Monday, January 30, 2017

10 Powerful Quotes on Prayer by Daisaku Ikeda

Daisaku Ikeda's 
10 Powerful Quotes on Prayer 
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~ 1 ~

Prayer entails an intense challenge 
to believe in yourself 
and stop diminishing yourself. 
To belittle yourself 
is to disparage Buddhism 
and the Buddha within your life.

~ 2 ~

Prayer is the way to destroy all fear. 
It is the way to banish sorrow, 
the way to light a torch of hope. 
It is the revolution 
that rewrites the scenario of our destiny.

~ 3 ~

Prayers are invisible, 
but if we pray steadfastly 
They will definitely effect clear results in our lives 
and surroundings over time. 
This is the principle of the true entity of all phenomena. Faith means having confidence in this invisible realm.

~ 4 ~

Prayer is not a feeble consolation; 
it is a powerful, unyielding conviction. 
And prayer must become manifest in action. 
To put it another way, 
if our prayers are in earnest, 
they will definitely give rise to action. 

~ 5 ~

Prayer is the courage to persevere. 
It is the struggle to overcome our own weakness 
and lack of confidence in ourselves. 
It is the act of impressing 
in the very depths of our being 
the conviction that we can change the situation 
without fail. 

~ 6 ~

Prayer is an attempt 
to merge the inner workings of our life 
with the rhythm of the universe. 
When we pray in such a way, 
all the workings of the universe 
will function to protect us 
and the endless cycle of painful reality 
will be transformed 
into a cycle of victory and happiness. 
Prayer is the key to open the door 
to unleash 
that infinite human potential within our lives. 

~ 7 ~

The important thing 
is to firmly fix our gaze 
on our own weaknesses, 
not run away from them, 
but to battle them head-on 
and establish a solid self that nothing can sway. Hardships forge and polish our lives, 
so that eventually 
they shine with brilliant fortune and benefit. 
If left in its raw, unpolished form, 
even the most magnificent gem will not sparkle. 
The same applies to our lives. 

~ 8 ~

Prayer is not of the realm of logic or intellect. 
It transcends these. 

~ 9 ~

Prayer is an act 
of which we give expression 
to the pressing and powerful wishes 
in the depths of our being 
and yearn for their fulfillment. 

~ 10 ~ 

"What kind of future do I envision for myself? 
What kind of self and I trying to develop? 
What do I want to accomplish in my life?" 
The thing is to paint this vision of your life in your heart 
as specifically as possible. 
That "painting" itself becomes the design of your future. The power of the heart 
enables us to actually create with our lives 
a wonderful masterpiece 
in accordance with that design. 

It is not about others. 
It is about you winning, 
and winning over yourself. 
By doing so, you will provide inspiration 
and encouragement to all around you. 


Monday, January 23, 2017

Karma Changing Chanting NOW!


"The benefit of all the other sutras is uncertain, 
because they teach that one must first 
make good causes and only then 
can one become a Buddha at some later time. 
With regard to the Lotus Sutra, 
when one's hand takes it up, 
that hand immediately attains Buddhahood,  
and when one's mouth chants it, 
that mouth is itself the Buddha, 
as for example, 
the moon is reflected in the water 
the moment it appears from behind the eastern mountains, or as a sound and its echo arise simultaneously."

From the Writings of Nichiren Daishonin - WND, p.1099
Wu-lung and I-lung. Written to the lay nun Ueno on November 15th.


How can we, as Buddhists really make a difference in the world? We see the news. We know this is a crucial moment. 

We are in the age of Mapo...a time of great challenges and darkness, and we chose to be born now so we can make a difference. We, as microcosms of the universe, can make the changes we need to make by changing ourselves first, by doing shakubuku to enable others to do this as well, and by taking the correct actions to stand up in faith and in the world. 

And, for me, it starts in the conviction 
of the power of the Daimoku 
I am chanting this very moment. 

I am changing my life, 
and all of life. 

I have become aware of some karmic patterns I am determined to change. 

