Monday, March 31, 2014

One Sure Way to Experience Joy RIght Now!

"It is important that we live cheerfully 
with a strong spirit of optimism, 
we need to be able 
to continually direct our minds 
in a bright, 
and beneficial 
and help those around us to do so, too. 
We should strive to develop a state of life 
where we feel a sense of joy 
no matter what happens." 
From For Today and Tomorrow by Daisaku Ikeda, p.339

Nichiren Buddhists talk about something called Life Condition. What do we mean by this term? First of all, as Buddhists we believe that our environments and everything in it is a mirror of our inner life. So when we change our lives...our environment changes. That's  fundamental to Nichiren Buddhist belief. 

How can we change ourselves to change our environment? 

We Chant to Raise Our Life Condition, and to do our Human Revolution 

That's it. It sounds so simple because it IS simple. When we chant to raise our life condition our life condition changes. 
Life Condition consists of the TEN WORLDS:


Comprehensive explanations of the Ten Worlds can be found on the SGI-USA.ORG website and throughout the writings of Daisaku Ikeda. You can access the website here or by using the portal on the right of this post. 

Here is what I consider key:

I chant to experience life in the world of see through the eyes of the Buddha and feel with the heart of the Buddha. I chant to have the compassion and love of a Buddha...the Buddha that I am...the Buddha that you are. 
Go Buddha Go! You are unstoppable! 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

PowerPrayer for Appreciating YourSelf!

Happiness rests 
on how you establish a solid sense of self or being. 
Happiness does not lie in outward appearances nor in vanity. It is a matter of what you feel inside, 
it is a deep resonance in your life. 
To be filled each day 
with a rewarding sense of exhilaration and purpose, 
a sense of tasks accomplished and deep fulfillment ~ 
people who feel this way are happy. 
Those who have this sense of satisfaction, 
even if they are extremely busy 
are much happier 
than those who have time on their hands 
but feel empty inside. 

Daisaku Ikeda, For Today and Tomorrow, page 24

 My goal in writing this blog for you, is for you to be happy. 

And to know the source of your happiness so you can return to that source and bring that water of happiness right back up whenever you desire. 

We all have the power to tap into that vast resource that is within every single person's life, that vast resource can only be tapped by calling out the name of the rhythm of life itself, Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. This door is open to every person. No one has to change to chant. No one even has to change religions, lifestyles, eating routines, work out routines or become more "mindful" to chant. (I have nothing against mindfulness, but it is not a requirement to chant.)

All we have to do is chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo,  study Buddhism, join with our fellow members, seek our teacher's heart, and encourage others. Think about it. We do not have to wander in the forest, forgo eating meat (unless we want to), or memorize and live by any "paths". Nope. And we don't discriminate about sexual orientation or anything else. 

A vast reservoir of happiness 
exists inside our lives. 
Let's all chant in happiness, 
rise in happiness, 
dance in happiness together! 

PowerPrayer for Revealing 
Your Buddha Nature 
and Appreciating YourSELF
By Jamie Lee Silver from

"I chant to reveal the pure, sparkling Diamond
of resilience, strength, wisdom-heart
that lies within me. 
I chant to be more and more aware 
of how wonderful I am every single day. 
May I be aware that every cause I make, 
at every single moment of every day 
is a great cause for my life, 
and all of life, 
and leads me to see more and more of my Buddha nature. 
I chant that my Buddha Nature emerge 
and flow from my life touching everyone I see. 
I chant that I see and feel my life 
as the brilliant sparkling Diamond that it is. 
I chant that throughout the day 
I say only kind words to myself. 
That I praise myself with my every thought. 
I chant to believe in my own goodness 
and to see it revealed in my actions. 
I pray to realize my life as the Buddha I am.
I chant that those around me 
are inspired to begin chanting, 
or to strengthen their practice 
just by seeing my happiness flow. 
I chant to meet the people 
who are looking for the Mystic Law 
and to be able to help them practice.

Guidance by Daisaku Ikeda

ONLY by means of the supreme law of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo can one change the suffering to which he is destined. He can also enjoy happiness throughout his life, which is the desire of all human beings. For this purpose, faith is essential.

IN many cases, other families are not practicing Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism. There is no need to worry or grow anxious about this. That is because, if we stand up earnestly and confidently in faith, we can lead all of our families and relatives in the direction of happiness and hope. We are like a solitary lighthouse on a dark night, enabling numerous ships to safely sail the seas.

