Saturday, February 1, 2014

Absolutely Everything is a Benefit

From The Heart of the Lotus Sutra, by Daisaku Ikeda. 

In suffering and joy, we can find meaning.

What does the wisdom of the true aspect of all phenomenon add to our lives? It gives us the power to skillfully use everything that happens to create value. 

Many things occur in the course of life. There are sufferings and joys, tailwinds and headwinds. All such phenomena provide opportunities for us to make the true aspect of the world of Buddhahood in our lives shine; we can use everything  that happens to expand our happiness. This is what it means to lead a life illuminated by the wisdom of the true aspect of all phenomena. 

Worth is not found in joy alone, nor is success the only valuable outcome. Suffering is the mother of realization, worries and failures, as long as we are not defeated by them, enable us to deepen our faith. Our sufferings become the raw material with which to build our happiness. This is the principle that earthly desires are enlightenment. Earthly desires, like other phenomenon, are themselves the true aspect. 

Fundamentally, for people with faith in the Gohonzon, everything that happens is a benefit. This is the difference between those who believe in the Mystic Law and those who don't. 

As a young man, I once asked President Toda what makes a person great. Smiling brightly, he replied: "It's having confidence. In life and in everything, it's confidence that counts. "There are many important things in life. Among all possible answers, Mr. Toda, without a moment's hesitation cited confidence. By this, he meant of course, great confidence in the Mystic law. 

"I will show victory in my life without fail." 
"I will help everyone definitely become happy."
"I will cause my workplace and my community to develop greatly."
"I will change the current of the times toward the emergence of a joyous society of humanism."
Those who possess confidence and who take unwavering action based on such confidence are great. 

Confidence is single-minded resolve. 
Confidence is courage. 
Confidence is hope. 
Confidence is inner latitude and mercy. 
As Nichikan indicated when he said, 
"Buddhahood means a strong mind of faith 
in the Lotus Sutra," 
confidence is itself the world of Buddhahood.

Although confidence and the world of Buddhahood are invisible to the eye, they are certain to become manifest in concrete form. This accords with the principle of the true aspect manifesting in all phenomena. Buddhism is not empty idealism. 

From The Heart of the Lotus Sutra by Daisaku Ikeda, page, 116 as quoted on the blog by Jamie Lee Silver

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