Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We each have a noble mission to WIN!!!!

I would like all of you to realize how NOBLE and PRECIOUS you are....and how important you are to the flow of life itself. Whenever you achieve a victory in your life, you achieve that victory for the entire web of all of life...leading us in Kosen Rufu (world peace). Remember that your karma is also your mission...and when you can elevate your problems and see them as your chosen mission to change...then you can raise yourself out of your suffering. I am doing battle with my own inner darkness and fulfill my desires every single day...and when I win everyday...we all win...everyone wins. Seeing my challenges in this way reminds me that I made a VOW to win over this darkness. I made a VOW to make my dreams come true! And I sit in front of my Gohonzon and VOW once again to win over my suffering...and to SEE my desires fulfilled...it is nobel...I am worthy. We are all noble and worthy Buddhas! AND WE WILL ALL WIN - provided we don't give up! Let's keep winning together! Chant enough daimoku to make your life condition really high ...and you have already won!!!

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