Sunday, March 29, 2020

Power-Full Encouragement from Kate Randolph for Right Now!

The one and only Kate Randolph
Hello friends, 
Now is a good time to refresh ourselves with Kate's incredible spirit. Please enjoy her words and experience them as a fresh wave of determination toward your Happiness! 

From Kate: 

"NOW is the time to wake up to joy. 
Now, more than ever, 
SGI members need to summon joy, 
forget complaining about anything, 
and wear a radiant smile on our faces. 
Our smiles must radiate so brightly 
that light comes out of our fingertips 
and we glow as beacons 
so people can learn of the mystic law, 
Nam-myoho-renge-kyo from us, 
and be moved to happiness 
just by being in our presence.
We must have Joy 
to show the possibilities of life...
not an afterthought, 
and it comes from our determination 
to summon it from within our lives 
and express it in our smiles, 
the pep in our step, 
and our lives themselves. 
We can do this! 
We can do this for ourselves, 
and by doing this we change the world." 

"Our smile is a cause, not an effect." we can't sit around waiting for joy to come into our lives. We must be joyful, and invite more. That's how it works! 

She said: "Joy's the leading edge. Wake up and be joyful, smile at the person next to you in bed, smile at the person next to you (6 feet away!) at the store, in the elevator, and at other drivers. BE Kosen Rufu in action!" 

"It's gotta be real, but you can also fake it till you make it. Put that smile on your face and you will spark your happiness. Try to be sad with a huge grin. It doesn't work so well!

"We have to go deeper into our own lives, 
and into the Buddha we are every day. 
We've gotta do this NOW. 
This is it. 
This is our time. 
We're ALIVE! 
Whether we are 17 or 95. 
Grab the moment for all it's got 
and say 
"I am creating the deepest value that's ever been created. NOW. Right this moment. 

There's no other moment. 

There's no other person. 

How we are influencing the person next to is our SMILE...beaming with joy...Joy!"

STOP complaining. 
NOW. It must be replaced, 
even if it's phony at first. 
It may feel phony but it will cause a shift inside your life. 

And we have to keep going deeper and deeper into joy. There can't be a place at which we stop. 

We need constant movement...constantly going deeper." 

~Kate Randolph 

And, if we want to continue Kate's marvelous legacy, let's all be joyful right now! Beaming JOY from our fingertips!
Thank you Kate! 

Thursday, March 26, 2020


Greetings fellow members! 
We are joined across the miles like never before! 
We are meeting by internet, 
meeting on the phone 
and meeting in our hearts.

THIS is the time we were born for. 
THIS is our collective CRUCIAL MOMENT! 

NOW we can show actual proof more than ever. 
We can do what we do best ~ chant for ourselves, chant for our neighbors, friends, family and everyone in the world, and show actual proof !

How do we show actual proof now? How do we become truly happy? 

We rejoice in the fact that we are collectively experiencing a HUGE OBSTACLE, and we can determine to have a HUGE BENEFIT...for ourselves and for the planet. I'll never forget when I met one of the wonderful Japanese friends who came over to encourage us in San Francisco. He said, "Jamie, when I get a huge problem I am soooo happy, because I know I'll have a huge benefit!" 
What a great way to look at our lives right now: poison into benefit. That's the attitude I took when Ben died and look at me now. Living on the beach, helping people live happier lives. Awesome. 

How do we show actual proof? 

We keep our heads up (I mean that literally! Keeping our heads up affects our moods and demeanor)

We chant as much as we can. 
We raise our life condition as we raise the life condition of the planet and the universe. 

We keep smiling and encouraging others. 

We can do more shakubuku than ever because we can connect via phone and via the internet to share our experiences. 

AND we do not HAVE TO BE PERFECT. We are human beings. It's okay for us to experience emotions, and to be our authentic selves. 

How do we do this? How do we generate the lion's roar when we may not feel it every moment? 

Does anyone remember the story of the mudslide in South or Central America? I don't remember the details, but I do know the family inside the house was chanting Daimoku and the mudslide went entirely around the house. The power of our daimoku - Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is STRONG. It is our own life force joined with the life force of the universe. And now is our time to shine and help others. 

Here's your 
PowerPrayer to 
Get our Daimoku ROARING! 
Copywrite Jamie Lee Silver LLC,

I got this! 
This is my crucial moment! 
This is the World's Crucial Moment! 
Even though I might be scared, 
In my heart, I know we got this! 
Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is like THE ROAR OF THE LION! 
And I'm roaring right now. 
Shoten Zenjin, get behind me and have my back!
Make every Nam-myoho-renge-kyo I chant have a million times more impact than ever. 
As I chant I picture the world healthy and glowing. 
I picture my family, myself, and everything around me raising in vibration. 
I will not give in to despair. 
I will not give in to fear. 
I am determined to_________________________
(add your determination here - it can be whatever you want, a daimoku goal, a lifestyle goal. You can chant for others and yourself)


Go get 'em lions! 

Thursday, March 12, 2020

PowerPrayer to Raise Our Life Conditions NOW!

Hello beloved readers! Greetings from St. Pete Beach, Florida! 

In these uncertain times, what's a Buddhist to do? 