GONGYO is a solemn ceremony in which we fuse our lives with the life-state of the Buddha. By steadfastly and continually carrying out the practice of gongyo and daimoku, the world of Buddhahood in our life becomes solidified, just as firmly packing a pile of earth will produce a strong foundation.

WHEN you possess a life-condition in which you can enjoy everything no matter what happens, when you have a positive outlook and wisdom – you can overcome any kind of problem or suffering. It begins with polishing yourself. This is your “human revolution”. It is the principle of ichinen sanzen (the principle which expounds that a single life-moment contains three thousand realms). By changing your ichinen, or your inner state of life, you can move everything into the best direction for your happiness.

WHEN you joyfully do gongyo and carry out activities with the determination to accumulate more good fortune in your life, the heavenly deities will be delighted and will valiantly perform their duty. If you must take some action anyway, it is your advantage that you do so spontaneously and with a feeling of joy.

Friday, March 28, 2014

4 Ways to Know You're in "Obstacle Shock" ~ Turn "Why Me?" into "Yes Me!" and Advance Powerfully Into Victory!

~Obstacle SHOCK~

We've all been there. 
We've all had that moment when we can't believe that WE, after however many years of practice, are facing a HUGE OBSTACLE. 

It seems, sometimes, that no matter how much we study, and we KNOW huge obstacles bring huge benefits, and HUGE obstacles come to people making HUGE positive causes, that sometimes obstacles still, as my mother would say, "throw us for a loop." (I wonder where that phrase came from!) and we go into Obstacle Shock. 
I guess we could also call this a "reactionary" phase. Sometimes I call it the "Wah Wah Wah" phase, when my life is reeling from the impact of a huge obstacle. 

What is "Obstacle Shock?" How do we know we're in it? 
Here are some recent observations from my own experience:

4 Ways to know 
You're in "Obstacle Shock"
by Jamie Lee Silver from

1. When we're in "Obstacle Shock" we go around with the constant thought "This can't be happening to me. These things happen to other people; not to me," and our brain gets caught in the endless "Why me?" loop.

2. We wonder how we could have drawn this obstacle into our lives and are dumbfounded to find a karmic connection. It just feels we're living someone else's life.  It can be hard to concentrate on anything, whether it's chanting, or work, or....anything. 

3. It is HARD to chant. Really hard to chant. Some people stop chanting altogether. Most of us, soldier on...every morning and evening doing our very best to connect...but somehow feeling "off our game", and like our Daimoku just isn't as powerful as it usually is. We may feel as if we are going through the motions. 

4. We pull away from our friends in faith. Not always. But sometimes. When it comes time to go to a meeting it may feel like we're just out of synch, and it's easier to say "Oh I'm going through this incredible obstacle, I just don't have time to get to a meeting now!" Or "I can't call members to encourage them! I have ________obstacle going on now!" And of course, we know, somewhere deep inside that it's more important than ever to get to that meeting! 

"Obstacle shock" is, I believe, a natural part of life. It happens to everyone. And we have to keep going until we emerge from the other side. 

This week I connected with a region leader in LA who went through a similar obstacle to the one I am facing right now, and triumphed in the end (Of course!) And she talked about her own "Obstacle shock" and how hard it was to chant when the obstacle first people would come to chant with her, and how it felt like she was just going through the motions. And then, at a certain point, the "Obstacle Shock" bubble burst and she began to move the levers of her practice again, feel the connection while chanting, and know she was going to win.  

I realized that we ALL go through what I call "Obstacle Shock." It doesn't matter how long we practice. And our sheer ability to keep chanting, even when it's hard, and we've temporarily lost faith in our Daimoku, THIS CHANTING and STUDYING TIME is crucial. 

The Daimoku we chant when it's hardest to chant may be our most beneficial of all. 

THIS is when we are really changing our karma. And the moment will come when we click back in and KNOW we are winning. 

4 Ways to turn "Why Me" into "Yes Me!" and advance Powerfully Into Victory! 

1. We keep chanting, even when it feels like we're "out of synch" or that somehow our prayer doesn't feel as deep. We keep chanting, and studying!

2. We don't make ourselves "wrong" for feeling this way, and struggling to chant. We remember it's a natural part of the practice, and keep going to the best of our ability. 