Today I have deep resolve that RIGHT NOW, WITH THIS DAIMOKU, I am changing these patterns and changing this karma forever...just like the quote above so mystically says. 

"The moon is reflected in the water 
the moment it appears 
from behind the eastern mountains, 
or as a sound and its echo 
arise simultaneously."

As I chant I summon up the deep conviction, expressed as the thoughts in my head, that each and every daimoku is changing my karma RIGHT NOW, not at some time in the future.  

IS changing this specific karma 
right this very second."

I write down the nature of the karma I am changing. 

I dig deep into the feelings within my gut - these inner rumblings of fear, and doubt and pure emotion -  to change these feelings be rid of the doubt that my prayer would not work. I do not chant "wishful Daimoku" 
I chant "Right here right now I am changing my karma FOREVER" Daimoku. 

I pray to deeply realize that this very morning the Daimoku I chanted is a DONE DEAL. I pray to have the conviction that I JUST CHANGED my karma, and I will not be swayed by any doubt. 
I believe in my Buddhahood and the Buddhahood of others. I believe in the power of the Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. 
I have faith in the power of my prayer 
and the power of my life 
and my Buddhahood. 
I can, and will continue to change my karma, change the karma of our troubled world, and create a world for respect for all beings (kosen-rufu) through my own life. 

Friday, January 6, 2017

What Does Nam-myoho-renge-kyo Mean and Why Do We Chant it?

What does Nam-myoho-renge-kyo mean, 
and why do we chant it? 

By Jamie Lee Silver of - 

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The literal translation of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is:

"I fuse my life 
with the Mystic Law of cause and effect 
through sound vibration (or sutra)." 

It is the title of the Lotus Sutra, 
the Buddha's highest teaching 
that declares  
ALL people possess the Buddha Nature...
all people ARE Buddhas...
and we can access our own Buddhahood ~ our inherent wisdom, determination, power to take the best action for our lives while benefiting others, sense of vitality, ability to make a difference, find fulfillment and happiness, and the strength to turn 
~by chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. 

That's it. We don't need to change our diets, memorize lists of paths, change our lifestyles, shave our heads, wear robes, or "purify our desires." This form of Buddhism is radically different than most forms you may have encountered. SGI (Soka Gakkai Buddhism is accessible to ALL. 

AND the most important aspect of our prayer is to do our own human change the very core of our lives...change our karma, and by doing so, change the world around us as well. 
We chant for "Kosen-Rufu," a world of respect for all life, and for all who are suffering to be happy. Through our own happiness, we create happiness for all. We can all win in life together. 

When we chant, we harness the energy that is our birthright. And we chant twice a day, every single day, to get and keep our lives in rhythm. 

When we are in rhythm we are in the right place at the right time... to find out about and get the job...or to meet the man of our dreams...or to protect our child from danger. When we are in rhythm, life isn't so much of a struggle as it is a joy...we see the beauty in everything and we feel our lives overflowing with appreciation. 

In fact, we view obstacles themselves as benefits, as strange as that may sound....because obstacles make us chant more, and when we chant more we draw even higher life conditions and deeper satisfaction into our lives. 

What can we chant FOR? 
Anything. Make sure to write your list, and rewrite it when you achieve those goals. Ultimately, our goal is to change our own overcome our doubt and negativity, and to experience life as the Buddhas we are. When WE change, our environment changes. We are all interconnected. 

We chant for others, we chant for our planet, our countries, and ourselves. 
We can chant for whatever our desire may be...even if it might not be the "right" desire for us. In the act of chanting, we will change our karma and our desires themselves will naturally begin to shift. We will open our lives to the deeper wisdom within...the deeper yearning, the REAL desires that we have forgotten or given up on. We will grow. We will prosper and we will blossom. 

We will gain the wisdom of the right action to take - because ACTION springs from wisdom. 

