Thursday, November 24, 2016

This Thanksgiving ~ Being our EnLIGHTened Selves!

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Happy Thanksgiving my dear friends. Wherever you are, in the states, in the UK, India, everywhere - I send you my deepest gratitude and thanks.  We are sharing this wonderful journey of faith together. Eternally, along with our mentor in faith, Daisaku Ikeda. 

Kate and I were just at FNCC. 

Here are some things we learned:

"Earthly Desires are EnLIGHTENment"

Every day during gongyo, 
we take our earthly desires...
desires for ourselves...
for others...
for the planet, 
go to the Gohonzon 
(the scroll that is the reflection of our highest life selves) and BURN those desires creating the LIGHT of Wisdom. 
We burn those desires. 
We chant for our own security and happiness, 
and for the happiness of others. 
We chant for our countries, 
and for a world that shows respect for all of life. 
And we light the flame of wisdom. 
Wisdom brings us to the best action. 
We move forward with conviction, courage and faith. 
Every day. 

May you light this light for yourself and those you love, 
and have it burn brighter than ever today and every day!

I am more encouraged than ever to do this, and to deepen my understanding of the ONENESS of Mentor and Disciple. What does this truly mean? At times I have felt I knew. I read President Ikeda's words, I chant to feel his heart and to see through his eyes...and I know I can deepen my experience of this through my prayer. 

Those are just two of the diamonds I received. 

Happy Thanksgiving. 
I'm off to celebrate the holiday - so grateful for you!