Friday, September 22, 2017

The Key to True Wealth and Good Fortune

Hello! After two weeks away because of Hurricane Irma I am back in St. Pete Beach in time for my birthday today!

My trip was amazing. A week in Asheville with my Daddy and my Janis, then a week in Chicago. And, because of all the incredible fortune of the last two weeks,  I  want to talk about fortune and inconspicuous benefit.

I set off on my trip on Wednesday before most people evacuated, although it was an arduous drive. I was the sole driver, and kept faith in my ability to be protected, even though there were accidents all over the road. I was easily able to get gas. I chanted most of the way and knew all would be well in this courageous journey. I drove 18 hours to reach my Dad in two days. 

My stay in Asheville was full of magical moments with my Dad and Janis. We read books together, went for long walks and enjoyed absolutely perfect warm weather in the mountains. The hurricane came over St. Pete Beach and did not destroy it! 

Then my "wasband," my dear friend, and father of my two boys gave me miles to fly to Chicago. Every single moment I was filled with appreciation and love for my friends in Chicago. I got the best massage of my life, I enjoyed incredible weather and brightly turning trees, and made golden memories with my sister and all my friends. I flew back to Asheville, and yesterday drove for 12 hours and got back to my perfect apartment. 

I am not telling you these things to "brag." I am sharing this with you because throughout my "Hurrication" I felt my strong life force. I felt my "inconspicuous benefits" becoming conspicuous at jus the right time. I knew I was protected. I chanted in appreciation every day, and I based my life on the Gohonzon, (my own life), and my faith in my life. Today. On my birthday, I've arranged for a party at a gorgeous roof-top deck. On Monday I start a new job. All is incredibly well. 

Daisaku Ikeda, in the May-June Living Buddhism from 2011, has an essay called "Become People of True Wealth" This essay is also in My Dear Friends in America. In it he states: 

"A person of true success 
is one who enjoys a free and unrestrained state of life. 
The supraworthy wealthy person is the Buddha. 
Attaining Buddhahood is true success; 
the Buddha is the eternal wealthy person. 
The Buddha possesses the treasure of the law, 
as well as all good qualities and all virtues. 
He/she defeats all obstacles 
and attains all kinds of wisdom. 
His/her heart is as vast as the ocean, 
and he/she always abides 
in a state of limitless freedom and bliss...
"In other words, the Buddha, 
or suprawordly wealthy person 
is characterized by abundant and strong life force...
Put simply "mind-observing" 
means to observe one's own mind 
and find the world of Buddhahood 
inherent within oneself, 
or to realize that in our lives 
we possess the limitless treasure house 
of all riches gathered from throughout the universe...
Like the lion King, 
we fear nothing 
and are unaffected by fleeting joys and sorrows. 
In Nichiren Buddhism to "observe one's own mind" 
means faith in the Gohonzon...
Such a wealthy person 
is one who believes and perceives 
that his or her life 
is itself the supreme treasure house 
and who opens this treasure house."

I wish for you all to know you possess this power, and can access it by chanting daily to the Gohonzon, doing shakubuku, studying, and being close with your friends and faith! If I can feel this way, so can you!

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