The challenge is...we need to DO it. We have to chant to bring all this rhythm and harmony out. And that's why we practice together as an organization, the SGI, The Soka Gakkai, our fellowship of friends who support each other, chant for each other, and create a new Soka family for each practitioner. We are so fortunate. 

We are in this life together...sharing our challenges and our successes. If you are not yet connected to the SGI please go to and find your local members. You will be so glad you did. 
If you live in or around St. Pete Beach Florida you can connect with me through 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Some Powerful Quotes from Daisaku Ikeda:

THIS moment, this instant, is important, 
not some unknown time in the future. 
Today, this very day is what matters. 
You must put your whole being 
into the time that exists now. 
For future victory rests in the present moment.

BUDDHISM holds that 

everything is in a constant state of flux. 
Thus, the question is 
whether we are to accept change passively 
and be swept away by it, 
or whether we are to take the lead 
and create positive changes on our own initiative. 
While conservatism and self-protection
might be likened to winter, night and death, 

the spirit of pioneering and attempting to realize 
the ideals evokes the images of spring,
morning and birth.

Do gongyo and chant daimoku with a fresh spirit. 

And, filled with renewed vitality, 
build a history of accumulating fresh benefit.

All quotes from

Monday, January 2, 2017

Easiest Goal Setting Ever!

My view as I write! 
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I'm writing from my beautiful apartment overlooking the Gulf of Mexico and St. Pete Beach. This weekend I brought in the new year dancing (my foot is almost entirely healed) with Ric, and yesterday he set up this great writing space and helped me make this space my own. Thank you!

My appreciation for my life is boundless. Every time I sit down to chant I start with a sincere THANK YOU for all the benefits, protection, fun and happiness I am experiencing right now. 

Since it's a new year, I thought I'd share what I'm doing for goal setting this year. 
First of all, as you know, I'm chanting three hours a day, but don't let that discourage you. Every moment you spend chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is important. Every moment connects you to the deepest, best and most magnificent essence of YOU in rhythm with the entire cosmos. Every single Nam-myoho-rnge-kyo makes a difference. 

Over the last few hours of chanting I kept my journals close, and every time I connected with a goal/desire/determination I wrote it down in one place. 

One of my goals for this year is to be more organized in my goal setting/life creation. I will read and redetermine my goals every day. 

It may take a few days to get my fresh determinations all written out, but that's okay. One of the keys is not to get down on myself for anything I haven't accomplished yet.

Sure, there are a ton of things on my list that have been there for years and have not yet been accomplished. But, so what? Every time I rewrite them, and redetermine to accomplish them I strengthen my muscle of faith. 

Getting down on myself - self slandering is not useful. Let's be gentle with ourselves and really determined. Let's continue to know that we are striving to achieve our goals because we are wayfarers for others...we are the lights that shine with the brilliance of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. Everything I chant for, I chant with the mind of: I will accomplish THIS so I can light the way for others and show them the power of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. 

Let me meet the people who are wanting to learn about this practice...every day I have Nam-myoho-renge-kyo cards with hand out to people. Every day I ask myself what else can I do to relieve people's sufferings in the world. How can I help? 

SGI President Ikeda's New Year's Message is lighting the way for me. From the January 1st World Tribune, page 2 he states:

"Whatever the time or place, 
those who chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo 
can bring the sun of time without beginning 
- the brilliance of their innate Buddhahood - 
to shine in their lives. 
Therefore, no matter what our age, 
we can always live in a way that is true to ourselves 
with a fresh and completely rejuvenated life force.
Nichiren assures us, 
"You will grow younger, 
and your good fortune will accumulate" 
(The Unity of Husband and Wife," 
The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, Volume 1, page 464). 
For us, each passing year 
brings greater joy and fulfillment 
as we strive with a youthful spirit 
to vibrantly expand our state of life, 
heighten our efforts to connect others to Buddhism 
and increase our good fortune."

Thank you for writing to me at I love hearing about your victories, and sharing your struggles. Sometimes I get behind in replying, or emails just get lost. Please send another email if I haven't replied.