Sunday, October 30, 2016

6 Keys to Stop Suffering and Start Thriving!

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Six Keys to Stop Suffering 
and Start Thriving
By Jamie Lee Silver,

Key #1
Decide to Chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo for longer times. 
Daimoku WORKS. It absolutely does. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is the law of the universe. And sometimes you just have to pump up the volume, and CHANT MORE! I remember something my mentor in San Francisco told me. She said she chants to be able to chant more. When she sets a goal of, say, two hours, she spend the first few minutes chanting to finish the two hours. Interesting.
And I'll tell you a little secret - the more you chant the more you want to chant. That's just the way it usually works for me....

(As you know, this blog is meant to inspire you by example. It doesn't take the place of our Buddhist study, and isn't an official publication of the SGI. It's just me, a regular person, a Buddha just like you, using her life as an example in the hope of inspiring you.) 

Key #2
Set a Daimoku Goal - How much will you chant a day?

A few weeks ago I began chanting two hours a day. How did I know I had to do that? I felt it. I felt myself spending too much time worrying about the state of the world. I felt myself being too emotional. So I decided "enough is enough!" It's time to take my practice to the next level - again! I'm going to get into the groove that only DAIMOKU can bring! 

Key #3
Break through together! 
Find a daimoku buddy.

So I talked with my friend Nina in Chicago and we decided to break chanting two hours a day together. We text each other when we start chanting, and we talk every few days. We aren't chanting at the exact same time, but we share the goal to chant two hours.

Key #4
Study! It brings everything together! 
I'm studying the Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra volumes 5 and 6 in preparation for FNCC's The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra conference beginning on November 18th in a few weeks. It's amazing. And I'm also studying the gosho, of course. 

Key #5 
Encourage someone else. 
I'm fostering a fellow Buddhist who wants to break through. I'm committed to her winning. We'll break through together! 

Key #6
Do shakubuku.
I do shakubuku with my life, just as Daisaku Ikeda writes in this month's study. I chant to be the bright shining light and to shine so bright that people are naturally intrigued and want to chant. I have several new friends chanting now. 

And I AM breaking through...

My spirits are better. I've found a doctor who is helping me with my insomnia, I have a broken foot and all the care I need to heal. I've solved some major problems that I've been worried about...and I've stopped worrying altogether. 
I have some other things in the works that are also exciting. 

That's a lot for just a few weeks of chanting two hours a day. What can chanting more daimoku bring you? What do you want? Let's win together! Let's all win together! 

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