Monday, October 20, 2014

Thoughts on Beginning My 30th Year

Entering 30 years? 30 Years of Chanting. 
I have a lifetime of chanting now.  

In 29 years..

I have given birth to two wonderful and sweet baby boys. 
I have watched them grow into men, 
behind them all the while, 
looking to do what could be done to support them, 
what only I, as their Mommy can do. 
I have shared their wins, and shared their losses. 
I beam with pride to see two such fine young men...
men who did not exist until I (and their father) walked on this planet. 
...Men who came from my Daimoku for their lives and their mission. 

I have helped many learn to chant, and learn to get results and not give up! 

I have overcome depression.
I have brought my life to one of fulfillment and happiness. 
I have owned houses, and sold houses and traveled all over the world. 
I have gone from feeling alone to feeling rich with friendships. 
I can gone from feeling unloved to feeling loved. 
I have built my treasures of the heart and live a life of gratitude. 

I have had a fine and fun career, and am currently giving my speech "Growing Bolder - Tools for Thriving at Every Age." all over. I present the latest research that shows that life gets BETTER as we grow older - as long as we remain optimistic and fill our lives with optimism, strength and vigor! 

I have had many kind Buddhists "raise" me in this practice. 
Kate Randolph, Dolores Hepburn, Gene O'Connell, Amos Snell, Terri Wong, John Doskow - and many more...all helped me lay the foundation for my life. 
They helped me lay a foundation so strong that nothing, not even my worst nightmares could shake. 

And I owe my heart, my spirit and my breath to my mentor, Daisaku Ikeda.
I know many people can be confused about the mentor/disciple relationship, 
but I have my own understanding. 
Daisaku Ikeda is the example of the person I want to be, 
the person I am inside. 
He is ME when I do not feel fear. 
ME when I am not held back by my own doubts. 
ME when I am healthy and shining in all my glory. 
ME when I am wise and have studied and am thinking of others, not just myself. 
He is not a God.  
He is an example of a fully-expressed MAN. 
A man who has lived every day with wisdom. 
A man who has given his all...and continues to give his all even in his later years. 

When I chant to see through his eyes, and feel with his heart, and think with his mind ~  I am really chanting to awaken my OWN highest potential. 
That, for me is the key to the Master Disciple Relationship. It is simple. It is one of love and connection. And even if I never sit by his side, if we never share a smile again, I know that my prayers to connect with his spirit, and with his deep desire for peace and happiness on the planet, I know that we are together in this...and in every lifetime. And I know these prayers, and this connection help make me a better and more fully-expressed person. 


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  1. Can I chant to get my boyfriend back? I understand that this isn't a magic wand. I really don't know what to do I miss him so much. He won't even talk to me