Wednesday, November 5, 2014

PowerPrayer for Dancing In Love!

"A lotus seed may be buried in mud for thousands of years, until, when conditions are right, it sprouts, grows and sends forth buds. Cherry trees endure the harsh winter to blossom beautifully in spring. Nichiren is saying that no matter how trying our circumstances, flowers of happiness will emerge from our lives and adorn it."
Daisaku Ikeda, Living Buddhism, 11/14, p. 29

Flowers of Happiness! Flowers of Love! 
My deepest desire as a young girl was to feel loved and be loved and love in return. It was my deepest, deepest, most heartfelt desire. I knew that I was born for this, that my desire had merit, and through this desire I could contribute to the world. Somewhere deep in my life I had the determination that this great love I would create and dance in, this great love would be mine, and would be a gift to the world as well. This was and still is my desire. 

I KNEW my desires were awesome. I KNEW I could never practice a philosophy that declared that my desires were the cause of my suffering and that somehow I had to lose my attachment to them to be happy. That just never resonated with me. So I turned away from many forms of Buddhism and kept searching until I found this wonderful Soka Gakkai International organization, found my mentor Daisaku Ikeda, and learned from all my leaders and Soka friends. With this practice our DESIRES are enlightenment. That is why I always say "Chant for what you truly desire!"

And each moment, with every action I take, and every door I open I am getting closer and closer to the experience of this desire. I have studied others who have found their great loves, and watched them keep the flame alive. I have read books. I have done courses. I have opened myself up to online dating, and each person I've met has been a learning experience. I have gone to Meetups through and met people. 

Each the Lotus waiting to bloom in the earth, I have said, "Ahhh, this is getting me closer to my desire. I am greatly enjoying this, and I am welcoming getting closer and closer to fulfilling my desire. NO GOOD CAUSE IS EVER WASTED." That has always been my creed. 

I am basking in love right now - and I believe it is because I have been chanting in love with my Gohonzon - which is my life itself. I think these things when I chant. This has been a breakthrough prayer for me. As I am chanting, I am keeping the spirit of this PowerPrayer in mind. I am feeling my love for my Gohonzon - my life as I chant the Mystic Law Nam-myoho-renge-kyo!

I offer it in love and gratitude to you: 

PowerPrayer for 
Falling in Love with Your Gohonzon 
Falling in Love with Yourself! 
~and finding true love - 
and/or cultivating the love you have! 
By Jamie Lee Silver of

Oh Life! 
Oh Heart!
I am overflowing in Gratitude to this wonderful Gohonzon 
~MY OWN LIFE here before me!

Gohonzon! You have been 
my strong supporting arm, 
my torch, my guide!
You have always been here for me - all these years of my practice.
I feel my love flowing towards you! 
Thank you Gohonzon, thank you my life!
As I am chanting I am feeling this love pouring from me
this gratitude
this light!
My own love for my own self is blooming, blooming, blooming! Gohonzon! 
Let me now experience the magnificence of my own life in ways I've never experienced before. 
Silence my critical mind! 
Bring forth my praising mind ~ my self, dancing in gratitude!
Oh Gohonzon! 
Bring forth all who love me, including MYSELF! 
So that we can dance in joy forever.
I open my life to love from within and without 
in this golden dance
I draw to me all who wish to dance in the light of love. 

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