Friday, July 24, 2020

Breaking Through Together!

Good Day Fellow Members! 

I hope you are joining me in chanting unprecedented levels of Daimoku for yourselves, your families, your friends, your shakubuku and to rid the world of this violence and have peace throughout the four corners of the earth! 

Together with our mentor Ikeda Sensei we have the power to change the world - through the power inside our own lives - using the lion's roar of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo to bring out our fullest potential and happiness! 

Remember, we are Buddhas in the world at every single moment. We shine our Buddha Beacons whether we know it or not. And our sparkling life conditions that we get from chanting, studying and encouraging others makes a difference every single moment! If you're feeling low, chant more! 

Thank you Monika for sharing this with us: 

Monika's Realization! 

"Hello friends!! This is Monika. Just wanted to share something that I have came to the realization after attending Jamie's meetings. I have been practicing since 2.5 years now. Last month in one of Monday's meetings I have shared that I don't have so many actual proofs to encourage members but most of them are inconspicuous benefits and 

Jamie mentioned 'We are Buddhas and we are showing the actual proof at all the times" and this thing has stuck in my mind. 

Maybe I was basically looking at that one thing that I have been challenging; my relationship karma with my husband for about 2 years now and recently he has also filed the divorce since we have been living separately for 3 years now and I still don't want the divorce to happen. 

Anyways after listening to Jamie's son Aaron's experience, (I will post Aaron's experience next week), in which he talked about inconspicuous benefits and most importantly to all the questions that have come up in these meetings from the members all around the world I can definitely say, I do have so many experiences/ benefits that I could relate to my own personal life to encourage people. 

Few of them were exactly the same situations that I sometimes challenge through faith. Problems can even be the smaller ones from our day to day life and our words of encouragement to people can lift them up in every situation; be it bigger or smaller ones.  

Even in this tough situation I am staying happy always smiling, working on my own human revolution, making good causes, and creating value at all times. This is all the benefits of my practice and I know that I am on the right path. Inconspicuous benefits are even more important since those help in building our character and eventually help us in overcoming our negative tendencies. What I needed was just a realization towards this. 

So thank you everyone for making me realize this with all the questions and especially Jamie for conducting these meetings. Love you all !!! 💕"

Awesome Monika! We love you!

Friday, July 17, 2020

Benefits! Abundant Daimoku is the Key to Happiness!

Hello Friends! 
Here I am on the Crystal River in Florida. 

You never know what wonderful benefits will happen when you're chanting for two hours every day! 

I feel like the Buddha of absolute freedom. 

I AM the Buddha of Absolute Freedom - and so are YOU!

This is my first solojourney. Yes, I made that word up. 
I am amazed by how much I am loving it. You see, for some time I've thought I needed someone to travel with. and that I had to find that person first. 
Then I made a friend who prefers solo travel, and she inspired me to try it. And here I am! It is so much fun!

With all this Daimoku under my belt, I just took off to this lovely place...full of water, right on the estuaries of the Gulf of Mexico. This land is filled with fresh-water springs and boat adventures. I'm wearing my mask and social distancing.

The words of Walt Whitman touch my heart: 

"Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road. 
Healthy, free, the world before me.
The long brown path before me 
wherever I choose. 

Henceforth I ask not good-fortune. 
I myself am good-fortune.
Henceforth I whimper no more, 
postpone no more, need nothing. 
Strong and content I travel the open road."

From Song of the Open Road, by Walt Whitman

I myself AM good fortune! And so are you!

You know I live my life to inspire. That is my purpose in being show people the wonder and energy that comes from chanting the name of the Mystic Law of the Universe, Nam-myoho-renge-kyo!

As I am on my journey I'm filled with gratitude for the readers who have shown me monetary appreciation through the donate button on this blog. I know many of you have been reading my words for quite some time and asked me to open this channel of appreciation. Thank you! Great idea! 

Anyone who donates appreciation of $50  will receive a PDF copy of my book "Our Forever Ben, One Mom's letters to her son-in-spirit and his poetic replies." My Ben is now the World's Ben, and he has lots of insights from his expanded state. You are all part of Ben's Story!
For those of you who wish to show appreciation of $100 or more, you'll have a half-hour on zoom with me personally. (And a PDF of "Our Forever Ben") 

If my words have touched you - I am so grateful! Thank you for opening your life to me!

Friday, July 10, 2020

PowerPrayer to Transform Fear Into Power!

Now is our time! 
Now, if we succumb to the fear around us, 
if we are focused on our feelings of helplessness, 
if we give in to our reeling minds, 
we will truly suffer. 

It's so easy. I know it is. I know it is because I am a human Buddha just like you are...and I live in Florida, one of the COVID hotspots, while my son Aaron is in Arizona...the OTHER COVID hotspot! 

But even this virus is no match for the Buddha. 

I challenge all of us Buddhas, 
we who are chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, 
must not give in to despair or fear. 
We must raise our Life Conditions 
Tap into our Buddha Nature ~  
By chanting for our LIFE CONDITIONS to RISE 
so we can be above the fear, 
above the noise, 
above all the NEWS! 
If we feel powerless right now, 
I understand it. 
Last week I had my moment of feeling powerless too. 

