Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Our RV Journey to see the Eclipse

This is exactly the way the sun looked during the total eclipse

Here's our "rig," an RV that we rented to drive 
to South Carolina to see the total eclipse. Everyone loved the dragon on the front. 

I've always wanted to see a total eclipse. I've heard about how the streetlights come on, everything goes quiet, the sky turns dark enough to see the stars, and everyone joins together in a special moment. 

But only IF there are no clouds obscuring the sun! 

About two weeks ago, I suggested to Ric that we rent an RV and go see the total eclipse. And Ric, being the smart man that he is, said "Yes," found an RV to rent, and a site to reserve where we could see the total eclipse. (That wasn't so easy!) He had to pay a premium for the site, and it was perfect! We drove for two days to get there. 

I chanted everyday for the last two weeks for clear skies. 

And....on the day of the eclipse, after driving for two days, we woke up with clouds. 

So what did I do? You know the answer. 

I went into the RV, and chanted! I chanted Nam-myoho-renge-kyo for the clouds to go away so we could see the eclipse. I chanted to my life, with all the power in my life. 

Suddenly the skies opened up and everyone in the campground ran for cover as it rained really hard.....and a few minutes later we had clear blue skies. We all breathed a sigh of relief, put on our eclipse glasses and enjoyed the show! 

Here are some of the pictures from our trip. We stayed at the Flamingo Lake RV resort in Jacksonville Florida, and Saluda River resort in South Carolina. 

 Nasa took this one

Our Neighbor in South Carolina.

Ric on our site in the morning, after all the maintenance he did every day. I could never have done this alone. RVs are fun...but it takes a technical mind, and some real strength to do the day-to-day. They are a challenge to drive, and expensive to rent. Ric did it all! And we laughed and had interesting discussions the whole way...(about 700 miles each way) 

I see this through the lens of the new life I've created...and benefit from all the daimoku I've chanted to change my karma. We had great sites, a great time, and a chance to focus on a wonderful event uniting the country and the world. 
I love my life! 

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