Friday, January 31, 2014

Shakubuku (helping others learn to chant) is Easy

That's right. Shakubuku is easy. Not hard. We are all Buddhas. We shine. Our light GLOWS. If we carry nam-myoho-renge-kyo cards with us, we can plant seeds of shakubuku wherever we go. And some of those lives we touch will practice. I know this. 

When I lived in San Francisco I have a goal to give out 10 cards a day. I walked a lot, and met a lot of people. And I worked for a newspaper and my name was in that paper all the time. I would routinely get calls from people asking "Are you the Jamie Lee Silver who gave me the Nam-myoho-renge-kyo card on the corner of the street that day?" and then they'd tell me they were practicing and their lives had changed in so many ways. Never doubt that every seed you plant makes a difference! 

There is also the kind of shakubuku we do with our close friends and family, where we lead them to the Gohonzon through our shining life conditions and sit side by side with them as we teach them to practice. I will write about that at another time. 

How do we do this kind of shakubuku? 

First of all we can chant to meet the people who are seeking this practice. 

I know I was seeking this practice for years before I found it, and I know many others are seeking too. Most people are caught up in unending karma, not knowing how to get out of it. 

We know the way to enable people to unlock the key and end suffering in their lives. We've changed so much of our own karma, and we can teach others. It just makes sense. 

And I want to remind you that I speak for myself on this blog. I am not an official representative of the SGI; I only relate my experiences and thoughts, with the hopes that you will become absolutely happy and enjoy being part of the Soka Gakkai International. In some countries it is safe to pass out cards. In others it is not. Please use your wisdom! 

Here's how I do it. 

1. I carry nam-myoho-renge-kyo cards with me wherever I go. Whenever someone waits on me in a store, and as long as there's not an impatient line behind me, I always take the time to connect with the person who is helping me. I start up a conversation, thank them and smile. We chat about whatever is topical, the weather, the place, the food...whatever. And before I leave I say "I have something special for you." and take out a card. I ask them "Have you ever heard of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo?" and most of the time they say no. I say, "Well Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is a phrase that if you say it over and over and think about what you want, you get it, or something even better. Its the name of the rhythm of life." Usually they ask me more about it and I reply. If they don't ask me any questions I will move on, but they have the card with the SGI website and the name of this blog on it. I have planted a seed. 

Once we plant a seed we never know when it will sprout. I began chanting when 3 people told me about Nam-myoho-renge-kyo in the span of two weeks. I thought the message was coming in loud and clear, and I began chanting, and saw results right away. 

When we do shakubuku it's not important for every single person to begin their practice that day. Just telling them about it is enough to start. And whomever you've shared this with will feel your energy. They will feel your high life condition. Every morning I chant to have the life condition of the Buddha, and to be the Buddha at every single moment. 
Today I went to a networking meeting and we all had a moment to stand and introduce ourselves. A man came up to me and said "Where do you get all that positive energy?" That's my cue. I gave him a card and we'll be talking again next week. He's going to go to the website. He has young children. Because of this moment in time, his young children can be introduced to this practice, vanquish bullies, and live lives of victory. 

You never know when you'll be able to change someone's life permanently. When I had been practicing for just two months I called an acquaintance and asked her to a meeting. She began practicing immediately. EVERY month for years and years she called me and said "jamie, I don't know what prompted you to pick up that phone and call me that day. We barely knew each other. But I want you to know that forever and ever I am grateful to you for introducing me to this practice." I just heard from her last week. It's been 28 years since the day I introduced her. 

Doing shakubuku is the greatest joy in the world. It's easy. We can all do it. 

If you send me your shakubuku stories I can share them with your fellow readers.

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  1. Hi this was very helpful I am finding myself retreating from Shakabuku which has been extremely easy for me but there have been a few comments from other members that it's not just about the numbers, I have never once thought about like this I only wish to see people as happy as I am 99.9% of the time lol. I have failed to invite people who have showed interest in this Beautiful practice because of the comments. I know that I need to chant but please hopefully you can guide me I'm almost feeling guilty because of the blessing of being able to Shakabuku Thank you