Then I doubled my Daimoku to two hours because that's what my life needs right now to stay out of the emotional weeds. And I'm using my skills of EFT Tapping on myself too. Click here to sign up for your own Mini-Tapping session. Please make sure to come to your session on time: 

While I was chanting today (and yesterday!) 
I wrote a PowerPrayer for You: 

PowerPrayer Transform Fear into Power! 

I hear you loud and clear! 
Now is my crucial moment. 
Now is our shared crucial moment! 
I join my voice with all my fellow Buddhas to 
DEMAND I rise above this fear. 

With every Nam-myoho-renge-kyo 
I change my karma 
I change my family's Karma
I change the karma of this world. 

Gohonzon, LIFE! 
Together we chant to alleviate this and every virus. 
We chant for infection rates to GO DOWN. 
We chant for our protection 
and the protection of all living things. 

My Daimoku is joined with all others right now
Resounding throughout the world.

Nam-myoho-renge-kyo! Roar! 

Life! With every Nam-myoho-renge-kyo
I change fear to power
I change criticism to appreciation
I change cowering to action
I change fear to wisdom

With this renewed awareness of my much I ROCK, and How POWERFUL I am, I know that I am the Buddha. 
I feel my Buddha emerging 
more and more and more every day. 

I am determined that I will____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________!

In love and light and determination!


Thursday, July 2, 2020

Universal PowerPrayer for Great Benefit for All

Today is July 2nd, 2020 it is Five Years since Benjamin Lee Silver became one of my Shoten Zenjin. Over the years you have chanted with me and shared your lives with me. I am so grateful to each and every one of you. 

Sending my love to you

For today I publish the Universal PowerPrayer for your great benefit. 

I developed PowerPrayers to keep determinations in mind while chanting. I read them before chanting to help focus my thoughts and direct my prayers while chanting the name of the Mystic Law - Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. This is my adaptation of the universal PowerPrayer...the prayer for each person who is sitting in front of their Gohonzon to realize their dream of kosen rufu and happiness. 

Universal PowerPrayer for Happiness for ALL

Every Daimoku I chant
reaches every other person who is chanting
I deepen the power of my faith by 10,000x
so that all who are chanting can also deepen their faith, spread the word of this great teaching 
to those still suffering
become absolutely happy
and create a happy and peaceful world!

I chant that every single person who is chanting 
feels the full power 
sees the full power
experiences the full power
of this faith in their lives. 

I chant for all members to have faith
receive incredible 
and to know, within their DNA itself 
within every cell in their body
that this practice works!

I chant for all who are chanting. 
May my prayer increase the power of their prayer.
May everyone, and this entire planet see benefit!

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Inspiring Victory of Dr. Aaron Michael Silver

Dr. Aaron Michael Silver, 
Chief Resident Banner University Medical Center Phoenix. 

One day, when he's not saving the world, Aaron will write his own story, but for now, as Aaron's proud Mom, I want to fill you in with my version! 

I've been practicing for 36 years. When I was pregnant with Aaron 30 years ago I did a million Daimoku for him. I chanted to impact his karma BEFORE he was physically born. I chanted for financial security, a beautiful home, the maturity to be a good mother, and for Aaron's karma to be changed BEFORE birth. I chanted for him to easily make friends, and to be happy, and to have a dream and pursue it. We read "On Attaining Buddhahood" to him in the womb. 

Aaron was amazing from the git-go...happy, engaged, and super active. He bounced off the walls and his father and I bounced right with him  ~ enjoying every moment of our high-energy child! He excelled at everything he did, from acting to baseball, to academics to running. He was elected to lead almost everything he did. He's a natural leader. 

He began chanting as soon as he could talk, and chanted along with me often as a child. His Eight-year-old experience was printed in the World Tribune. He brought his baseball team from the last place to the Championship through Daimoku. Through his wisdom, he took action to host his own extra practices for the team, and that was just what they needed!  

Together, we chanted for the BEST Schools for his life. He got his Omamori Gohonzon when he headed off to the University of Illinois as a PreMed major. In Loyola Medical School (his first choice school) he got his large Gohonzon.

During his first year of Medical School tragedy struck when his best friend, his brother Ben, began losing his mind to Schizophrenia. The next two and a half years were truly terrifying as we did everything, and chanted countless hours of Daimoku to help Ben stay alive. 

Five years ago this Thursday, July 2nd, Ben became eternal. Throughout this challenge, Aaron studied, worked hard, took on leadership in Medical School, and graduated Summa Cum Laud. He won the "Hardship" Award for extraordinary hardship during medical school, then headed out to Phoenix for Residency in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. 

Today, while serving as SGI YMD District Leader, he challenges himself to chant an hour a day. 

He is Chief Resident at Banner University Medical Center Phoenix where the rise of COVID is slamming his hospital. He is chanting that the staff does not get sick. Please join me in chanting for his staff! And in chanting for this virus to go away! I am so proud of this Buddha! 


