Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Exuberance of Youth

Some Exuberant Youthful Energy!

Welcome to the blog about bringing forth your own potential through chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo! I write this as a 31 year practitioner of SGI Buddhism, and do not officially represent the SGI. My goal is to use my life to show how amazing this practice is...and how to use chanting as an effective, practical tool. 

Friday night I participated in the filming of a documentary. Through very "myoho" circumstances I met Anya Solotaire when I went to watch my SGI friend James Cornolo perform. She told me she was producing a film on people's experiences with the unknown. I told her about Ben, and how he and I continue to write poetry and letters to each other through my own hand, even though he's not here physically anymore. 
She said "That's exactly what we're looking for!" and asked me some more questions. I told her about chanting, and chantforhappiness.com and about YOU and how much you are a part of my life, and Ben's story. 

So Friday night, Anya, Fred Frederiksen, and Sarah Stevens from Bummer Camp Productions came over to film. 

The first thing they wanted to do was chant with me, so we chanted for at least 15 minutes. WOW! They spent the next few hours filming. I read Ben's poetry and my poetry ~ we even sang The Circle Game. 

It was so refreshing to be around such bright and smart, and visionary young people. Ben's story continues!

As for me, I continue to chant at least an hour every day, even though I am walking through a lot of grief right now. 
I've almost finished the flyer and promo materials for BensMemorialMile.com . You can check out the link to register for the June 11th event!

I'm preparing for a speech I'll deliver on Thursday morning called "Ushering in the New Age of Agelessness." You know how much I love this process! One day I will have all my speeches on the web for you. Next week I am starting courses in learning EFT, Tapping, Energy Freedom Technique. It will give me even more to offer you! 
I currently offer individual life coaching (not the same as guidance). 
You can email me at chantforhappiness@gmail.com for more information.  

As long as we keep waking up 
and heading to the Gohonzon, we will win. 
As long as we don't give up, we will win. 
As long as we keep studying, 
keep introducing others 
and keep chanting with all our hearts, 
We will win. 
We will win together! 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

What if you get Bored Chanting?

Yesterday - Aaron and Meg's going away party. 
Today they left for Australia for 6 weeks
My sister Alison is in pink, and her husband Frank is to the right. Paul is behind me.

This morning, believe it or not, I got bored while chanting. I had the thought: "I have been chanting for this goal for SO LONG - what's the use?" Such a clear attack of fundamental darkness, right? And instead of stopping chanting, I reached for one of my favorite books, "The Heart of the Lotus Sutra." I read:
"The true aspect of the Buddha is found in the ability to lead a pure and noble existence, to emit the fragrance of compassion and to shine with wisdom, even amid painful circumstances. It is this function of the Mystic Law that is eternal."
From "The Heart if the Lotus Sutra" by Daisaku Ikeda, page 130

Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is the power within us all, even amidst our pain...

And I picked up where I had left off and chanted for another hour. I'm in painful circumstances, but I am determined to shine. I'm battling every day, just like you are. Let's win together! You are inspiring me with your emails. Thank you so much!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Problems are Like Push Ups ~ They strengthen our Muscle of Faith!

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Problems, once embraced and challenged, are the "weights" that build our muscle of faith. 

How do we accomplish this? How do we embrace our problems? We embrace our problems every single time we sit down to chant. We embrace our problems every time we are not defeated. We embrace our problems every time we say "Heck NO! I've got a Gohonzon - this suffering ends NOW!" 

And we do this day after day after day. That's what makes us winners. We activate our highest potential through chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. We access our wisdom, take the right action and power through when the going gets tough. 

How do we do this? For one thing, we focus on others we wish to help. Today, and every day, I wake up with the conviction that again, this day, I will win. I will win to show actual proof that YES! Chanting nam-myoho-renge-kyo works! The Mystic Law (Nam-myoho-renge-kyo) when chanted, activates our innate power, helps us to break through any dead ends, and enables us to forever change our karma. 

But it's not easy, is it? It takes courage to sit down one more time to chant...it takes courage to face our lives. And the more we face our lives, the stronger our muscle of faith grows. And when we have a strong muscle of faith we can sit down with absolutely no doubt and know that YES, this daimoku, this VERY DAY, is changing my karma forever! That's a strong muscle of faith! 

