Sunday, June 8, 2014

How to Change the Core of Your Life ~ Guidance From Ted Morino, SGI-USA Study Department Chief

How to Change the Core of Your Life

By Ted Morino, SGI-USA Study Department Chief.

First of all, before you begin – RELAX. CLEAR YOUR HEAD. CLEAR YOUR HEART! But especially your head – your mind. Relax emotionally, mentally, physically. It is important to be very natural.

Second, when you chant, you really need to use your eyes. FOCUS ON THE GOHONZON. Then listen to your voice. Focus on the centre part of the Gohonzon, "myoho" – mystical. You have to use your eyes. This is extremely important.

When you really use your eyes, your mind stops. Clear your mind by strongly focusing your eyes. Let your thoughts rest by using your eyes. When you're busy thinking all the time, your mind is sucking energy. This means your mind is taking over (which isn't healthy) but your core isn't changing because the energy isn't being directed there. What you really have to do is look at the Gohonzon with power and let your mind relax.

The Gohonzon in your life already knows your worries and desires. Come from your heart – JUST CHANT WITH YOUR EYES LOCKED ON THE GOHONZON. Then when Nam Myoho Renge Kyo comes into tune with the core of your life, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo will melt away and dissolve karma. It will change into strength so you can become strong and clear-minded enough to accomplish your desires.

In this way, you come to enjoy the act of chanting because you're feeling the core of your life, [Buddhahood]. You're fusing with the highest potential in your life, represented by the Gohonzon. WHEN YOU'RE THINKING STRATEGIES, YOU'RE NOT CHANGING YOUR KARMA.

Question: When I chant I often imagine what I want. I picture it in my mind. I see it happening in my mind. Is that okay?

Answer: Positive imaginings are a good thing, but not strategies. If you are imagining ‘how to make it happen,’ instead of the images of it, then you are strategizing.

Prayer should come from the heart! The Gohonzon knows your worries and desires. Keep them in your heart, focus on the Gohonzon and simply chant. If you can do simple good daimoku and gongyo, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo goes stronger, deeper, to expand you, dissolve difficult karma and generate positive results. Daimoku should come from your core. If it comes from the mind the mind becomes stronger and so does the confusion.

When you close your eyes or avert them from the Gohonzon, the power to fuse the core of your life with the Gohonzon weakens and the mind plays around. Chant clearly, confidently, comfortably. We need to keep checking ourselves. It's easy to get carried away by force of old habits and chant emotionally or while uptight.

DON'T READ WHILE YOU CHANT! DON'T DO ANYTHING WHILE YOU CHANT! JUST CHANT. When you read, read. When you chant, chant. After good daimoku, you may read, or your schedule may require you to get right to work or do things you need to do. You may have a busy life, but don't have busy daimoku. Don't be busy while you chant – FOCUS! Through focused daimoku, you can melt away negative karma. Karma is going to be dissolved.

Chanting is a time to cultivate your life, not think about your strategies. Daimoku is the time to enrich your Buddha nature, not the time to have a planning meeting for your life or day.

In my head: Positive imaginings
In my heart: Deep prayer
In my mouth: Clear chanting 


  1. thanks dear thanks alot for clearing my doubts..

  2. Thank you Jamie. This guidance gave me a good insight. Focusing eyes on Myo while pondering~a gosho quote, or asking how I can change... I can chant this way ike having a dialogue--or trialogue--between the Gohonzon which also means my Highest self, and myself .

  3. Thank u ..just what I needed to read.