Friday, September 2, 2011

Incredible Guidance ~ Try this!

I have been following this incredible Guidance. Check it out.

Chanting to become a man/woman 

Whatever it is that you are suffering from...whatever it is, it has a common root and this way of prayer will have a deep impact!!
...You can analyze your situation all you want. You have to get to the bottom of why "I don't believe in the greatness of my life". You have to grab it by the roots and yank it out of your life. 


Chant to appreciate and value your own life!

Your mission as a Buddhist is TO BECOME HAPPY! NOT TO MASTER SUFFERING!!!

We all have negative and positive voices in our heads... one says "Who are you kidding?" and the other says "You can do it!." Which voice will you listen to? Which will you tell to just go away? It's your choice! You HAVE to fight not to give in to your negativity. It is the ULTIMATE win you MUST HAVE! This is not about being a writer, artist, actor, etc. It's about becoming the person you always wanted to become, a person who values and appreciates his/her life at EACH MOMENT! A person who revels in being who they are! 

I am living proof that this is possible. I am enjoying every single moment of my life and appreciating myself every second of every day. I am producing excellent results at work...and loving it! I am so happy in every aspect of my social life....especially those aspects that have challenged me so completely for my entire life. I have just seen my two Buddha boys go off to college, and YES, I do feel the sadness of the changes of time...the passage of a phase of my life. My little Ben is never going to come running across the field with his arms outstretched and jump into my waiting arms...but I have a life so rich and exciting that I am feeling the loss, I'm present to this moment of poignancy, but I am not laid low for very long before I spring into the excitement of my next exciting encounter.  The guidance I am sharing this evening is part of the reason I am flourishing. 

Those feelings of self-doubt, those feelings of "I am a failure"....or "I am NEVER going to change this"...THOSE are the feelings you have to address and fight head on! YOUR TALENT IS NOT BEING's about how you feel about yourself! THAT is the karma! You have to value your own life! You have to appreciate it!

Unless you conquer those feelings you will not break through to the happiness that is YOUR BIRTHRIGHT ! You deserve to be happy! Chanting to REALIZE THE MAGNIFICENCE OF YOUR LIFE WILL HELP YOU TO SEE IT!

It has nothing to do with someone else validating you! Follow your heart! Chant to feel your own magnificence! THAT is what will move mountains in your life.
Chant to Do your human revolution!

You need to follow your heart, truly treasure your life. When Nichiren Daishonin inscribed the Dai-Gohonzon, he was already chanting daimoku, and out of the greatness of his life welling forth in the realization that he had tapped into the key to happiness itself, he inscribed the Dai-Gohonzon for all humanity, so that every single person could attain enlightenment, relieve their suffering, and be HAPPY! When you sit in front of the Gohonzon you have to have the most reverence for your life. The Gohonzon is the universe within you. It is the beautiful life state you can call forth by chanting in front of it. If you chant for at least two weeks to really be a man/woman of unlimited self esteem and to REALLY, TRULY appreciate your life, including your flaws, your accomplishments, your defeats, your losses, your victories, all you have created, and truly APPRECIATE YOUR TALENT AS________________ for at least two weeks then EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE.

Forget about all the garbage in the past. Put it away! From today on really chant to be a man/woman of unlimited self esteem!

This is part one, but a very good start! Make your determination and chant NOW!!!

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