Thursday, June 11, 2015

We are the Buddhas - Guest Blog from Simran Kalsi

We who are practicing this wonderful philosophy are the Buddhas. But we live in this saha world and as we know the latter day (which is today's world) is full of sufferings but our practice teaches us to take them as challenges and this is exactly what we do!! 

We don't give up, instead, whenever the going gets tough, we sit as erect as we can, in front of the Gohonzon and chant with full focus. Just like a child goes to his/her mother, we go to the Gohonzon to open our heart in front of it. 

There are times when we get too harsh on ourselves and start feeling as though we are "not good enough" to deserve something, but the best way forward in such a situation is to sit and chant for yourself for the first 15 minutes. 

And in these 15 minutes- Praise yourself for whatever efforts you have made!! Even if they are not big enough according to you because- Hey!! Big or Small.. Efforts are Efforts. Love yourself and tell yourself in those 15 minutes that "(fill your name) you have been fantastic, you can do it, you are the Buddha!!" 

Daimoku should be like a free flowing water. Soothing your mind with every Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. We may want a thousand things, but it is not correct to always make a list out of it and try very hard to remember each and every item of that list while chanting. 

Daimoku where your mind is not focusing,  but is busy remembering all the things you need to have, will only exhaust you and you will feel tired after doing it. Many members face this. They say that after chanting they don't feel refreshed. And we tell them that this is because you haven't really chanted, you have just cross checked your list while seeming to focus on Gohonzon.  
Of course you can pray for whatever you want but after writing down what you wish to see happening to you, you should keep that page aside and trust your daimoku and Gohonzon. Keep out all the panic! And then only shoten zenjin will become a magnet. 

All the buddhas and bodhisattvas shall then surround you to Make It Happen!!! Nothing will be able to stop you from having all that you ever wished for and even more. You will be surprised to see how wonderfully the things will work out for you. 

So lets all today take a pledge that we will sit twice a day daily and see for ourselves the actual proof of this beautiful practice which we have encountered. 
- Simran Kalsi
New Delhi, India