3. We nurture ourselves. We do what feels good to us. We are our own best friends. What feels good to you? Yoga, being with friends, walking, energy healing, massage, writing, singing? Whatever it it! 

4. And we know we will "Click Back In" when we persevere, and are able to switch our attention back to our mission for kosen-rufu. 

The woman from LA who was encouraging me said everything changed for her when she re~embraced her mission for kosen rufu and began focusing on shakubukuing youth. She ended up being invited in to speak to youth who were struggling, and helped many families to begin their Buddhist practice. She took her own HUGE obstacle and turned it into a HUGE benefit. She "Clicked Back In" and achieved Victory for herself and her family. 

Sometimes we just have to get to the other side of "Obstacle Shock" and turn "Why Me" into "Yes Me!" where we click back in to our missions as Boddhisatvas of the earth. If we persevere this will definitely happen! 

Daisaku Ikeda says: 

"The important thing is to advance brightly, 
to strive for victory each moment, 
right where we are; 
to begin something here and now 
instead of worrying over what may happen. 
This is the starting point for transforming our lives."

Faith in Action, page 75

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Guidance by Daisaku Ikeda

IT is beneficial to study the doctrines of Buddhism. The more we study them, the more it reinforces our understanding and deepens our appreciation of the excellence and profundity of Buddhism, which in turn serves to strengthen our faith and conviction. The fundamental purpose of our Buddhist study is to fortify the power of our faith and practice.

"TRY" is a little word, but big things - victory and glory - can be found within it. The sight of someone trying, no matter what obstacles one faces, no matter what the circumstances are, is the sight of victory itself.

PRAYERS offered based on the Mystic Law for the repose of a deceased parent constitute the highest form of filial piety. The Daishonin stated that one who carries out such filial actions will definitely be protected by the Buddhist gods.

IT is vital to deepen your "roots of faith". If the roots of your faith are deep, you will never be toppled by the winds of impermanence. The "branches" of complete fulfilment will then grow, and the "fruit" of your change in destiny towards the attainment of Buddhahood will ripen. The accumulation of many experiences in faith, along with your daily practice and effort, will nourish the root of your faith and allow them to spread and deepen.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Daily Guidance by Daisaku Ikeda

THE power of daimoku is invincible. Through daimoku, there is no
situation we cannot change, no obstacle we cannot surmount, no battle
in kosen-rufu or in daily life we cannot win. As long as we possess
strong faith, we can, at every moment, turn wherever we are into a
Land of Tranquil Light.

THROUGH life-to-life encouragement in faith, we can polish our
character and deepen our faith. Through encouraging one another in
various ways, we can deepen our faith and secure a course along the
correct path in life. The way of faith is profound; you cannot
continue to walk it alone.

A single day of work for kosen-rufu rivals a year or even two years of
living without such a goal when one considers the worth of the golden
light it releases. That is because each day, each instant determines
to what extent our life will be filled with blessing and merit.

ESPECIALLY since Buddhism teaches the true path of humanity, in the
realm of Buddhism, there can be no excuse for such ingratitude as
scorning and trampling on those who have helped you, for thinking only
of yourself and not caring about anyone else. This is completely
divorced from the true path of humanity.

AS human beings, we are polished and forged in the great sea of
humanity. We are able to build a solid self through coming into
contact and interacting with all kinds of people, young and old alike.
It is the same in the realm of faith. We block off the path to our own
happiness if we succumb to selfish faith that is disconnected from the
SGI. That is what makes a harmoniously united organisation of faith so

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Experience of Victory in Health