Every time we chant we have the opportunity to life the weights of our faith. RRRRRRR! We can do it. 

When we chant we strengthen our mind of faith!

How strong is our mind while sitting in front of our Gohonzon? How focused are we? How certain are we that WE are the Buddha commanding our life? 
Every time we overcome our resistance to chanting. Every time we ring that bell we win!

We are all winning together. 
You inspire me and countless others every day! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

12 Powerful Nichiren Buddhist Quotes on Overcoming Illness

For any of you who are facing illness - this should raise your spirits! 
The person who originally compiled these quotes 
was able to use this practice and modern medicine 
to overcome breast cancer completely. 
Please feel free to forward the link to this post 
to anyone who is suffering from illness. 

From President Ikeda's Lecture series "The Hope-filled Teachings of Nichiren Daishonin: On Prolonging One's Life Span - Faith for Leading a Long and healthy Life" in the July-August 08 Living Buddhism. (Thank you to my friend Melissa Bradford for compiling these great quotes!)

1. “Suffering from illness is a means by which you can eradicate your negative karma.”  
President Toda, as quoted by President Ikeda. - pg 70 

2. “To see illness as an opportunity to transform our karma – this strong spirit and resolve can break through all obstacles and devilish functions and open wide the path to happiness.  Like a rocket blasting out of the earth’s atmosphere, the passionate conviction of faith that comes from viewing illness as an opportunity to transform our karma can become a powerful engine propelling us forward not only in this existence but throughout eternity, enabling us to freely savor everlasting happiness.”  Pg 74

3. “Becoming ill in itself is certainly not a sign of defeat.  Even the Buddha, who is said to have ‘few ills and few worries’ (LS, 214), struggles with sickness from time to time.  Accordingly, there will be times when we are confronted with illness.  The important point above all is not to be defeated mentally or emotionally by the prospect of being ill.  Faith is the source of the fighting spirit to stand up to illness.  Therefore, as we noted earlier, Nichiren Daishonin first of all talks about the ‘treasure of faith’.  Pg 77

4. “As Nichiren says, ‘Illness gives rise to the resolve to attain the way’ (The Good Medicine for All Ills, WND-1, 937).  If a practitioner who upholds faith in the Mystic Law becomes ill, it definitely has some profound meaning.  It could be said that confronting illness is one route to awakening to the eternity of life.  President Toda often said, ‘A person who has overcome a major illness knows how to deeply savor life.’” Pg78

5. From Matilda Buck’s guidance, World Tribune 4/27/01 pg 10 “When We Face Disappointment” – regarding SGI leaders who overcame cancer and chanted this way:  

Through this experience, I will become someone who does not doubt the Gohonzon (my life), no matter what happens.

As a Bodhisattva of the Earth, I have the mission to experience this, and as a Bodhisattva of the Earth, I have the mission to create a victory.
I will share the power of Buddhism with others, even as I grapple with this experience.
I won’t let my spirits stay down.  I won’t make a place in my life for negativity to settle.

6.From The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra Volume 6:  “Praying with doubt is like trying to keep water in a bathtub with the plug pulled.  Our good fortune and benefit will drain away.  A passage from the ‘Perceiver of the World’s Sounds’ chapter reads, ‘from thought to thought never entertaining doubt!’  A confident prayer will reverberate powerfully throughout the entire universe.”  Pg 88

From Buddhism Day by Day:

7. “Buddhism views illness as an opportunity to attain a higher, nobler state of life.  It teaches that, instead of agonizing over a serious disease, or despairing of ever overcoming it, we should use illness as a means to build a strong, compassionate self, which in turn will make it possible for us to be truly victorious.”  pg 300

8. “The expansive world lies not in some distant place; it exists right where you are.  That is why you need to win where you are right now.  Today’s victory is linked to your eternal victory.”  Page 314

9, “No matter what the circumstances, you should never concede defeat.  Never conclude that you’ve reached a dead end, that everything is finished.  You possess a glorious future.  And precisely because of that, you must persevere and study.  Life is eternal.  We need to focus on the two existences of the present and the future and not get caught up in the past.  We must always have the spirit to begin anew ‘from this moment,’ to initiate a new struggle each day.” Pg 315

