Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Living Life in Ecstasy

After writing the last blog post this morning, and chanting an enlivening hour of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo I walked into the Assisted Living area where I work. I saw a gentleman in a wheelchair and I greeted him, introduced myself and asked how he was. He looked up at me with laughing eyes and said 
"I woke up this morning! And I have woken up EVERY MORNING for the past 96 years!!!"

What an attitude! He kind of put it all into perspective, didn't he?  His joy was found in just being alive! I shared his quote with countless people throughout the day. 

In Faith in Action (pg. 68) Daisaku Ikeda says:

"What is success in life? 
Who are the truly successful? 
There are famous and powerful people 
who become pitiful figures in their old age. 
There are people who die alone, 
feeling empty and desolate inside. 
Just what is success? 
The English write Walter Pater (1839-94) wrote: 
"To burn always with this hard, gemlike flame, 
to maintain this ecstasy, is success in life." 
The person who lives life fully, 
glowing with life's energy, 
is the person lives a successful life."

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