Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Day at the Chicago SGI Center

Kathy and my guest Bella
With Kendall and LaShelle

What a great new year...
so many great causes to start the year.
First thing this morning I chanted my hour of Daimoku for the new year. I went out and visited Ben, and visited my friend Mary to chant with her for New Year's Day. Then I picked up Kathy and Bella, and had my new friend Padma also meet us at the Center. I bought Bella a bell...she is starting her practice!

This year is going to be solid.

Ben will find his way. We will find the best place for him and he will begin to live his life of value.
I am going to do a ton of shakubuku
because I LOVE to do shakubuku.
I love seeing people's lives change when they chant.
I love seeing people's dreams come true!

And I will, after all publish my book. It will be a compilation of all the best PowerPrayers and blog postings. It will be born easily and it will flow.

Speaking of flow -I will live in a state of feeling the flow of the universe and the rightness of my place in it. I'm going to stop trying so hard and just enjoy life more.

I'm determined to be a source of inspiration through my own life experiences. I just survived one of the most challenging THE most challenging year. My son almost lost his life twice in the last two months. He is okay now and a new year has started. I feel the power of my own life through chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.

Feel the power of your own life and demand your results!

New Year's Day 2015 
at the 
Chicago Culture Center with my 
         Gakkai Family!

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