Saturday, January 17, 2015

Chanting Every Morning..Every Evening...Every Morning...Every Evening!!!!

I'm getting a lot of emails from readers lately and many of them have a theme I'd like to touch on. Many of you are asking how long to chant and when and where to chant. 

I know many of us come from highly structured religions with a lot of rules to them. Our practice of Buddhism does not have these rules. It is truly a self-directed practice. 

The only "rule" I talk about and adhere to, is doing morning and evening Gongyo every single day. I also determine to chant an hour each morning.  Of course, there are days when I don't chant an hour in the morning...but I ALWAYS do gongyo every morning.  I base my life on these practices. And I adjust when I have to. If I have a plane to catch and I'm waking up at 3am, I don't usually chant an hour, but that doesn't happen very often! But the point is, the practice is UP TO US!

How much are we suffering? How determined are we to change? 

And remember, there is no guilt in this practice...there is only the law of cause and effect! 

So if you miss, don't feel bad, just determine to do better and get yourself the support you need. When I first started chanting my sponsor came over every day for a week to help me get evening gongyo established in my life as a practice.  I have helped others in this way. We have each other in the Soka Gakkai. 

My five keys to a successful practice outline the other, introducing others...encouraging others.
You can get them using the link to the right. 

The MOST importnat thing is do not give up. Whatever you are facing you can win. Chant every morning and evening! You can do it! 

(I'm about to go give a very brief experience about Ben at our chapter meeting. We have found a place where he can begin the next phase of his life. He has not been accepted yet, but he is so much better and so much more the Ben I know right now. I know it is my deep determination that NO MATTER WHAT he will live a life of value...a life that matters to him. He is my child...we have shared karma...and I have been chanting for my OWN happiness to flow from me and affect the world - I have to leave for the meeting now - have a great day!) 

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