Tuesday, June 2, 2015

9 More Types of Fortune from Reader Simran Kalsi

1. Fortune is having a family who supports you like a rock.
2. Fortune is having Gakkai friends who will help you without asking for anything in return.
3. Fortune is knowing each and every second of the day that the protection of the Gohonzon is there with you.
4. Fortune is to be able to sit and chant in the most favourite part of your house.
5. Fortune is to see people changing around you when you least expected them to.
6. Fortune is to be able to see each problem as an opportunity for growth.
7. Fortune is knowing that you have the treasure house of good karma through so much practice which is more precious than all the gold of the whole gold put together.
8. Fortune is knowing that come what may you always have something so beautiful like this practice to go to.
9. Fortune is encountering this practice and to be able to see things and understand them in such a wonderful way.

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