I have great news for you,  THIS IS OUR TIME! Buddhism shines when times are tough. Now, more than ever we can show actual proof through our lives. Now, more than ever, even if we don't have meetings to go to, we can do shakubuku with our bright shining lives. 

I was just at the grocery store, and yes, I was stocking up on food. Canned goods...pasta...maybe you are doing the same. And the thing is, everyone was moving around like zombies, and while I was shopping I felt like I was in a trance too. Except, I smiled at people. And, when I got to the check out counter I greeted the workers and asked them how they were doing and we had a nice laugh about these crazy times. 

No matter what we are going through we have the option to let our Buddhahood shine through. I'm smiling at everyone. I'm letting cars in, I'm making sure I let pedestrians go past and wave to them. I do these things all the time, but now I do them even more. 

As Buddhists, we are the last ones to give in to hopelessness! We have no hopelessness! We are Buddhas and we dance! As Daisaku Ikeda says: "If we don't have hope we have to Create it." and we have the perfect place to do it! Right in front of our Gohonzons is where it happens.

Now is the time to up our levels of Daimoku. Now is the time to make sure that we are not just mindlessly letting our minds wander while chanting. Now is the time to leave our phones in the other room as we chant! Now is the time to invite our friends to chant with us (if it's advisable where you live) Now is the time to focus and PRAY. Now is the time to raise our life conditions! 

You asked me, so here is something I created for you based on how I am praying right now: 

PowerPrayer to Raise our Life Conditions to make every day a joy no matter WHAT!
By Jamie Lee Silver, 

While chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo: 

Gohonzon! My life! 
Now, more than ever 
I am tapping into the life force of the universe 
that is MY life force. 
As I chant, 
I am bringing forth the full power of the universe inside me to raise MY life condition 
and raise the life condition of everyone 
and everything on the planet. 
Right now I am chanting to end the suffering of anyone who is suffering. 
I am determined to keep my life condition SKY HIGH 
so anyone who comes in contact with me 
is brightened by my presence! 
Goohonzon! I am born to win! I am a Buddha!
I am determined not to give in to fear. 
I am determined to keep my head up 
and show actual proof of the power of this practice. 

I am determined to be present. Be smart. Be all I can be. 

This is my moment! This is all our moment. 

All the shoten zenjins in the universe come to our planet right now and end this coronovirus. 

Shoten zenjin! Wherever you are in the universe come to earth right now through the power of my daimoku. 

I am now tapping into my own power as a Buddha 
more than ever before. 
I will win! no matter how our lives may change, 
may we all be strong 
and have such an incredible life force that 
we can overcome and persevere through anything. 
May this planet be more united and positive than ever before. 
May LOVE rule this world...starting with me! 
And, may the youth of the world rise up and realize their power to make this world their own. 


Tuesday, March 3, 2020

PowerPrayer to Change Our Lives!

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How do we approach our lives powerfully? 
How do we make each moment count? 
How do we generate "earnest resolve"?

We KNOW that each moment contains the seed and power of the entire universe within our lives (ichinen sanzen) We KNOW THIS MOMENT is important. What do we need to harness and activate and use this knowledge with every fiber of our being? Here are some insights from the September Gosho study on the Gift of Rice:

The Gosho, the Gift of Rice states: 
"When we carefully consider what exactly "earnest resolve" refers to, it is the doctrine of observing the mind." 
(From the Gift of Rice by Nichiren Daishonin, Living Buddhism September 2015, page 29)

President Ikeda states "Everything is determined by the direction in which our "earnest resolve" orients our minds. When we focus our "earnest resolve" on our Buddhist practice, believing and practicing the Mystic Law that enables all people to attain enlightenment, our inner Buddhahood reveals itself, pervading our lives and the environment." 
LB, 9/15, page 38

How powerfully can earnest resolve work in our lives? 

Akeymi Bailey Haynie, our National SGI Leader said one day she heard her mother cry out from a nightmare, and realized that her mother had been having nightmares every night. (Her mother is a survivor of the WWII bombings in Japan). Akeymi developed a deep resolve in her heart and sat down and chanted 15 minutes of focused Daimoku that her mother would NEVER AGAIN have another nightmare. She reached that level of "now or never" or "NO WAY!" that is so powerful, and her Mom never had another nightmare. 

We all have this power in our lives. Sensei tells us this every day. When we are in front of the Gohonzon it is up to us to summon this resolve, and to focus our minds.

We all have this power! Today I offer you: 

PowerPrayer to Ignite and Focus
Our Inner Resolve
by Jamie Lee Silver from

Now it the crucial moment! 
While I am chanting I am drawing a line in the sand! 
I am changing this KARMA Forever - 
I am rooting the cause from my life now! 
This shall happen:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
and/or THIS shall STOP happening:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
I NOW summon all the power vested in me as a worthy votary of the Lotus Sutra. 
My life is Powerful!
I am turning my attention and focus to this powerful intention:
My daimoku is Powerful

Shoten Zenjin activate your forces NOW! 
Each Daimoku summons my power!
Each Daimoku has an effect NOW
For the sake of World Peace, I ignite my vow!
I will show actual proof -  inspire myself, inspire others, 
and change the world!