Tuesday, June 10, 2014

2 Tips for a Powerful Gongyo ~ Powerful Gongyo = Powerful Life!

From the early days of my practice I learned that the energy I put into doing the practice made the rest of my life flow more easily. 

Perfecting the daily recitation of Gongyo and Daimoku is the spiritual work out for the interior of our lives, so that our environments (our world at every moment, and all the people and things and EVERYTHING in it) flows smoothly...we can accomplish our goals and live fulfilling lives.  

This morning I was thinking about Shakyamuni meditating under the Bodhi Tree. He was assailed by many inner demons to make him stop or to throw off his meditation. Our practice of Gongyo every day is just like this. We are the Buddha! We must win! Our concentration will pay off! 

As I mentioned the other day, there are some unfinished things in my life (publishing my book for you is highest on my list!) so I've been reflecting and acting upon doing a more focused daily Gongyo and Daimoku. 

(As always ~ these opinions are mine, and come from my heart to yours. They do not reflect official SGI viewpoints, just those of Jamie Lee Silver at chantforhappiness.com!)

That being said, here are 2 Gongyo tips for today  ~ two ways I have changed doing Gongyo since I made my determination on Sunday:

2 Tips for a Powerful Gongyo
Don't just "do" Gongyo. Feel it. Experience it.
by Jamie Lee Silver at chantforhappiness.com 

1. Read each silent prayer over and over until I can actual feel them, and feel the appreciation. Right now I am reading each prayer three times ~ or more ~  until it sinks in. It's amazing how fresh each prayer can feel when I pay close attention. (Yesterday's poem in the World Tribune also refreshed my appreciation for Tsunesaburu Makiguchi - practice and study, practice and study!)  

2. Begin and end Gongyo with no interruptions. I now recite the silent prayers at the end of Gongyo soon after the recitation...not after finishing all my daimoku for the morning. This makes it easier to do a complete gongyo before I get up to do something else, or refresh my drink or whatever. I start and complete Gongyo. Boom. Then I can do as much daimoku as I want, with Gongyo done. Complete. With no interruptions. If I get interrupted, as I did this morning with an important call from a business associate, I begin again!

I already saw the effects of my new determination yesterday. I began the process of publishing the book and stepped through a bunch of doors in that journey. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

And I easily booked my trip to Ojai and LA at the end of the month. (Booking trips is always an act of faith, right? Pressing that "submit" button is always time for a little prayer of appreciation to my own life for having so much courage!) I'll be visiting the gorgeous city of Ojai, California with my dear friend Etjen, then staying in the LA area for a few more days (until July 5th) with Kate, my dear mentor and friend. 
I will have my own car and plenty of time to visit meetings, so if you live in that area and want to get together shoot me an email at chantforhappiness.com. I'd like to see the new Laguna Beach SGI center too! 

I'm interested in hearing how you are perfecting your gongyo! 
Doing Gongyo is like lifting spiritual weights. how strong can we make our lives? That's what we are talking about! 
Email me at chantforhappiness@gmail.com


  1. When I sit down to do gongyo, I feel that I am reciting the poem of my life, the most important time and feel it with all my life.

  2. Hello from New Delhi. I read your posts regularly, Jamie. They refresh my practice. I cant wait for your book AND your visit to India. Happy landings and a memorable trip !

  3. excellent tips, as always. Thank you Jamie. You Rock! XOX

  4. Thank you! So helpful :) I loved the tip about leaving daimoku til later. Didn't know we could do that.

  5. sometimes my mind wanders while doing daimoku... I fel guilty and sad

  6. Thanks for the wonderful tips