Friday, July 23, 2021

3 Keys to Revving your Chanting Engine! (And getting to an hour a day!)


Hello Beloved Friends! 

I took this photo from Mulholland Drive in LA when Aaron and I were visiting LA. He's now in Portland doing his ultrasound fellowship. 

My son's not just a doctor, he's a visionary. There is a new version of ultrasound available to doctors and he aims to be one of the first M.D. academicians teaching it to residents!

I'm here in Phoenix doing my EFT Tapping work with people who have lost loved ones to suicide, and other traumatic losses. I'm teaching them to communicate with their nervous systems in a way that opens a path to peace and happiness. I'm also helping people with stress to build self-compassion. 

This month, I moved into a friend's gorgeous home where I'm happily house-sitting for a few months. 

And, in the move and motion of my life, my practice lost a bit of its verve. I'm sure you know what I mean! We strive to have faith like flowing water and a solid and consistent practice. And every once in a while there's an ebb in the tide! 

Soooo...I made a determination to chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo an hour a day, with consistent morning and evening gongyo for 100 days and strong goals. 


And do you think I sat down that first day and chanted 60 minutes all at once like the strong Buddha I know I am? 

Well, this time, it was hard. My voice hurt. I got up once and got totally distracted. And although I joined with fellow members in sharing this 100-day Daimoku Challenge, I am chanting at home alone. And my engine of chanting Daimoku needed to be REVVED! 

I remained determined. Every day I did my best, and today I DID chant a solid hour. I did not get up once for anything. I did not check my phone. I sat there and poured my heart out to the Gohonzon (my life). As I was chanting this blog I am writing right now came to me. So here are my

3 Keys to Revving Your Daimoku Engine 

(and getting to an hour a day or more) :

1. Show yourself some self-compassion. 

It's okay if you are not perfect from the beginning. Do more and more every day to get to a solid hour. Just don't give up! 

Also, when I began this 100-day campaign, I wasn't sure of my exact targets, but I knew the more I chanted, the more clear they would become. 

Each day strive more and more. 

2. Make a pact with your Buddha Buddies! Find someone to challenge a 100-day daimoku campaign with, that's the best way. And if you can't find someone you know, just join along with me! 

3. Become stronger and stronger each day, and when obstacles arise greet them with joy and say "I was expecting you!" and turn poison into medicine! 

Sending you great love! And please remember I do not represent the SGI although I love them. And if you share this post please say it's from  With love, Jamie at