Thursday, March 26, 2020


Greetings fellow members! 
We are joined across the miles like never before! 
We are meeting by internet, 
meeting on the phone 
and meeting in our hearts.

THIS is the time we were born for. 
THIS is our collective CRUCIAL MOMENT! 

NOW we can show actual proof more than ever. 
We can do what we do best ~ chant for ourselves, chant for our neighbors, friends, family and everyone in the world, and show actual proof !

How do we show actual proof now? How do we become truly happy? 

We rejoice in the fact that we are collectively experiencing a HUGE OBSTACLE, and we can determine to have a HUGE BENEFIT...for ourselves and for the planet. I'll never forget when I met one of the wonderful Japanese friends who came over to encourage us in San Francisco. He said, "Jamie, when I get a huge problem I am soooo happy, because I know I'll have a huge benefit!" 
What a great way to look at our lives right now: poison into benefit. That's the attitude I took when Ben died and look at me now. Living on the beach, helping people live happier lives. Awesome. 

How do we show actual proof? 

We keep our heads up (I mean that literally! Keeping our heads up affects our moods and demeanor)

We chant as much as we can. 
We raise our life condition as we raise the life condition of the planet and the universe. 

We keep smiling and encouraging others. 

We can do more shakubuku than ever because we can connect via phone and via the internet to share our experiences. 

AND we do not HAVE TO BE PERFECT. We are human beings. It's okay for us to experience emotions, and to be our authentic selves. 

How do we do this? How do we generate the lion's roar when we may not feel it every moment? 

Does anyone remember the story of the mudslide in South or Central America? I don't remember the details, but I do know the family inside the house was chanting Daimoku and the mudslide went entirely around the house. The power of our daimoku - Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is STRONG. It is our own life force joined with the life force of the universe. And now is our time to shine and help others. 

Here's your 
PowerPrayer to 
Get our Daimoku ROARING! 
Copywrite Jamie Lee Silver LLC,

I got this! 
This is my crucial moment! 
This is the World's Crucial Moment! 
Even though I might be scared, 
In my heart, I know we got this! 
Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is like THE ROAR OF THE LION! 
And I'm roaring right now. 
Shoten Zenjin, get behind me and have my back!
Make every Nam-myoho-renge-kyo I chant have a million times more impact than ever. 
As I chant I picture the world healthy and glowing. 
I picture my family, myself, and everything around me raising in vibration. 
I will not give in to despair. 
I will not give in to fear. 
I am determined to_________________________
(add your determination here - it can be whatever you want, a daimoku goal, a lifestyle goal. You can chant for others and yourself)


Go get 'em lions! 

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