Friday, October 9, 2015

Nothing is in Vain!

Aspen Trees in the Sun 10/9/15

Hi! Here I am in the Colorado Rocky mountains returning to the music of my youth, along with many others who share the John Denver Connection. It's gorgeous and warm. Here's a picture I took on the hike today. I am overflowing with gratitude toward my own life, toward this practice, and for all the new friends I am making. There are people here from New Zealand, Spain, Japan, the Philippines, and right here in Colorado.  

Today this passage jumped out at me. Nothing is in Vain! 


From Living Buddhism, October 2015 Daisaku Ikeda's lecture "On Repaying Debts of Gratitude", page 37.

"I have consistently stressed that 
those who have suffered the most 
deserve to become the happiest. 
Buddhism exists for those enduring the greatest suffering. The light of compassion shines 
when we empathise with such people, 
when we feel their suffering as our own, 
when we take action putting ourselves in their shoes. 

...What is essential to rising above suffering? 
It is being aware of the preciousness of life, 
and trusting and respecting people. 
This is because the fundamental cause of suffering 
lies in denying the preciousness of life 
and distrusting others. 

When we awaken to the fact 
that all life is absolutely precious, 
that nothing is in vain, 
and that we ourselves are also precious treasures, 
there emerges within us a powerful self-confidence, 
an unshakable sense of security and limitless gratitude. 
The recognition that the lives of all others, too, 
are infinitely precious 
engenders a deep respect for people, 
a firm trust in them and an all-encompassing compassion."

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