This is my recent experience Shared on 23.03.2014 (Sunday) 
Good morning!
I am Nalini Prakash. I have been practicing this noble philosophy of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism for the last 12 years. I cannot even imagine my life without this practice.
It is my greatest pleasure and privilege to report my victory to my mentor Dr Daisaku Ikeda and heartfelt thanks to GOHONZON for providing me the opportunity to share my experience on this day. 
On 4th December 2013 my father ( 67 years old) was taken to the hospital on an emergency due to acute abdominal pain. His scan report showed appendicitis with perforation. He required an emergency surgery. On operating the abdomen there was a lot of pus and all the interstitial coils were stuck to each other. The surgeon also saw a mass in the large intestine.  The tumour was quite big. The surgeon suspected it to be a Cancer/TB.  So major surgery was carried out – right hemicolectomy. This part of large intestine was subjected to pathological examination. After dissection, multiple sections were given from the specimen to confirm or exclude the diagnosis of malignancy.
I am very fortunate to be working in a Medical college and that too in the department of pathology.  We have faculty with many years of experience in pathology, however most of the faculty collectively felt that it could be Cancer/TB. One of the doctor with previous work experience from prestigious cancer hospital and specialist in oncopathology strongly felt that my father’s case was a 100% malignancy case without any doudt. She asked me to approach her if she needed assistance in any way.
This was really challenging for me and was an opportunity to show the actual proof to doctors emphasizing my faith in the practice.   Majority of the faculty were in favour of malignancy.  After having seen my father’s resected surgical specimen faculty members were worried seeing the nature of the growth in the colon and its gross appearance.  However they made sure that adequate sections were given from the representative growth to rule out or confirm the malignancy. 
I decided to challenge it.  During this period, my daimoku was keeping my life condition high and even though I was struggling, I still felt confident and full of hope.
My Buddhist practice has taught me to overcome difficulties by focusing on prayer and taking action for others. I began by chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and visiting members. As I encouraged them, my resolve strengthened. 

I read gosho Reply to kyo’s Nichiren Daishonin says “Believe in this mandala with all your heart. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is like the roar of a lion. What sickness can therefore be an obstacle?" these lines inspired me a lot. 
I was constantly in touch with my Gakkai members. I took guidance from my seniors. I was advised to increase my daimoku. I continued my human revolution (through chanting for Doctors wisdom, nurses, entire hospital patients speed recovery, talking to patient attenders for their high life condition and for their courage) and be determined to win. 
"Let me experience WITH MY LIFE the power of this prayer - not just for myself, but so that I can encourage others." 
I followed this guidance wholeheartedly and each day I used to study and share my mentors guidance and encouraged other members. I felt as though Sensei is chanting with me encouraging me not to lose hope and to move forward for the final victory.
Multiple lymph nodes were found and sections were given for examination. Thorough microscopic examination revealed no evidence of malignancy/ TB.  
The diagnosis was Eosinophilic colitis with peritonitis.
 It was a very pleasant surprise to the entire faculty and they themselves told it’s amazing. It’s a rare case. 
This being a unique case, the faculty involved in reporting this case and have taken it up into converting this to a publication in a reputed medical journal. 
This case also highlights interesting facts in medical science and serves as a wonderful learning experience for pathology post graduate students. 
Post this,  doctors and friends in my work place  who knew about the practice encouraged me to continue and asked me never to discontinue the practice under any circumstances. 
The surgery was required because of the nature of the complication. 
These days it is very difficult to get admitted in a good hospital. One has to face many problems like getting bed in ICU, high ICU charges, every day we have to pay, getting good doctors and good facilities. In this case, timely intervention prevented discomfort, distress and agony for my father.
Mystically   during this period, protection came financially also.
From the day one I spoke to Chief administrator in the hospital, he ensured all arrangements were made till the end. The entire treatment was covered by the institution and we got a special ward too! Except the charges for medicine
ICU Charges, doctors consult fees, surgery fees, OTTcharges, lab fees, nursing fees & special ward charges were completely covered. 
I was chanting for other patient’s speedy recovery.Patient attenders voluntarily looked after my father. I did not apply any leave; people were very co-operative and took good care of my father. 
Throughout 15 days of his hospital journey my father was having a high life condition and the doctors, nurses and attenders werevery happy to see my father recover. 
 I’m happy to report that now he is eating healthy food, walking twice a day. He is basically a musician and has started his regular programs.                       . 
During this period I did lots of shakubuku. At work place I showed lots of actual proof in my department. Due to this I got an opportunity to do shakubuku and spread Daishonin’s Buddhism. Through this experience, I am planting the seeds of Buddhism at my work place, friends and   relatives   spreading Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. 
With this victory, I determine to make each day of my life a victorious experience. I will challenge, small or big, and create a history to prove the power of the Mystic Law.

Thanks to the Gakkai members who supported me a lot. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

How We Win Over Our Biggest Problems

From the April Living Buddhism, 
Daisaku Ikeda's Gosho lecture on 
"The Treatment of Illness
by Nichiren Daishonin:

"Mr. Toda said: 
"If the entire human race could manifest 
the life state of buddhahood ~ 
that is, character of the highest quality ~ 
there would be no war or hunger in the world. 
There would be no illness, and no poverty. 
Elevating the entire human race to the state of Buddhahood, to character of the highest quality ~ 
this is carrying out the work of the Thus Come One."

