Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Falling in Love with the Gohonzon - Our Life Itself!

A few weeks ago I wrote that I got guidance for love, and was told to chant to the Gohonzon as if it's a lover...to fall in love with the Gohonzon. This made so much sense to me. The Gohonzon, the scroll we focus on, is, after all a representation of our own highest life condition. My Gohonzon is my life itself. All my life I have been working towards falling more and more in love with my own life. I know that our lives are a reflection of who we are inside, and doesn't it make sense to focus our energies on deeply, deeply loving ourselves. 

So I have been chanting this way for a few weeks and I feel it reflected everywhere in my life. I am loving myself and taking good care of my self. I am speaking kinder words to myself. I am encouraging myself in my mind, more than ever before. I am talking to myself like I would to my best friend.  

So I feel better than ever. Even as the gloom of November approaches - it is very gloomy here in Chicago today. I feel a bright light burning in my heart...a heart of hopefulness, a heart of love, a bright spark burning brighter and stronger than ever before. 

Yesterday as I was chanting I was just pouring out my love for the Gohonzon. I was thinking as I was chanting "Gohonzon, I love you so much! You have been with me these past 30 years! It is almost our 30th year together. Thank you MY LIFE! I love MY LIFE! I love you Gohonzon. I love you my life." 

It is for each of us to take this journey alone. How deeply can we summon and generate love and appreciation for our own lives? What will change in our lives and in the world when we do? 

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  1. Very true. When we love ourself, respect ourself then only we can love and respect others.our basic nature is of giving not taking. Like a sun. Sun always radiate light never ask anything. In return.