10. “The air around us is filled with radio waves of various frequencies.  While these are invisible, a television set can collect them and turn them into visible images.  The practice of chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo aligns the rhythm of our own lives with the world of Buddhahood in the universe.  It ‘tunes’ our lives, so to speak, so that we can manifest the power of Buddhahood in our very beings.” Pg 314

11. From For Today and Tomorrow Daily Encouragement by Daisaku Ikeda: Sept 20 pg 288:  
When your determination changes, everything else will begin to move in the direction you desire.  The moment you resolve to be victorious, every nerve and fiber in your being will immediately orient itself toward your success.  On the other hand, if you think “This is never going to work out,” then at that instant every cell in your being will be deflated and give up the fight, and then everything really will move in the direction of failure.

12. Aug 15 pg. 249:  

The first thing is to pray.  From the moment we begin to pray, things start moving.  The darker the night, the closer the dawn.  From the moment we chant daimoku with a deep and powerful resolve, the sun begins to rise in our hearts.  Hope – prayer is the sun of hope.  To chant daimoku each time we face a problem, overcoming it and elevating our life-condition as a result – this is the path of “changing earthly desires into enlightenment,” taught in Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism.

Look How Far You've Come!

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Yes! We need to look at how far we've come, instead of always looking at how far we need to go. Its easy to get caught up in the "to do" of life, isn't it? 
And it's easy to have the old internal "demons" come up, and forget to recognize them for what they are.

A few weeks ago I was chanting three hours a day, for my country, for Aaron and Meg and their residency, and for the upcoming changes I intend to make. 

Then, last week, I started experiencing what I call "daimoku backlash." All the old fears, depression, hopelessness and loneliness came rushing back to roll me under the waves. I kept chanting every morning, but inside my heart I felt this old and familiar hopelessness.

Yesterday the gosho quote I love so much came to mind from "On Attaining Buddhahood" ~ my favorite gosho. (Gosho are the letters Nichiren Daishonin wrote to his followers) 

I have engraved this gosho in my life, and it came back to help me at this crucial moment. "Unless one perceives the true nature of his life, his practice will become and endless, painful austerity." And what is the true nature of our lives? That we are powerful beyond measure - OF COURSE! That's why we chant. We are powerless beyond measure...and sometimes we forget this. 
Daisaku Ikeda often tells us to read the gosho with our lives - to ingrain the words within our souls. It is for times like this, when we are suffering, that the ingrained gosho can come back to us and help our lives to shine once again. I love this practice! 

So I'm writing this blog from my new computer that actually works, and letting you know once again that we can rise from anything. A new day will always dawn if we don't give up. We WILL turn that corner. Please do not give up. No matter what. 
Keep chanting through your tears. 
Keep studying. 
Keep doing shakubuku even when you're in the midst of pain. 
Keep waking up each morning and thinking "What could I be excited about today?" and "I am going to greet this day and greet my life with a karma changing gongyo today!" 

And then do it! Have a great day. 


Monday, March 21, 2016

Winning in Life!

Match Day 2016!

Welcome to the blog about bringing forth your own inner power through chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. 

You can page through the previous posts to learn more about this practice, and read daily to find out more!

 Today's blog is a brief update on my personal life. I've had some computer challenges lately - sorry it's been so long since my last post. 

Aaron and Meg found out on Friday that they will be spending the next four years in Phoenix Arizona for their medical residency. They graduate in May, then head out after Ben's Memorial Mile in June. 

I am so proud of both Aaron and Meg. Medical School is HARD! And they went through some really hard times, as long-time readers of this blog know. 

Throughout this difficult time, Aaron has chanted consistently, and strengthened his practice. Last Thursday he was inducted into the AOA, the Medical School Honor Society. Yes, I am a proud Mom! 

Monday, March 14, 2016

12 Quotes on Strength by Daisaku Ikeda

The struggle of life is, and always will be, a struggle against your own weaknesses. Will you become cowardly and think, "I can't do this. I'm certain to fail"? Or will you challenge the difficulties that lie ahead with the conviction, "I am strong. And I can become stronger still"? Your destiny in life will vary greatly depending on the spirit that you maintain.

Resolving to take action is proof that you are progressing. Even if you have the tendency to make a determination but only stick to it for two or three days, just keep renewing that determination. Then you will become the kind of person who can persevere and reach their goals.