To achieve this, 
we need to expand the goodness in life 
as broadly as possible 
through our prayers and our actions. 
Our greatest mission as SGI members  
is to create value for all humankind."

WE are ushering in the new age of humanity through our thoughts, words and deeds. And how are we doing this? Mostly through challenging our problems - no matter how great they are. Sometimes it feels like the problems are bigger than us, doesn't it? I speak from experience! But I also speak from experience when I say that when we persevere in our practice and study a life-force of wisdom arises that fuels those actions, gives us confidence and brings us and others hope. 

In the same Gosho lecture, President Ikeda states:

"No matter how harsh the adversity, we can always find a way to make it into an opportunity for our great human revolution, we can always use it to create value. The is the essence of Nichiren Buddhism."

In this Gosho Lecture, President ikeda writes that we can overcome "illnesses of the mind" by dispelling ignorance in our lives, and bringing forth the awakening of our Buddhahood. One of the manifestations of Ignorance is not seeing and believing on our own Buddhahood. 

To break through our struggles Sensei says:

"When we find ourselves up against a wall of suffering and feel like we can't go on - that's the time when we can rouse the underlying power inherent in our beings through chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. As Nichiren Daishonin writes, "Only by defeating a powerful enemy can one prove one's real strength." (Letter from Sado, WND- 1, 302)

How can we do this? By not giving continuing to realize that Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is more powerful than our biggest problem...our life itself is as as vast as the universe, and when we chant we are tapping that vast power within us. As long as we keep chanting we are winning over ourselves. 

AND, when we realize we are tackling our problems so that we can help others and inspire others our practice becomes a joy! When we can chant: 

Because I can inspire so many 
when I win over this problem...
there MUST be value in this for Kosen-rufu. 
I will definitely win 
and use this experience to inspire others!" 

If we are at a deadlock we will win when we study, chant, consult our leaders in faith and keep chanting! 

President Ikeda ends the lecture with:

"As SGI members 
who uphold the sound philosophy 
of Nichiren Buddhism, 
a teaching of respect for the dignity of life, 
let us continue to illuminate the hearts 
of our precious friends 
with the light of courage and hope, 
and make intrepid efforts in the form of peace, 
friendship and happiness 
in our communities and societies."

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Daily Guidance by Daisaku Ikeda

SOME people seem to be active for a while, but eventually disappear from our movement for kosen-rufu. Almost without exception, such people are negligent in their daily practice of gongyo. Those who neglect doing gongyo will eventually lose their ability to grasp any points of faith or to accept guidance, no matter how great it may be.

ONE of my mottos is that waves get rougher every time they encounter an obstacle. Another is that the true hero is one who is strong when he rises up alone. These have been my convictions from the time I was sixteen.

TO live honestly and straightforwardly in the world of kosen-rufu. To always continue struggling forward. To persevere in the practice for oneself and for others. Through such efforts, the "heart" of faith will solidify. The world of Buddhahood exists in faith that is forged in such a fashion.

YOUR practice of gongyo and daimoku is not an obligation, it is a right. The Gohonzon will never demand that you chant to it. An attitude of appreciation in being able to chant to the Gohonzon is the heart of faith. The more you exert yourself in faith - in doing gongyo and chanting daimoku - the more you stand to gain.

"I am happy. For I uphold the unsurpassable Mystic Law" - just talk to others about Buddhism with this conviction. No matter what your present circumstances, everyone who chants and spreads the Mystic Law is an emissary of the Buddha. I hope you will all take great pride in the fact that you are accumulating immeasurable good fortune and walking a direct course to eternal happiness.

Yesterday's PowerPrayer Really Worked!

I found this photo on the is a time lapse photo of a sunset.

We never know what we're going to face in a day. Some days are just like other days, fun, enjoyable, etc. and they are kind of, well, normal. 

Other days are extraordinary. 

Yesterday, after chanting that PowerPrayer and focusing my energy on letting go and not trying to control everything, I ended up with a remarkably fascinating day with lots of action and many quick decisions to be made. Because of the protection of the Shoten Zenjin, I was in the right place at the right time continually, and able to connect with my dear friend Kate at exactly the right moments. 

