Saturday, August 22, 2015

Deepening Our Faith....from Kate Randolph. Best. Guidance. EVER!

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Faith is Envisioning the outcome exactly as you want it to be and then challenging the doubt in your mind with your Daimoku. Envision the outcome as though there were no obstacles, eliminating all the obstacles and then sending Daimoku like arrows through each obstacle, shooting them down as they arrive in your mind. 

You have to expect doubts to arrive in your mind and now is the time to realize they are not real...they are only thoughts in your mind. They are not reality. They are just thoughts and you just pop them with your prayer with your eye on the outcome with your prayer 

Many of us are from the generation when we were chanting for stuff. But there's no one there. This is not an ask. There's nobody there...nobody there to give it to you...Stand up and demand it and then do battle with your mind. 
That's the whole thing
That's what deepening your faith is: 
Envision the outcome...and wait for the obstacles to arrive in your mind (they are only in your mind) and you have to have confidence and in front of the Gohonzon do battle in your mind and say No No No that is not my reality, that is not reality, that will not be my reality. These obstacles are NOT my reality, these negative thoughts are NOT my reality. Envision your outcome and say YES YES YES YES each Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. And tell the Shoten Zenjin YOU will get my have my back  
what I perfect outcome...THAT is my reality and then you add to it: For the sake of all people. 

Demand the complete and total protection of the universe to do battle with your mind. 

THAT is deepening Your Faith!!! 

Go for it! Let me know what you achieve~ !!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this....

  2. From last few days I had been regularly chanting about 5 hours daily till midnight because I was in dire need of some urgent financial aid. I was also taking action but things didn't materialized as desired. However there was little or no mental exhaustion even when I could see no result or know somebody who could help me with that sum of money. I continued with my chanting and yesterday suddenly I stumble upon this guidance to really discard the objective reality and demand the subjective reality one has been envisioning in his/her mind. I immediately followed the guidance and chant more hours with that resolve, still no result materialized but my faith becomes more strong with each daimoku I shoot my doubts one by one. Today morning I was even more determined to see result, I demand it from Gohonzon....winning in Buddhism is absolute and not relative...early morning I read Sensei guidance where today the highlight was earnest prayers, devotion and efforts for the sake of Buddhism, Kosen-Rufu and humankind obviously along with our own action. I followed all these guidelines and prayed as such for 2 hours straight while doing my morning Gongyo, still no result but I became evident of some subtle changes. I demanded to see result no matter what my circumstances was trying to define the outcome. And by evening 5.30 pm, with all the good fortune accumulated from such actions, I received help from a person whom I haven't seen much in the last two decades and who had returned to city from a work tour only a day before. This is not magic but the true science of faith and activating the protective forces drawing fortune from miles away.

    Sensei’s guidance and this encouraging post really helped me to strengthen my prayers and see the result just in time when I needed it the most. A heartfelt thanks to you Jamie and Kate Randolph.

    Bhaskar BSG India

  3. Five star guidance...thanks a bunch!