Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Setting the date for Surgery

That's right! This week, in the week of decisive victory I am setting the date for the hip replacement surgery that will restore my ability to walk without pain, to hike, to dance freely...I am setting the date and looking at the hopeful spirit my practice has given me.
Two years ago, when I was first told this diagnosis, I was not strong enough to face it...and I was hopeful that I could be the miraculous person who just overcame late stage arthritis by sheer will and exercise and prayer alone.
Two years later...with the pain ever-present...and after strengthening my life through daimoku...I am readying my life to go "under the knife"...a place I sure never wanted to be! But somehow, I am getting the courage to do this thing...and I am thinking about what could be on the other side. I am hopeful I will say "piece of cake! No problem!"
And I am grateful for Rock the Era...and how we are all able to focus on world peace through individual happiness.
Rock on.

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