Saturday, October 22, 2011

Here's Our SGI District!

Here we are last Wednesday night! We're missing a few of our members, but you can tell we come from all over the world. The Downers Grove Illinois District of the SGI has members from China, Japan, Indonesia, Ireland, India, Trinidad, Oak Park, the South Side of Chicago and other parts of Chicago. 
Every Wednesday we join together to chant, to study, to learn, and to act as mirrors for each other. We've seen each other overcome job struggles, and we've helped each other through the death of a parent. We celebrate weddings and victories encourage each other every week. 

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  1. Hi dear
    Iam in this practice for 8 months.m very happy by joinig SGI.I want your help in telling this practice to my sister. She is living in a rural area & having not much stuff which she can read as she dont know english.she is in a very bad condition ,financial as well as health wise .her husbend stays for away & not employed.Pls suggest me how to pray for them & how to encourage them? I have told her about chanting