One cannot become a starring player in life if one is easily swayed by one’s emotions over every little thing. Strength of character lies in performing the drama of life with courage and confidence, practicing self-reflection and self-control under any circumstances.

When we decide to live each instant fully, with all our might, to live true to ourselves and make the present moment shine, we discover and bring forth immense and unimagined strength.

In life when we feel we have reached a limit, that is when the true battle begins. Just when you despair and think it is impossible to go any further, will you become apathetic, or will you say it’s not over and stand up with an unyielding spirit? The battle is decided by this single determination.

Whether we regard difficulties in life as misfortunes or whether we view them as good fortune depends entirely on how much we have forged our inner determination. It all depends on our attitude or inner state of life. With a dauntless spirit, we can lead a cheerful and thoroughly enjoyable life. We can develop a “self” of such fortitude that we are able to look forward to life’s trials and tribulations with a sense of joy.

Just being good-natured is not enough. If you are good-natured but fail to stand up to injustice, you cannot protect anyone. Instead, you will tend to be taken lightly, enabling those who perpetrate injustice to only grow stronger.

Every hardship is an opportunity to strengthen ourselves, to temper our life and make it shine with greater luster.

Even if things don’t unfold the way you expected, don’t be disheartened or give up. One who continues to advance will win in the end.

Truly strong people are not arrogant. Cowardice on the other hand causes arrogance. Cowards hide behind their own power and authority.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Riding on a Pillow of Daimoku!

How much Daimoku Is Enough? And how do we know? 

The amount we chant is entirely up to us, isn't it? No one is ever going to tell us how much we must chant. 

And there are times, that we KNOW we really need to up our level of chanting. I am in one of those times. I have many clear goals. And I've been chanting two or three, and sometimes even more hours of Daimoku a day. 

And as always, the more I chant, the more I want to chant. For me - when I chant a lot the time goes quickly, and I look forward to the next time I can chant. 

And how does it affect my life? I ride on what I call "A Pillow of Daimoku." Everything goes smoothly. I don't have to worry about anything. 

I gave a speech on Friday. 
All week I chanted for the people who were going to be attending. I chanted for each of them to be permanently uplifted by this speech. I chanted for them NEVER to be the same. And it was a great time. They LOVED it! I LOVED it. Each one carried my signature "Growing Bolder - Bad Words to Better Words" flyer home to their families and friends. We laughed. We had fun. 

And last night I dreamed Ben was a young child and we were having fun playing together. I woke up happy, not sad. 

It's getting closer to Ben's Memorial Mile. June 11th, 2016. Join us here in Downers Grove if you can! 

I'm reading the World Tribune about making the most of every moment. It's late and I'll write more tomorrow! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hope Is Life's Treasure by Daisaku Ikeda

When we possess the treasure of hope, 
it gives rise to other treasures, too. 
Hope draws forth our inner potential and strength. 
Hope is a magic weapon 
that enables us to make our dreams come true.

“Hope,” Beethoven cried, 
“you forge the heart into steel.” 
Hope is confidence. 
Hope is determination. 
Hope is courage. 
And faith is the ultimate expression of hope. 
Belief fortifies the heart.

Hope transforms pessimism into optimism. 
Hope is invincible. 
Hope changes everything. 
It changes winter into summer, 
darkness into dawn, 
descent into ascent, 
barrenness into creativity, 
agony into joy.
Hope is the sun. 
It is light. 
It is passion. 
It is the fundamental force for life’s blossoming.

No matter what kind of difficult situation 
one may find oneself in, 
some opening, some opportunity to fight one’s way out, 
can always be found. 
What’s most important is to hold fast to hope, 
to face the future with courage.
No matter how hopeless or bleak things appear, 
the moment always comes 
when suddenly our spirit revives, and hope is reborn. 
That is why we must never give up.

By Daisaku Ikeda, from Ikedaquotes.org. 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Boldly Embracing Life!


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See that picture of me above? That is the real me...on the beach...in the sun...in all my glory. We all have our real selves...the true expression of who we are. If we keep chanting, never give up, and use EVERY problem to catapult us to reveal more of our true selves, we will each become the best version of who we are. 

For many years, I have been chanting to "discard the transient and reveal the true" in my life. And it is taking my broken heart through the death of my beloved son to take me to the next level. Every moment I am more of who I am. 

