Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Going From Grief to Relief!

Here's a picture of me and my son Ben. Many of you know him, or chanted for him when he was sick, and when he became eternal on July 2nd, 2015, when he was 22.  

Ever since I got back from Ben's Memorial Mile in June,  I've been preparing for tonight's talk at First Unity Spiritual Center in St. Petersburg, Florida. Go From Grief to Relief. Chanting three hours a day for everyone who attends to have some kind of permanent relief!  

It will be my first talk in my new city. 

It's amazing how fast a year flies. This time last year I was here in Florida finishing my book "Our Forever Ben, One Mom's Letters to her Son-in-Spirit and his poetic replies." (Available on Amazon).  It was difficult to write the book because I had to overcome all the thoughts of not being good enough. One day I thought I could write the book, the next day I was sure I could never write it....but I kept chanting and kept writing to Ben and somehow gave birth to this book. Right now it's helping people with grief all over the world. 

Being a Buddhist isn't easy, is it? We HAVE to turn poison into medicine. But when you think about it, isn't that what we want to do anyway? Take anything bad and make it great? We have that power when we chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo with all our hearts. Then, as my son Aaron says, when we've really chanted and taken action, we know we are at our best. We know we are doing the best we can do. And that feels good. 

I've been hearing from you to post more often so I'm going to do my best to more frequently. 
Just don't give up. 
Get guidance from your local leaders. Study. Chant. Take action. Do shakubuku. That's the formula for happiness. And chant for kosen-rufu! 

Tonight I will teach people to write letters to their loved ones, and have their loved ones write back to them through their own hand (or imagining that their loved ones are writing back to them). This is something I developed. It's not part of Buddhism, but the belief that life is eternal fits.
It's not necessary that you believe this is possible, or you do it to be a Buddhist. This is my gift, and talent to teach.    

Whatever you are doing, wherever you are, no matter how dark it seems ~ DO Not Give UP! 
Sending love, Jamie

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  1. Lots of love to you jamie, I can understand how difficult it must be for you. Praying for you n me.....