As I was going through this day I felt confidence in my life...confidence in my prayer...confidence in my gentle words. I could feel the power of wisdom through Daimoku flowing at every moment. Some events triggered emotional reactions, and those were fine...and they passed quickly. Other events that normally would have triggered emotional reactions didn't, and I remained composed and thinking on my feet. I had unity with the people I needed to have unity with. 

The day ended in a state of peace and gratitude, and today began peacefully and happily. 

I am filled with appreciation for my wonderful life, and more determined than ever that the challenges my family has been facing recently will help many people. Because of my son's illness I have ventured into a world that is hard for many to navigate. And there is NO set road map. Except the road lit by the wisdom that comes from Daimoku. 

I have received many emails from you. Thank you so much. For the moment I am enjoying my wonderful life and laughing with my sweet son who always cracks me up!

Friday, March 21, 2014

PowerPrayer for Rising Above Our Problems

I read some guidance that said 
"When you chant you should 
take a vacation from your troubles." 
Great idea

And today while I was chanting that's exactly what I did. I chanted to lift my life condition so I could see over and above my troubles...and to experience this day in a state of elevation through Daimoku. 
I chanted to release all feelings of having to be in control at every single moment, because, as we all know, control at every moment is impossible anyway! 

I think sometimes we think "I'm a Buddha so I should be able to command every single moment of every single day. I'm a Buddha, right?" But I don't think that's exactly how it works, 

The only things we can really be in control of are our reactions to what's going on. That's not to say that we can't change our lives through chanting. WE CAN. But the process of doing so doesn't always go as quickly as we'd want it to. We are not like Samantha on the TV show Bewitched. We can't just wiggle our noses and make everything change. 

Today I formulated this 
for Rising Above Our Troubles:
by Jamie Lee Silver of

Today while chanting 
I am seeing my life and my spirits 
rising above my worries. 
As I am chanting I am seeing my life rise above. 
I am focusing on joining the ceremony in the air. 
I am joining with all the Buddhas on the Gohonzon, 
and knowing that 
This is the life I chose for Kosen-rufu, 
and I will keep my life condition HIGH no matter what. 
I see through the eyes of the Buddha. 
I shine for all those around me as a beacon of hope. 
I am the Buddha at every moment today...
fully aware and focusing on all that is right in my world! 
I am going to float above my worries and chant in the world of gratitude and appreciation. 
I am so grateful for:__________________________
And I release this day to my prayers! 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Daily Guidance by Daisaku Ikeda

WHEN viewed through the eyes of Buddhism, everything has profound meaning. We must not lament our situations. As long as we have strong, courageous faith, we can definitely transform all hardships into something positive, turning poison into medicine. Please engrave these words of Nichiren Daishonin in your heart, and continue advancing resolutely forward, no matter what happens.

YOU do not normally receive your pay cheque at the end of your first day at work. The sapling you planted today is not a mighty oak. If our prayers were automatically answered; with no true, deep prayer on our part, without desperate life-to-death effort, we would become spoiled and useless. If that is how it works, our practice of Buddhism would not make us into people of outstanding character; it would destroy us.

WE are not alone and without friends. We can confidently overcome difficulties and turn everything into an impetus towards happiness. When one has a firm conviction of this, one will experience a sense of boundless courage; one will not be afraid of anything. Those who fear nothing are happy people.

IN any human relation, we must speak exactly as our conviction dictates, without a single cloud in our heart. That is a wonderful, invigorating way to live. And based on such a way of life, the bonds of the family, the bonds of comrades in faith are strengthened.

NO matter what sufferings or difficulties you may experience, you should never lose hope. Even if you may temporarily suffer from the devil of illness or financial difficulty, your heart should always be aglow with indestructible hope.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Vow for a Kosen Rufu Life Partner

This was sent to me from a reader in India. She says it has helped many to achieve their dreams of attaining a KosenRufu life partner. 

The Solemn Pledge and Prayer based on the Mystic Law
Gohonzon, I pledge to spread the Mystic Law. I take a solemn vow to work for the happiness of all sentient beings and the advancement of kosen-rufu. I determine to recognize, arouse, manifest, and respect my Buddhahood as well as that of others. 

Gohonzon, I determine to welcome you in my home. Give me a home where I could enshrine and protect you in complete grace and honor. Give me a home where I can work for kosen-rufu and can hold and host Gakkai meetings and activities freely. Give me the life partner who supports and promotes the cause of kosen-rufu.

