Monday, October 17, 2011

Ask for Exactly What You want...and remember....

I just received the question...
"How do I chant to get my boyfriend back?" 

And the answer is "Chant for exactly what you want." If you want your boyfriend back...chant for it. Picture him coming to you. Chant for exactly what you want...

And Remember,,,,what I've been blogging about here for the last several days is a prayer that is deep enough that it truly encompasses all of your desires...and in fact...raises you out of the Hunger of always wanting more, into a higher elevated state. 

Try chanting to unite your prayer with Daisaku Ikeda's prayer for peace...chant to unite your heart with his heart for all of humanity...and watch how deeply THAT prayer affects your life!

And yes, go ahead and chant "Gohonzon! I want my boyfriend back!" Chant with your passion! Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!!!


  1. dear me ,i jst want to know dat i m confused about a person whether he is good forme or not & my parents do not want to marry me with a guy who is intercast.So what should i pray in this case?

  2. I'm ready to settle down. I want to love and be loved. Do I chant for that? Or do I need to be more specific?