What do I mean by this? Well, recently I was in Key West Florida, and spending time meeting strangers. (I have the belief that there ARE no strangers, only friends I haven't met) And I was going in and out of grief about my boy. 

I told the people I met why I am exploring and looking for my new life...and they opened up to me in such beautiful ways. One couple spent the evening enjoying the sunset with me. Because I was so open, I found open people wherever I went. 

And, I visited my nephew, Dr. Joshua Silver. He's a skilled and wise chiropractor practicing in St. Petersburg Florida. I hadn't seen him since Ben's life celebration. We picked up right where we left off, and his girlfriend Nikki became my new dear friend. I felt very at home in that part of the world. Very at home. 

So I came home today and my chanting partner Georgine came over and we chanted three solid hours of Daimoku! 
It feels so good to pour my heart into my daimoku! I chanted for doors to open, for wisdom, for composure, and made lists of inspirations. I'm writing a blog post on "How to accomplish your goals - once you know what they are." My tools include writing, chanting, focusing, and taking the right actions. 

My motto for right now is "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." I am committed to taking the greatest poison and turning it into the greatest benefit. I've been divorced for a year now, and Aaron will discover where he will do his Doctor's four-year residency on March 18th. It is time to fly!

And with the Gohonzon, I have the tool to create the wisdom, action, karma-changing whooooosh I need!   

Friday, March 4, 2016

Go Buddha GO! Rock Your World!


We chant for ourselves. 
We chant for others. 
We chant for this life and this world. 
We change our karma 
for the sake of changing the whole world's karma.  
We are the noble Bodhisattvas of the earth 
and Votaries of the Lotus Sutra.

We TELL our lives what we want. 
We do not ask for favors from a force outside of our lives. 
We ARE Nam-myoho-renge-kyo! 
We know that the goal of our practice is to have faith like flowing water...faith like a verb...actual proof of our practice every single day...so we chant every day, twice a day...we study...we encourage each other, introduce others and attend our SGI meetings. 

And....Sometimes it seems like it is taking FOREVER for a benefit to come or an obstacle to go away, doesn't it? Even though we KNOW the answer lies within our own karma, and in doing our human revolution, sometimes we just have to get mad at our own life and wake those Shoten Zenjin UP! (Shoten Zenjin is our term for the protective forces within all life)

In the February 2015 Living Buddhism Magazine
(published by the SGI-USA and available by calling 800-835-4558) one of my favorite Gosho passages appeared. In this Gosho, Nichiren Daishonin has been persecuted by the government and is being taken away to Tatsunokuchi Beach to be beheaded. On the way, he sees a statue of Hachiman, one of the Buddhist shoten zenjin. 

Nichiren stops at the statue and shouts: 

'Great Boddhisatva Hachiman, are you truly a god?...Now I, Nichiren, and the foremost votary of the Lotus Sutra in all of Japan, and am entirely without guilt. I have expounded the doctrine to save all the people of Japan from falling into the great citadel of the hell of incessant suffering for slandering the Lotus Sutra....When Shakyamuni Buddha expounded the Lotus Sutra, Many Treasures Buddha and the Buddhas and Boddhisatvas of the ten-directions gathered, shining like so many suns and moons, stars and mirrors. In the presence of the countless heavenly gods as well as the benevolent deities and sages of India, China and Japan. Shakyamuni Buddha urged each one to submit a written pledge to protect the votary of the Lotus Sutra at all times. Each and every one of you gods made this pledge. I should not have to remind you. Why do you not appear at once to fulfill your solemn oath? ....If I am executed tonight and go to the pure land of Eagle Peak, I will dare to report to Shakyamuni Buddha, the lord of teachings, that the Sun Goddess and Great Boddhisatva Hachiman are the deities who have broken their oath to him. If you feel this will go hard with you, you had better do something about it right away!' (WND - 1, 766-67)(The full quote is at the end of this blogpost)

What I love about this moment in the Gosho is that he yells at the Buddhist God and says you better show your support to me RIGHT NOW because that is the pledge you made. If I die I will report you! Get to work! Of course, after he yells at the statue, when Nichiren is taken to the beach to be beheaded, a huge orb comes out of the sky lighting up the faces of his would-be assassins, they all run scared, and he is saved from death. 

