Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How to Have a More Power-Full Gongyo and Power-Full Day!

How do we have Power-FULL Daimoku? 

I'm having a blast here in Florida. This place is all I ever longed for and MORE. I'm headed to my first planning meeting right now...Nam-myoho-renge-kyo! 

Every day is a new challenge. 
Every day we wake into our glorious lives, that sometimes don't feel so glorious. 
Every day we have the chance to begin anew. 
Every morning, 
every moment 
is "Hon-nim-myo" ~ 
from this moment forth. 

This blog is for you. I do not express the official voice of the SGI, only the official voice of this one practitioner, myself, who longs for the happiness of all people! 

Fresh Determination
for a Power-FULL Happy Day!
By Jamie Lee Silver from

Today I embrace you at every moment
The wisdom I am creating, right now, 
through every Nam-myoho-renge-kyo I chant
pours through me every moment this day. 
Every moment is in rhythm
Every moment I am in exactly the right place 
at the right time
Seeing through the eyes of the Buddha I AM! 
I make a difference in every life I touch

The right words come at the right time. 
My warm heart shines
My confidence shines
I feel the love of those around me
I feel my love for myself, for my warm and wonderful self! 
I create an environment that appreciates me 
as I appreciate it! 
My brilliant future is assured
without me having to worry about it or strategize. 
I fuse my life force with Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and the spirit of my mentor Daisaku Ikeda. 
Together I renew my vow to change myself first, so that this will become a peaceful, respectful world! 

I am creating my future as I lovingly love my present! 
Here are some goals I am visualizing: 

Some kind of way 
I am showing proof of this marvelous practice 
at every moment! 
Some kind of way 
the people I am chanting for 
will be happy and healthy!
I chant for ___________________
their health and happiness and stability! 
their ability to tap into their practice and get results!
their strong life force!
their mission for kosen-rufu! 
For ______________________________
to be inspired and come to the meeting! 

This is a great day!


  1. Thanks Jamie exactly what I needed today. The prayers you post on your blogs are really powerful. They are helping me a lot. They are so much aligned with my mind and soul.

  2. Thank you I really needed hear this today, our district loss a practitioner yesterday by cancer I saw her 17 days ago at WPP she wasn't well and we chanted for her health but we found out next week that her tests reveal she had cancer, somethings I will not understand but it does not mean I have to give up the practice for what I learn is compassion and understanding for it is part of my human revolution thank you again for your blogg

  3. I am so happy for you and your new life in Florida. Thank you for your blogs. Please chant for my grandson ,he is have a shunt put in his right arm because the one in his left arm is unusable. He has been getting dyalasis via his neck for to long . Could you ask everyone to chant for him please and thank you Nam myoho range kyo to you and everyone in and around your environment and to everyone reading your wonderful blogs .it keeps me going. Peace

  4. I really like this. Would you use this before gongyo or add to the prayers?