Sunday, June 28, 2020

Four Ways to Summon the Heart of the Lion King for Absolute Happiness

Greeting my friends! 

Today I'd like to share a passage from The New Human Revolution by Daisaku Ikeda:

'Lion' in "lion king" is written with the Chinese characters for teacher and child, representing mentor and disciple. In other words, when disciples align their spirit with their mentor and stand up with the same commitment, they can summon forth the bold and fearless heart of the lion king within them. 

"Each day I tell myself: "As a disciple of President Toda I will respond to his aspirations! I will create a record of kosen-rufu that would make him proud!" By doing so, no matter what difficulty I may encounter, I can bring forth the courage to never be disheartened. 

"Those who always remember their mentor's spirit in their heart, who always are living together with their mentor, will never stray from the correct path in life, the path to happiness. When we live with our mentor in our heart we cannot allow ourselves to be cowardly or lazy; we are spurred to be courageous, challenge ourselves and cast aside our arrogance. We may be able to deceive others, but not the mentor in our hearts. 

...It is important, therefore, that when we are facing a challenging situation, we always think deeply about what our mentor would have done or said."

From the New Human Revolution, By Daisaku Ikeda, Volume 26, Chapter 4, installments 51-67, as written in the April 2015 Living Buddhism, page 39.

As I am here, in my new chosen home of Florida I continually ask myself "What would President Ikeda do?"

I chant to see the world through Daisaku Ikeda's eyes, and to feel with his heart....and most of chant with his same somehow reach into the lives of all beings suffering anywhere ...anywhere...and have my daimoku touch the entire fabric of life. I don't know if that is what Sensei has in mind when he chants, but one day, if I ever have the chance to sit and chat with him, that is what I would ask him. "When you chant, what do you think about? How do you encompass the whole world in your prayers? And how can I do the same?" In the meantime, I chant to align my prayer with his. 

Here are 3 Ways to Summon the Heart of the Lion King: 
By Jamie Lee Silver from

1. Practice consistently  - every morning and evening. I know, I know, I say this all the time, and there's a reason for it. When you're chanting consistently, your life condition is higher and more resilient. You'll still have challenges but you'll greet them with an invigorated heart! 
Please don't believe me when I say this - if you aren't already doing this, try it. 

2. Study Daisaku Ikeda's writings and the Gosho every day...even a single line. Early in my practice, I engraved the phrase "Suffer what there is to suffer and enjoy what there is to enjoy" into my life from the Gosho "Happiness in this World."

3. As you are chanting express your determination. Tell your life what you want. Do not beg! Draw the power of your own life through your prayer. I picture all the power of the universe behind me...coming through my back, into my hands, into the Gohonzon, and channeled to fulfill my prayers, for myself and for fellow colleagues...and YOU! 
Chant in appreciation. Dedicate your life to Kosen-rufu! 

4. Be part of our incredible Soka Gakkai organization. There are such riches many friendships...such inspiration and strong determination. Whenever you go to a meeting you get encouragement and encourage others by sharing your own struggles and victories. We are all building the heart of the lion king together! Go to

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Transforming Grief to Gratitude!

Well, friends, I know, I can hardly believe it myself, but the 5 year anniversary of when my precious Ben became my beloved angel at 22 is coming up July 2nd. Two weeks from today. And it's a Thursday full moon day. Just like then. 

On Tuesday, when I looked at a calendar and realized this, I started getting emotional about it. 

I'm here on the beach working out my next living arrangement because the owners of my apartment want it back (and who could blame them?) and it's Covid, and there are a lot of reasons I could give in to the sadness, and the feelings of "Woe is me." 

But I'm a Buddhist. And even if I have my moments where I feel very, very human, I have spent my life gathering the tools I need to bring back my superpowered self. And I know the spirit of complaint erodes my happiness and the happiness of those I serve.  

So, after chanting abundant Daimoku, and writing in my gratitude journal I picked up my pen to connect with my son in his expanded state of being. 

The picture above is the book Ben and I wrote together during the first year after he became eternal. It's available on Amazon. Ben gives incredible insights into non-physical existence. 

Yesterday, I wrote to Ben asking his insights about this major anniversary. 

I kept the pen in my hand and wrote as I listened to my Ben:  

I know somehow, 
at least for today, 
to you, 
this day seems to matter. 
And it's okay Mom. 
It can matter. 
Let it matter. 
Make it count. 
But not in the beating yourself up, 
gotta suffer kind of way.
No, not like that. 
Make it in the deadline, 
fresh determination way. 
The life-changing way. 
THAT way.
The amazing way, 
the proud to be Jamie Lee Silver way. 
You know you can do it. 
You ARE that way! 

You got this, 

Your Forever, and EVER, Ben

Let that sink in. 
What great Buddhist wisdom. 
My Buddha-full boy. 
Thank you for chanting for him over the years! 

And I made a fresh determination to make some major decisions in my life by the 2nd. I've been contemplating hitting the open road in an RV or camper van. I'm also looking at apartments across town, and I really want to own something. So I have some decisions to make. I'm grateful to still feel so young as I approach a major birthday on September 22nd, and want to make the most of my time!