Monday, August 12, 2013

Need A Job? Want to Change Jobs? Chant with this PowerPrayer in Mind~

The Beautiful White Lotus - Symbol of our Lives. 

The Lotus blossoms and seeds at the same time, signifying the law of cause and effect. The exact second that we make the cause - ANY cause - the effect is already there in our lives and will manifest. Chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is the best cause we can make for our lives...along with doing shakubuku - introducing others to this practice. 

I have been enjoying our million Daimoku Campaign and chanting two hours a day. Yesterday a family member found an item of mine that had been lost for four extra set of car keys with the remote opener attached. 

I opened the trunk of my car with one click for the first time in sooo long! 

I didn't have to unlock the car door with the key, lean down to the floor and hit the switch. I know, it might not seem like such a big thing to you, but it is delightful to me! I would have replaced the lost key years ago but that little gizmo costs about $130 and I just couldn't bring myself to pay that much for something so small!

 And I know that's just the tip of the iceberg as far a benefits that are accruing with the determination to chant two hours a day. Yesterday I heard the perfect guidance (I shared it in yesterday's post) And I have overwhelming confidence and hope in all areas of my life. 

I have time to chant for everyone, and to really dig deep into my own karma. It's not too late to join the million Daimoku Campaign. Come along with us! See the previous posts to learn how and email me at! A million Daimoku is 300 hours - with goals!

Here is a PowerPrayer from our upcoming book for you. In reality, what is really necessary when chanting for a job is to chant for the best job for your life, and the best job for kosen-rufu! We've found the following PowerPrayers helpful too:

Confidence, Job Creation Power Prayer

All the Best is coming to me now. 
The best job of my life joyfully emerges right now. 

I now attract all that I need. 
All the right people, resources, connections and opportunities are flowing my way, at just the right time and I am ready for them! 

I have confidence in my own life

I am determined to keep my spirits up. 
I am determined to stop any negativity from coming into my mind. 

As I am chanting, everything is lining up so that I find work that uses all my talents, and pays well with benefits. 
I am determined to be around people whom I appreciate and respect and who appreciate and respect me!

I am determined to show actual proof of the power of this practice through my own life!
In order to help crystalize your desires, write a list of your talents and goals below regarding your dream job:


Making a deadline galvanizes you prayer and helps it manifest ~
If the deadline passes, make a new one and keep chanting no matter what! 

My Do-date ___________________________________________________

Power Prayer to Reveal my True Self and create the Profession that uses ALL my talents:

Today, I am willing to discard everything that no longer serves me. 
I discard all doubt, negativity and any feelings of not being good enough or not knowing what I should do.

My mind is becoming crystal clear. 

I am determined to be full-filled in every possible way, and to utilize every single one of my skills
and potentials. 

I am in an organization that is thriving with self-fulfilled individuals living their passion every day.  My professional environment reflects my true identity, my real, magnificent self, and is filled with appreciation and love. I am richly compensated.

I am DONE with the karma of being unappreciated. I permanently root that pattern out of my life.

I permanently wash doubt and negativity from my life. I don't care how many times it arises. Each time I feel doubt I will chant and chase it out of my brain like the fierce lioness I am. 

I can already feel the excitement of my new full-filled professional life!


  1. Thanks.. Extremely. Nourishing.

  2. This is a great Power Prayer for Employment. I am looking for a job and I will chant this way everyday.

    Thank You.

  3. You are amazing Jamie. You have no clue how many people who are encouraging all over the world. Big hug to you

  4. Thank you, Jamie.
    Big blessings to you.

  5. Thank you for sharing I really needed this.

  6. Thank You for sharing I really needed this at this time in my life.

  7. You're w me at the Gohonzon; your work is printed and part of my inspirational collection. Your prose occupy sacred space in the drawers of my altar. Bless you for your wisdom and commitment to Kosen Rofu. NMRK

  8. Hi Jamie,
    I am at an all time low at this point in my life. I have been chanting for sometime now, I am thinking about turning in my Gohonzon. I'm unemployed having a hard time finding the right employment for my life. Ellis

  9. Thank you so much for the powerful guidance.

  10. Thank you so much for the powerful guidance.

  11. I've just sent this to my son. He has chanted occasionally. He is 30 this year and the same karmic situations occur, job after job.I've seen how he's challenged himself to change. He's a married man with two children and it's now time to reveal his full potential. Your power prayer, I am hoping, will galvanise his determination to achieve victory.

  12. Thank you sharing this prayer ..this is highly appreciated and it's so poweful ❤️