Sunday, June 19, 2016

Becoming a Brilliant Beacon of Happiness!

Me and my friend Michelle out on her boat in Lake Michigan yesterday ~ 
taken by her husband Gary

By Daisaku Ikeda, 
From For Today and Tomorrow, page 256

"It is not a question of your environment 
or those around you, 
nor what the organization or leaders may be like. 
To be swayed by such externals is pointless. 
It all comes down to one person: you. 
What matters is that you become a brilliant beacon, 
shining with joy and happiness, 
and live your life with confidence and courage. 
If you shine with a radiant light, 
there can be no darkness in your life." 
A resounding yes! 

Every morning when we chant we have the brilliant opportunity to tap into the power that exists within our lives and focus it for the day. Every evening when we chant we can seize the moment, stay focused and continue to shine the light of appreciation and love into our lives. 

I have never felt more powerful or creative. Each moment is flowing with appreciation and rich with possibility. 

I chant to open my life to the best possible person I can be, and that my moments in front of the Gohonzon bring my life to even greater purpose...and to bring all my skills, talents and loves to the forefront so I can inspire every single person with my life and through my happiness! 

It is happening. 

By two weekends from now I will be living on the beach in St. Pete's Beach on the 5th floor overlooking the water and the sunset. I'll tell you, when the benefits come in...when we don't give up...everything flows. 

When I got back from my visit to Florida in February, I spent the next week chanting three hours a day for it all come together perfectly for my move...for everything I needed to present itself at the perfect time. Then I took the bold move of giving the required 60 day notice on my apartment. 

And I keep chanting ~  

Every day I chant to be that brilliant beacon Daisaku Ikeda talks about in this quote. 

I radiate love and light, smiling and loving everyone I see...even those that are harder to love...even those who don't smile back. In my heart I bless them. 

Immediately after Ben's Memorial Mile (where we raised $20k for schizophrenia research and mental health awareness - see or like us on Facebook) my friends helped me start packing.  We went through a closet and seeing Ben's sock drawer just broke my heart. But the shoten zenjin are surrounding me at all times. 

I have the incredible fortune to have a friend dedicating herself to helping me move. She's helping me find new homes for all my furniture, donate what I don't love, and bring or store my treasures. She's even going to drive with me to St. Pete's Beach from here! THAT is fortune. Money cannot buy this! Nam-myoho-renge-kyo!

And along the way, I'm sharing my story of turning poison into medicine. I KNOW my son Ben is cheering me on, because every time I pick up my pen to write him he writes me right back. Now I carry around my book "Our Forever Ben," and people are buying it right out of my hands. 

It touches a chord. 

Soon I will have a book launch and make it available for you. It is a story of such hope and eternity. 
I still occasionally get sad that Ben is not here in person, but more often I feel the appreciation that I HAD that bright light with me for 22 years! He was a Buddha in life and he is an eternal Buddha, just like your eternal loved ones. 

I am so grateful to be sharing this journey with you!


  1. V touching. Carry on ur work Buddha!!!.

  2. Very encouraging. How sublime!

  3. Congratulations. That is so wonderful. I will be chanting for your continued happiness. Thank you so much for sharing. I am encouraged.

  4. are an inspiration for all of us..

  5. Truly appreciate the work you are doing, staying so focused and being so strong n confident.Very motivating.
    All my good wishes as you go ahead.

  6. Always so encouraging!!ty Jamie!!

  7. Wonderful story!, looking forward to meeting you my Buddha friend! About 10 months ago you and I spoke and you gave me
    GUIDANCE that has helped me well up courage to make a move I struggled with for months, but all is well, I feel it in my heart. So Glad that you are adding to your happiness!