I am now happily united and married to my true love and kosen-rufu partner. He is a nice, wise, kind, healthy, happy, handsome, responsible, dependable, and prosperous young man, who approves of and supports me in all the areas of life… in all my Gakkai activities. We work together for the spread of the Law and attainment of kosen-rufu. We love, value, trust, respect, appreciate, and accept each other from heart, mind, body, and soul. We are true and honest to each other and have a beautiful, mutually enriching, and deeply fulfilling relationship. All the other distractions and obstacles melt down and fade away of their own accord amicably from our life. 

Our union is supported, protected, promoted, and blessed by Brahma, Shakra, the gods of the Sun and the Moon and all the positive and protective forces of the Universe. We perceive, feel, hear, understand, and respond to each other’s Buddha nature… Gohonzon, make my KRLP emerge and let us recognize and unite with each other. My KRLP contacts me today and we both respond well to each other. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Gohonzon, I determine to enter the institution of marriage in perfect faith, enthusiasm, happiness, and confidence in my own and my partner’s worth. I feel complete appreciation and respect for myself and my partner. I love myself, I respect myself, I value myself, I cherish myself, I appreciate myself, I accept myself completely. I am thankful and grateful for my life and everything that I have got in my life. I pray and determine to get connected and engaged to my Kosen-rufu life partner by 3rd May 2014 or_____________. 

We both love, respect, understand, cooperate, and appreciate each other in every aspect of life. I determine to have the wisdom, courage and opportunities to make the right choice at the right time regarding my marriage and life partner. Through my happy and successful married life, I determine to encourage and show the actual proof of the benefits obtained from the power of the Mystic Law to all the YWD members of SGI and others.

I determine to discard the transient and reveal the True in all areas of my life. When the skies are clear, the ground is illuminated. Similarly, when one knows the Lotus Sutra, one understands the meaning of all worldly affairs. The one who chants Lotus Sutra will never have a twisted mind. I demand clarity and wisdom. 

I demand protection from all the positive forces of the Universe. Gohonzon, put me on my correct path.. in the orbit of righteousness, happiness and contentment. I call upon Brahma, Shakra and the gods of Sun and Moon to enter my life and illuminate it ... I must take the right decision at the right time.. I have a mission as the Bodhisattva of the Earth and everything’s going to be the very best. I am going to get married to my KRP in the most beautiful and harmonious manner. “This sutra can fulfill their desires, as a clear cool pond can satisfy all those who are thirsty,” and “They will enjoy peace and security in their present existence and good circumstances in future existences.”

Gohonzon, I am determined to have a KR marriage, a KR husband, a KR home, and a life dedicated to the spread of the Mystic Law and the attainment of kosen-rufu. I am a Bodhisattva of the Earth.. I pledge to work for the Law.. to complete my mission. The core of my life is Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. Illuminated by the Mystic Law, I soar like a Queen and attract, accept, and enjoy all the good fortunes of every kind from all the directions of the Universe.. Thank You Gohonzon.. Thank you so much…
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo .. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo .. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo 

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

We ARE Attaining Buddhahood, RIght Here, Right Now

"What does attaining Buddhahood mean for us? 
It does not mean 
that one day we suddenly turn into a Buddha 
or become magically enlightened. 
In a sense, attaining Buddhahood 
means that we have securely entered the path, 
or orbit, of Buddhahood inherent in the cosmos. 
Rather than a final static destination 
at which we arrive and remain, 
achieving enlightenment 
means firmly establishing 
the faith needed to keep advancing 
along the path of absolute happiness, 
without end." 

Daisaku Ikeda, For Today and Tomorrow, page 205. 

We are Attaining Buddhahood
By Jamie Lee Silver, from

Every time we chant 
we are attaining Buddhahood. 
Every time we pray our silent prayers 
we are attaining Buddhahood. 
Every time we encourage others 
we are attaining Buddhahood. 
Every time we wake up and say 
"No! I will NOT be defeated. 
I will redetermine to win. I will not give up!"
we are attaining Buddhahood. 
Every time we write our thoughts and determinations 
we are attaining Buddhahood. 
Every time we smile ~ 
even when we are sad ~ even when we are happy ~ 
we are attaining Buddhahood.
Every time we say 
"Hon-nim-myo" from this moment forth I will rise! 
we are attaining Buddhahood. 

May you have a victorious - energetic - Daimoku-powered day!