 

I am interested in you! Write me today and tell me where you live at, or send a real, written note to Jamie Lee Silver, 17W702 Butterfield, #104, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181. 

We are the Buddhas of Limitless Joy! 
From The Heart of the Lotus Sutra, 
page 171, by Daisaku Ikeda:

"Every morning 
we start out from the origin of life. 
Every morning 
the sun of beginningless time rises in our hearts! 

The Record of the Orally Translated Teachings says:

"Morning after morning we rise up with the Buddha, 
evening after evening we lie down with the Buddha. 
Moment by moment we attain the way, 
moment by moment we reveal our true identity."
When we exert ourselves 
in chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo 
and carrying out activities for kosen-rufu, 
our true identity 
~ the Buddha of limitless joy~ 
appears in our lives. 
Our wisdom is activated, 
courage wells forth, 
and we can enjoy a state of life of total freedom. 
This is what 
Casting off the transient 
and revealing the true 
means for us. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Put Down Our Phones ~ Bring Forth Our Buddhahood!

"From this moment forth" ~ "Hon Nim Myo" ~ Such a powerful phrase. Every moment we begin again!

This morning I left my phone in the bedroom while I chanted. I chanted an unbroken hour and it was a wonderful time of communing with my highest self. As I was chanting I was very aware that I have slowly let my phone creep back into my practice...always beside me as I chant. 

Many things occurred in my mind this morning. "I wonder what the weather is going to be like? I wonder what's on my schedule after work? Did any men ask me out? Do I have any emails?" And I could feel how the habit of continually checking my phone has eroded my time in front of the Gohonzon in deep prayer. 

Every time my mind wandered in this way I brought is back to my REAL desires. I focused on the prayer to bring Bonten and Taishaku and the Sun, Moon and stars into my life and all the Gakkai members - dispelling any negativity. I focused on changing my karma regarding relationships and renewing my focus on the health of my body. 

I brought my mind back to my real prayers, my real desires, not my "wondering, wandering mind" that seeps into my thoughts sometimes. I chanted to raise my life condition to see through the eyes of the Buddha, hear through the ears of the Buddha and have the discerning mind of the Buddha. 

It was refreshing not to have my phone near.

I know I'm not alone in this challenge! I know there are many of us tethered to our phones and devices for various reasons. I challenge all of us ~ including me ~  to once again put down our electronics, stop the noise in our heads, and deeply, deeply focus on our real prayers! 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

President Ikeda's Guidance for Today

Wednesday February 12th, 2014

BUDDHISM teaches 
"attaining Buddhahood 
without changing your original state."
This means that we ordinary people 
in the nine states of being
can attain Buddhahood as we are, 
in our original states. 
We can attain
a state of absolute happiness, 
here, now, 
in the midst of this very life.

TO be swayed by one's destiny 
is most regrettable. 
However, when you continue to chant daimoku 
to the Gohonzon sincerely, 
you will develop the wisdom to change yourself 
for the better 
and build a life that is directed towards happiness. 
This is in accord with the principle of
"substituting faith for wisdom" (ishin daie).

HAUGHTINESS and harsh language or behavior 
are evidence of one's lack of culture. 
In Buddhism, those who are wise 
are termed human beings,
while those who are foolish and vain 
are naught but animals.

THERE may be some people 
who, for one reason or another, 
have no room in their hearts 
to enjoy the beauty of flowers. 
They come home from work, 
complain about their day and go to sleep. 
We can try to help them change their mindset 
by drawing their attention 
to the beauty of flowers or of a work of art. 
That often is enough 
to get them to open
their hearts and minds to all sorts of new possibilities.

WORDS are very important. 
Leaders in particular 
must be very careful about what they say. 
Words are decisive. 
As it said in the Gosho, 
"The voice does the Buddha's work." 
(Gosho Zenshu, p400) 
Our words reveal our character, 
our wisdom 
and our attitude towards life.

Thank you for emailing this to me every day Nalini Prakash! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

PowerPrayer for Awakening our own Buddha Nature!

I just finished a wonderful hour of studying 
"The Heart of the Lotus Sutra" by Daisaku Ikeda. 
(Available at - you can click on the portal to the right). 
As a fellow SGI member and lover of this practice (not as an official representative of the SGI) I share my thoughts here with you:   

"The Heart of the Lotus Sutra" is truly the story of our lives. In the Lotus Sutra, Shakyamuni reveals that he did not attain enlightenment in his present lifetime as so many people assume. (And as Shakyamuni said in earlier sutras) In the Lotus Sutra he reveals that he attained enlightenment in "beginningless time" and that we, as practitioners of Nichiren Buddhism also attained enlightenment in beginningless time, and are fulfilling our vow to come to this world and show everyone the path to happiness by using the example of our own lives, never being defeated, and overcoming every obstacle.  

Once we are awakened to the fact that we are Buddhas equal to the original Buddha, we can embrace every challenge with fresh eyes, saying to ourselves 

"Yes! I chose this challenge. 
I chose this because I KNOW 
that I can chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo 
and absolutely, without a doubt I can change this.
It is up to me. 
I have the power to tap into the vast resources within, 
as long as I stay focused on my mission for kosen-rufu." 

Each of us can awaken every day with the reality that we are Boddhisatvas of the Earth ~ Dancing in happiness ~ assured of our own power to overcome anything in our lives, through reading President Ikeda's words, chanting, refreshing our determination and knowing, absolutely knowing that we chose this existence to manifest our highest potential. 

What kind of PowerPrayer (thoughts in our minds while we are chanting) would be useful?  
Let's look at a few of Sensei's quotes from "The Heart of the Lotus Sutra,"

"The Buddha's original state of life is identical with all people's original state of life. They could not be in any way different. Fundamentally, all people are Buddhas. The only difference is that the Buddha understands this while others are ignorant of it. " p. 153

When we realize that we are Buddhas from beginningless time "We can attain a state of eternal happiness as indestructible as a daimond~that is, the true aspect of the Buddha ~ in our lives." and that "No matter how heavy our burden of karma, through tapping our inner life force, we can revolutionize our existence." p. 163. 
"It enables us to address the reality of our situations with a fresh, forward-looking spirit, always basing ourselves on life's "original moment." 

Sensei goes on to quote Josei Toda who talks about how we all dwelt together as Buddhas of absolute happiness before making our vows to return to this world and lead others to happiness. 

We are all here fulfilling our vow joyously together. 

What problem could stop us? 
Could financial difficulty stop us?...not unless we let it. 
How about heartbreak, a karma many of us are challenging?  No, I have not yet found my "soulmate." But I am still en-couraged. Every day I chip away at my karma right along with you. And every day I awaken refreshed...when I study, chant, encourage others and go to SGI meetings. We have such precious lives. People are depending on us to shine. We ARE the suns in our lives! 

PowerPrayer for
Awakening Our Own Buddha Nature!
By Jamie Lee Silver, from the Blog Please do not cut and paste this without sharing its origin. 

Once again I greet you in front of the Gohonzon! 
I appreciate one more day in this world of strife! 
Once again I strive at every moment 
to bring forth the world of Buddhahood within. 
Right now I am raising my life condition! 
I am determined to live in wisdom, 
tapping the highest potential in my life. 
I am determined to harmonize with my fellow humans 
in a way that makes a difference. 
I am determined to be all I can be, 
and fulfill my vow for kosen-rufu! 
(Happiness and respect for all of life - 
the raising of the life-condition of ALL)
I am determined to forge ahead 
with wisdom, happiness and composure. 
May I live this day fully and happily, 
and shine like the sun! 
I am determined to_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
as I joyously bring forth my Buddhahood!