Nichiren's indignant attitude when he addresses the statue shows us we can summon our anger at the forces within our life. We can all pray in front of our own Gohonzons with fury and with fire. 

PowerPrayer to MAKE IT HAPPEN!
These words represent some thoughts we can have in mind while chanting. Our minds will naturally fluctuate as we chant, and that is absolutely fine. I offer these PowerPrayers because they represent the moments I am most connected to my desire...and I offer them to help you. They are my unique contribution based on my Boddhisattva vow. 
By Jamie Lee Silver of ChantforHappiness.com

Shoten Zenjin! 
I Don't know HOW to make it happen. 
I just know it HAS TO!!
It is time for me to see results in this area. 
I demand (you fill in the blank here: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

We can all summon this fiery attitude at the crucial moment - we are ALL dignified votaries of the Lotus Sutra, we can all command the fundamental forces that are within our lives and represented on the Gohonzon.

At this moment, I am in St. Petersburg Florida, certain that my life in unfolding JUST as it should. I am seeing the benefit come from the pain I've been through. Life is getting happier for me, and I have more to look forward to with each passing moment. I will have lots to share with you over the next coming months! 

What we Nichiren Buddhists do;
As practitioners of the Lotus Sutra, 
we chant the Mystic Law every single day. 
Intoning Nam-myoho-renge-kyo 
(which means: I fuse my life with the Mystic law of cause and effect through sound vibration) is a noble cause. 
It brings forth our greatest human potential, 
elevates our life condition, and the life condition and vibration of all of life. 
Our life undergoes a complete human revolution...and as our life changes...we change everything. We raise the vibration of the planet. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

What Does the Term "Gohonzon" mean?

I took this yesterday in Naples Florida enjoying the sunshine! 

What Does the Term Gohonzon Mean?

[The following is an excerpt from SGI President Ikeda's book Discussions on Youth, new edition, pp.234-35]
(As Nichiren Buddhists, we chant facing a scroll called the Gohonzon, which represents and allows us to call forth the limitless power within our lives. Here is an essay by Daisaku Ikeda on the significance of the Gohonzon, notes, JLS)
The literal meaning of honzon is object of devotion. Go is an honorific. Even people who declare that they are not religious will surely have something that they value or esteem most highly. 
Whatever people cherish most dearly, 
that is their object of fundamental respect, 
or object of devotion. 
Though they might claim otherwise, there are those for whom money is an object of devotion. For others, it might be social status. Some people make their boyfriend or girlfriend, or their family their object of devotion. For some, knowledge is the altar at which they worship. And certainly there are people who venerate some deity or some concept of heaven or truth.
What you make the object of your greatest veneration will have a profound influence on your life. 
Nichiren Buddhism takes as its object of fundamental respect the life of the Buddha, the eternal essence of life at one with the universe. That object of veneration is not something abstract or out of reach, because it is life itself. 
Nichiren Daishonin writes: 
"Never seek the Gohonzon outside yourself. 
The Gohonzon exists only within the mortal flesh 
of us ordinary people who embrace the Lotus Sutra and chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo" 
(The Real Aspect of the Gohonzon", The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, vol.1, p.832)
The eternal life of the universe exists within each of us. The Gohonzon resides within each of us. Nichiren Buddhism is a philosophy of utmost respect for human beings and for life. Nichiren embodied the essence of his own life in the form of the Gohonzon to make it possible for us to summon forth the Gohonzon within our lives.
In a sense, there is no simpler Buddhist practice than reciting the sutra and chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. We do not have to undertake strange austerities as in some esoteric Buddhist traditions, In the case of a machine, for example, the more sophisticated the technology, the greater the case of operation and use. Similarly, because Nichiren Buddhism is such a highly developed and powerful teaching, it enables us to tap the life state of Buddhahood through the simplest form of practice.
On the other hand, since we carry out Buddhist practice in the midst of our own busy daily lives, it is easy for us to overlook or neglect it. In that respect, there is perhaps no more difficult practice when it comes to continuing. Nonetheless, if we challenge ourselves to keep up a little each day, before we realize it, we will have built a path to happiness in the depths of our lives; we will have established a solid embankment that will prevent our ever being swept in the direction of unhappiness.
World Tribune, February 5, 2016. p.8

WIth special thanks to Sivasubramaniam H