Monday, October 26, 2015

7 Keys to WINNING in all Aspects of our Lives!

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What does it mean to "Win over all aspects of our life and center our lives on this practice?" This is a phrase we've heard over and over since we began to chant, but what does it really mean? 

Here's my take on this. I write from my heart as an enthusiastic 30+ year practicing Buddhist. I do not represent the SGI in any official capacity. 

7 Keys to
Winning in all aspects of our lives!

1. Always look inside for the cure. Stop blaming anything or anyone for anything. Stop complaining. 
As Buddhists, we know the answer lies within, and the real battle involves winning over ourselves...winning over our negativity, winning over that voice inside that says "I can't." This is the real battle ground of kosen rufu! 
When we win over ourselves we win every battle everywhere, and ignite the world for peace. We may not be able to change everything, but we can win over what we can't change as long as we persevere. We can be determined to win no matter what the outcome. 

2. Set your chanting Goal
My goal is to chant two hours every single day. As I do this I feel enormous amounts of strength welling forth. 
I do not reach that goal every day, but I enthusiastically reach it as often as I can. It's a guideline for me, and I make it most days. There's something about chanting that amount of time that really works for me...especially NOW when I need to strengthen my life more than ever. You don't have to have that goal, of course, but I do believe striving for a goal really works. 

3. Chant at the same time each day to the best of your ability. 
And this may include waking up earlier. I chant from 7:00 to 8:00 am every day as much as possible. Over the past few months I've had some difficulty sleeping at night, so I've had to adjust timing some days. I've been sleeping better since last Tuesday when I celebrated my 30th Gohonzon birthday by starting a new health/eating/exercising plan. 

4. Invite people to chant with you as much as possible, and take on their challenges as your own in your Daimoku. 
I'm working with a couple of people right now and chanting sincerely for them to win in all aspects of their life, and I am committed to them winning! 

5. STUDY! The words of Daisaku Ikeda and Nichiren Daishonin should be etched into all of our lives daily! We can always refresh our practice with study. 

6. Go to SGI Meetings and participate. 
This is OUR organization. Chant for it. Chant for your district. Rather than complain, CHANT. Gather members to chant. Encourage everyone. This is our organization, and our ability to encourage each other is one of the hallmarks of the SGI. It's one of the focuses of Clark Strand in his book "Waking the Buddha." How we encourage each other across all lines is how we do the work of the Buddha - our own life's work. 

7. If you don't have an SGI near you - this is your opportunity to be a real leader and start one! You can read the New Human Revolution about the birth of the SGI and chant to form your own district and make a difference in your community and for kosen-rufu. 
These are no small things, but the payoff is great. I stand here stronger than ever, undaunted in the face of the greatest obstacle a parent could ever face. I am optimistic, I am strong and I am even more determined to make THE difference with my life, even through my tears. 

What are your dreams? What do you wish to change inside your own heart and in the community at large. What don't you like about your life? You job? Your boss? Your family relationships? BOOM You can change them. Put your practice at the center of your life and you will gain more strength than you can possibly believe.


  1. Thank you, dear Jamie. For your compasion, your willingness to fight not only for yourself but also for others,and your impartial love!!'I am going to put Buddhism in the CENTRE of my life!! Xxx Dymphie

  2. This is great! Thank you so much - I find your words very inspiring

  3. great! tnx so much i like ur posts and your blog!

  4. great! tnx so much i like ur posts and your blog!