Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Well, it's the evening of the first day of my 25th year of chanting.

Have I accomplished my goals for this day? Mostly yes...and for the ones I have not accomplished I am working on creating fresh determinations.

I am happier, much happier than when I began the blog and chanting 2 hours a day. I feel stronger...less afraid...more determined. I AM rooting out the unhappiness that has always been plaguing me...I am setting my emotions on a higher level of happiness. I have raised my life condition.

That's huge.

My professional life is flourishing...I am embarking on a new project to help students spend 10 minutes with 10 professionals asking them questions and doing career research in an afternoon. (I'm working on a catchier title...it's basically speed networking, but I don't want to call it that) I wish I had this kind of opportunity as a student! I never knew what I wanted to be. I was lucky that I received such wonderful sales training in my first job..."Just be their friend" Al told me, and suddenly I was a record breaking sales person! Phew, at least I could do that! And I'm glad I majored in Creative Writing...I use that skill in business every day.

My kids are great...my life is so good.

But I still have challenges and I am still keeping up the 2 hours of daimoku and the blog.

As of today, I have chanted for more than half the time I have been alive! And my dear friend Kindred started chanting today! YAAAAYYY that's the best "birthday" gift ever!

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