Tuesday, August 15, 2017

How do we Fight With The Heart of the Lion King?

I wanted to write to you all about how we are renting an RV and heading to South Carolina to see the total eclipse of the sun. It is so exciting! 
Then I got home and heard the latest news and did some studying and want to share this: 

The youth are studying "The Opening of the Eyes" so I picked up a copy to study along with them. 

From the Opening of the Eyes, chapter entitled
"Why the Votary Encounters Persecutions", page 121. 

By Daisaku Ikeda, 

"In my mind I can hear the Daishonin 
calling out vigorously to his followers: 
"If you are not going to fight now, when will you fight? 
My followers, stand up with courage! 
If you fight with the heart of the lion king, 
you will expiate all past offenses 
and transform your karma!
Let us lead to enlightenment even the icchantikas 
(persons of incorrigible disbelief), 
and help free humankind from fundamental darkness!
(illusion, xenophobia (fear of people from other countries)hatred, fear, prejudice and the forces that stop us from practicing, notes from me)
Let us establish the correct teaching for the peace of the land and construct a world where we can all live together happily and peacefully."

What does it take to "fight with the heart of a lion king?" Well, as I always mention, I am not employed by the SGI and don't speak for them, but I do practice this Buddhism as hard as I can to change my karma, and change the karma of the world. So I will tell you what this means to me. 

Fighting with the heart of a lion king means looking fearlessly at our own lives, making the deepest vow possible as votaries of the Lotus Sutra to change ourselves, change our karma, SEE ourselves, and chant to change all illusion, all self-slander, all doubt, all in the name of being happy, and in creating a happy world for ourselves and others. It means vowing to have victory in our lives, not just for ourselves, but for kosen-rufu - to show others what is possible.
And it means chanting for the youth. Chanting hard for the youth. In a few seconds, I'll be joining my district's toso to spend an hour chanting for the youth. They are our beacons of hope and they need our daimoku more than ever. They need our prayers more than ever...they are searching for this practice. NOW is the time! 

Let's all be fearless. Let's all join together and chant for the sake of our youth, for the sake of our country and for the sake of our beautiful world! 

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