Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy Year of Developing Youth in the New Era of Worldwide Kosen-rufu!

As I write this I am here in my new apartment overlooking the glorious Gulf of Mexico on St. Pete Beach. I just talked to Kate Randolph who recently had a brain tumor removed, but will have to undergo further treatment because it was an aggressive tumor. She and her family are chanting up a storm. She's chanting four hours a day. And she sounds great. And happy. 
She and her family are determined to create unprecedented victory in their lives, and for the world. They are chanting for every single person who is chanting for Kate to have incredible breakthroughs as well. I am joining her on her Daimoku (Nam-myoho-renge-kyo) journey. I invite you to join me. 

The January 1st SGI World Tribune came today and a paragraph of President Ikeda's jumped right off the page for me. 

On page two he says:

"Change is occurring at an ever-accelerating pace. 
That's what makes it so important 
to chant strongly on a daily basis 
to summon forth the 
"wisdom of the truth 
that functions in accordance 
with changing circumstances" 
(The Record of Orally Transmitted Teachings, p.10). 
Based on that wisdom, 
we can then rise boldly to every challenge 
and enact our own hope-filled dramas 
of human revolution 
and help others do the same."

Daisaku Ikeda

I will be chanting to summon forth the wisdom of the truth that functions in accordance with changing circumstances! 
What a great prayer. 

My determinations are many. I'm chanting to be fearless, and to believe in my Buddhahood more than I believe in my faults and fears. I'm chanting to find a job for kosen-rufu - one where I can bring all my talents to the forefront, and continue doing shakubuku and public speaking...a job where I am involved, meeting new people, laying the foundation for my new life in my new city...a job where I am happy and looking forward to each new day.
I'm chanting for friends, and for the SGI here...for the YOUTH, and to meet the people who really want to hear about this great practice. I'm chanting to be filled with appreciation and joy, and to spread joy everywhere I go...while telling people about the great power of the mystic law. 

I am happy. I love my life. 

I wish all of you an incredibly victorious new year...taking each of your challenges and creating lives of overflowing benefit, in the SGI, along with our mentor Daisaku Ikeda...moving boldly forth every day advancing with Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, the rhythm of the universe that flows through all life. 


  1. Thanks Jamie. In your prayers, I have found my prayers!!! A very Happy New Year!!! Let us chant to make Sensei proud of us!!!

  2. My motto for the new year -- "I am chanting to be fearless. And to believe in my Buddhahood more than I believe in my faults and fears!"