Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Chanted three hours today! I am so determined to have a breakthrough by the first of the year.

Such a magical time! Tonight Aaron and Ben and I went to see Tangled at the Tivoli theater. The Tivoli is a cool old time theater that plays movies at a discount and hands you free peppermints as you're leaving. The first time I went to this theater I left with tears of gratitude in my eyes for this home town treasure.

And today we saw 3D, Disney's impressive 50th animated movie. It was FANTASTIC. Even better than UP...on a par with Mulan which is one of my all time faves. If you've never seen Mulan you're missing out! It is incredible girl power!

Tangled brought me to grateful tears over and was beautiful and inspiring and humorous...and not as dark as some of those Disney movies can be.

Then, here we are, on Christmas evening, leaving the theater and it's a winter wonderland outside and the song "Let it Snow, Let it Snow" is playing on the outside speakers and Aaron and Ben and I just stopped and took in the splendor of a perfect, snowing, Christmas night in our chosen home town.
I said "let's never forget this night and this moment."
And we spent the next hour driving all around town taking in the beautiful homes and Christmas Lights. Oh how I wish I could freeze this moment forever. By writing about it I have. I will never forget this Christmas~It's the year I turned 50, Aaron will be 21 in the Spring and Ben just turned 18. We've spent the last week laughing together and chanting together. I have incredible fortune of the heart. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo! Now we're all hanging out in my butsudan room and they are playing on the same team in the Age of creative and fun. They are best friends my Buddha Boys....incredible!

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